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  2. I'd assume it would be almost full server up-time with the servers occasionally coming down for a full day or so. Otherwise I wouldn't at all understand the reason for them to call it a beta. Traditionally a beta in game development is when the core features of a game have been decided and implemented and they're just working on bug fixing, vs implementing new features into the game. Nowadays it seems the terms alpha and beta are generally used much differently in game development and don't normally hold true to the traditional definition of the words in the game development context. So in this case I'd assume the developers are changing it from alpha to beta to signify a big change in testing, which in this case I'd assume would be that the actual periods the servers are available to test the game are changing significantly vs the alpha. I'd be surprised if we weren't able to participate in the February closed beta for less than 5-6 days a week on average. I'd assume it would set out to be an "always up unless required to be taken down" test. So-to-speak. - This is purely speculation and obviously purely represents solely my own opinion.
  3. My burning question hopefully will get answered. Will it be weekend tests or more often, possibly full time server uptime? Also I really hope duos/other team modes are going to be implemented again! So excited to hear the news!
  4. Lets go boyz, fresh info is a comin'!
  5. Countdown timer here Things we can most likely expect to see in the dev stream: New environments Work in progress door destruction effects New reload animations And Hopefully lots of surprises about the upcoming changes for the closed beta test period starting in February As a side note, if you at any stage had access to the alpha test period you will be able to play in the closed beta test starting in February
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  7. I believe they will be releasing more details in a week or two about the closed beta.
  8. How do we signup for this?
  9. I guess my question then is, is this intended to be a strictly "competitive" game?
  10. Yes, you must be talking about casual servers. Like for example in CSGO if you die in a public server you can spectate everyone. In competitive CSGO matchmaking games or ESEA games you can only spectate your team. Mostly all competitive games wont allow you to spectate enemies. There might be kill cams though in these games.
  11. No, not kill cam, just plain old spectate after elimination. I guess I tend to play games/on servers that are less "super hardcore competitive serious etc." I do understand how free spectate could be used as a collusive exploit - but again my intention is to play with friends only.
  12. Do you mean killcam by " I've played games where I could spectate, for example, the guy who killed me for a while after I was eliminated"? I think the general idea is that if your rank/score is at stake, we need to eliminate potential cheating to the best of our ability. Imagine a solo ranked game where Player A is trying super hard to rank up. He asks his friend Player B, who doesn't care about ranking up, to join the same server, die more or less right away, spectate and give him hints about the enemies location and orientation. That would be an unfair advantage.
  13. lol are you talking about the twitter account associated with Slix on the leaderboards? Did they just put a random person in there? hahaa
  14. I didn't know there was another Slix x) I'm not sure if you mentioned the correct Slix because I believe that I was the right one, I never saw the other Slix in the leaderboards.
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  16. I agree with you ( This look amasing )
  17. I would love rain and snow as well. I was just saying I wouldn't want it to negatively affect my character.
  18. Weather changing is immersive . I would like it.
  19. personally i love Rain / snow in games
  20. I'm left behind i'm so sad. I'm no one that explain why ! You know Nothing Cédric....
  21. My body is ready.
  23. Hm. I've played games where I could spectate, for example, the guy who killed me for a while after I was eliminated. Or anyone else. I certainly don't remember a shooter that kicked me off the server as soon as I got hit. If the game is moddable, a full spectate mode should be available pretty quickly. Good thought, thank you again
  24. Not really sure what you mean. I don't want to talk like I know exactly how it will be designed, but if its like any other games with spectate, SOLO game mode wont have any spectate, you will die and just be forced to leave the game. If you are playing any team mode you would be able to switch spectate cams to each other team mates when you die. There probably wont be a solo spectate mode where u can just spectate anyone in a 64 man game. But you never know, maybe? You could always suggest anything you feel that would make the game better in the suggestions forum.
  25. Watched my wife play this on stream, can't wait for this 😊! Awesome game.
  26. Thanks so much for the detailed answers, @Interrogate. I'll check out the dev streams when I have time! Hmm, I was hoping that there could be a general spectate function, since I'm planning on playing with friends and probably without teams (true Battle Royale style, every man for himself) and without wanting to change servers between rounds. So if player #1 dies right away, he can still switch between 2, 3, 4, 5 and spectate anyone he likes while waiting for the next round. Any chance of something like that?
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