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  3. Quando começa os testes, poderia me informar. Como faz pra participar da iniciação do jogo em fase beta?
  4. @OzRecon Iam thinking he wants to give tips and wants to help learn to other people how to control their recoil ;). Its more of a tips and strategy then the big technical behind it
  5. This discussion might be of iterest to you -
  6. The clothing during the Alpha 2 Test looked pretty swag dudes. I'm hoping they add new clothing to the Closed Beta. What do you guys think they should add?
  7. Within the new Dev Blog, they show that the weapons will have recoil. Some of you may know that recoil can be controlled if you pull down. For example: CS:GO with the AK. While in First or Third person with ADS makes no difference. To me the recoil looks the same based on the gif that the dev blog has given us. If you look closer at the gif while the character is in ADS, the recoil tends to pull up and strafe a bit to the left. Easy way to control is pull down and center the aim. If you think I missed anything, please don't hesitate to respond. I would love to hear other peoples feedback.
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  9. Agreed. Perhaps the ability to drag a body if you really want but you'll be exposed the whole time and moving slowly as you should be. Good suggestion but I'm not sure it's worth the extra work at this point. Perhaps something to consider once the game is stable and the basics all there.
  10. Welcome Starr!
  11. 2 of the most active Moderators got demoted.


  12. @wuntepz i agree with you Its all about risk and reward if you cant safely loot the corpse then make sure its safe by checking the surroundings or else let the loot slide Dragging the loot away isnt a fun mechanic in my opinion
  13. During the Beta, there are probably not enought players to fill SA servers. But if there are enought during EA or after the release, i could imagine that there will be more regions if there are players to fill them
  14. i want more actual videos hype its killing me.
  15. ENG Hello, I'm starting Czech/Slovak community site on facebook with my friend. You can find it on this link. CZ/SK Ahoj, s kamarádem zakládáme Česko-Slovenskou komunitní stránku na facebooku. Najdete ji na této adrese.
  16. South america server??? yeah, its just matter of time.... in alpha phase 2, we was the %4.7 players on the game who live in SA. in the beta that number will rise...... maybe %8...... we need to be like %30 and wait maybe 3 or 4 months... that its what will happend.... maybe... who knows
  17. damm Interrogate, you must add me on steam, YoutubeFRANPAPA its my nickname.
  18. I'm co-founder and moderator of Czech/Slovak community site on Facebook.

  19. rocket launcher only in team modes... as a very veeeery rare item.... could be great
  20. Wytepz, thx you for your reply, i have more than 3k hours on battle royale, and i know for sure that the looting dead its the dead more stupid in the game, any kid can kill you easily.... that isnt smart, that isnt strategic.... that is nothing more that dying in the most ridiculus way in a 35 min match. i know daybreak cant see that.... but this game its build by gamers, and they will see this in some point in future... i know it.
  21. There's also Mosin, vz. 52, Mauser bolt action rifles (FR7 and FR8) and M1 even.
  22. I'm a big AK fan myself and i'd love to see the Tabuk in a video game (7.62x39). More powerful options are of course the SVD and SVU.
  23. Isn't the honey badger itself a 7.62×35mm? But has full auto too, I believe. Also not a true SMG but a PDW. Of course the difference can be quite blurred sometimes.
  24. Ich bin halb deutsch
  25. Given the locale I think the SKS should be added. The main thing to be wary of is having too many different ammo calibres so as to not impact too heavily.
  26. Personaly, i don't like tutorials. But an image of your ingame hud, describing the HUD elements would help new players a lot. For the items I could imagine tips when aiming on an item on the ground or the inventory giving an idea of what this item does and a more complete description text of the item in the inventory informing the player about the effects of the item (some items already have this) Maybe something like that: (Of course a nice version of it)
  27. You can't start the game right now. They only released an update to reduce the size of following updates at the start of the beta. This will be fixed at the start of the beta for sure
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