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  2. I often check forums and main site, but still I miss some information - particularly those from dev's Tweeter. I think that it would be a nice addition if there was a news feed in main menu, which will gather tweets, announcements etc. in one place. Especially when there are issues with servers etc. - I don't use Twitter, so I tend to miss these informations. If it was discussed before - I am sorry for not doing more proper research.
  3. You will need to send a message to @PUBG_FWG if you think you have been falsely banned.
  4. EVGA GTX 1080TI
  5. Two hours ago you said this on twitter. After 2 hours you must know something? Are we wasting our Sunday or will you have the servers back up soon?
  6. I get random FPS drops / lag. A lot, especially with rain
  7. Jesus christ, it's EARLY ACCESS. The entire point of the early access period is for you to be a play tester for this game and help to make it better, which includes reporting bugs, helping test the product, and yes, dealing with lag because that's part of the development process. That you get to play the game and have fun is a bonus. Why are so many people completing missing this?
  8. it's not about bandwidth, ping the servers, see how much ping you got... anything above 40-50 ms will probably cause you this experience.
  9. I understand you are annoyed. But just cheer yourself up a bit. The devs are working very hard on the game.
  10. Sorry to hear that bro, that sucks man
  11. Qual a configuração do seu pc?
  12. Fps drop too
  13. Same here
  14. Starting the gameplay, i cant enter to the houses and i cant do nothing for 2 or 3 minutes..Houses crash and no textures..
  15. Same here and a friend of mine has the same issue ...
  16. Olha cara, você não é o primeiro a experimentar problemas com uma GTX viu, tenho visto vários problemas de desempenho ou crashs com quem a usa, mas não dá pra ter certeza se é algo diretamente relacionado a placa de vídeo. Já atualizou os drivers da nvidia?
  17. We have not struggled to find a vehicle at all!
  18. bla bla, one thing is early acces, another thing is the lag and servers connection, thats is horrible man, when they will fix that? the lag is terrible every single day... come on man we can understand a bug because of the beta, but the lag? ...
  19. Between all high, med, low settings I experience major FPS drops upon opening menu or inventory especially, FPS drops when ADS with a scope, and drops when moving the camera too rapidly. Running off of a ~5 month old SSD and all drivers seem up to date. Have the game capped at 30fps, and all my temps are well within the limits for CPU/GPU
  20. first part of the game is fine, second round of gas get huge fps drops, never had the issue b4
  21. Impacting some players ? you mean all them who are not streamers and don't have access to server files
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