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  4. Negative BP

    Got the same problem here, only -77k instead of your -17k. Would love to know what I can do about it.
  5. Driving sucks + bugs and all other crap

    I enjoy the driving mechanics in the game, especially how you can do tricks with the vehicles. The Darcia, which is my favorite, got an awesome sound to it and is so much fun to drive. The 10/10 car flipping all over the map, me like:) @Sunsetter Well said!
  6. RNG is killing games

    Pistol is unreliable, except glock.. 2x is useless = reddot + shift is more more better and it doesnt take your %80 of your screen.. and cosmectis lol.. If you add chance to spawn these things on loot slots.. RNG will get bigger and bigger.
  7. High end PC crashing

    I was having an issue where playing solo was ok, but when i entered duo or squad my game crashed 1-20 min into the game. You could imagine the frustration of being the last 2-5 people in duo or squad when the game crashes on you. So i tried everything they say as i have a 1080 ti, 7700k and 32gb of memory no where near the minimum. My memory was 3000mh so i had to overclock it. Once i took away the overclock my game started to work. I hope this helps people having the same troubles.
  8. I like that idea. Reminds me of how the chance of getting military grade weapons were higher in Dayz, if you actually went to a military base. From my memory, some items also did only spawn there.
  9. Driving sucks + bugs and all other crap

    Couldn't have said it better. And to add; modelers and mapmakers are not the same as troubleshooters and code writers.
  10. Strange Shotguns

    @makingMC the thing is, even when all Pellets hit - it should NOT oneshot you through a Tier3 Vest because the damage sheet says it takes only 75% of your health, which we actually tested .... it happened to me today again this time with the S12K , guy stands right in front of me, like 2meters, im shooting with S1987 on his Tier 1 Vest, he survies, he shoots me once with the S12K on my Tier3 Vest - i die
  11. Looking for Duo Players or anyone.

    Coglin (coglin5450 on steam) I have a few solo chicken dinners but I think I would enjoy the game a bit more in a duo or squad. I am an old man and do not think to play with my sons in their early 20s would be the best option.
  12. You don't get what you want, you get what you get
  13. servers

    I tried an EU run and did not notice much lag. I did notice though that the rain suddenly stopped making any sound, and only thunder could be heard.
  14. Seems you did a good investment there:) Not done much myself, just tried to squeeze out a couple of more fps out of my 2010 rig through tweaking:)
  15. Why would you engage multiple targets with a doublebarrel shotgun
  16. RNG is killing games

    @Bragorn im pretty sure the modding community will remedy some of those issues you have with how stuff is right now.
  17. Hit by thunderstrike?

    That would be some nasty RNG. I love it.
  18. Driving sucks + bugs and all other crap

    I get annoyed as well by crashes, lag and sure there is more. But its early access, simple as that. Plenty of people rly love the game and then get frustrated that some stuff is still not optimized/in the development process. Understandable, but im glad i can play the game in early access instead of not being able to play at all. Plus early access will make the final release a lot better because of more feedback/bug reports etc. Im starting to think we need a rant thread. (i could use it sometimes )
  19. RNG is killing games

    Instead of talking about what you don't want to see in the game, how about taking a visit to the suggestion thread (if you have not done it yet) and share your thoughts on what you think would be good loot to have.
  20. Que'd as Duo put into Squad

    Two of us qued as Duo and we got put into a Squad game.... How does this happen>???
  21. Хардкор режим

    в след обнове первое лицо для дуо и соло режима p.s для начало чекают темы на форуме ,затем создают свои .
  22. Suche Leute ab ~1.7er KD

    Ich hab schon einen mate danke
  23. RNG is killing games

    RNG is making the game intresting, why taking a risk or even move somewhere when you can start with full equiped gear?
  24. Новенький на форуме, не чекал еще темы с подобными предложениями. Обсуждал со своим комьюнити по поводу введения хардкор режима в PUBG, что вы думаете по этому поводу? И знает ли кто-то что по этому поводу думают разрабы?
  25. Сундуки за коины

    Описание бага: При покупке сундука за 4200 коинов, итем не появился в разделе CHARACTER Дата когда вы столкнулись с багом: 22.07.2017 23:10 по МСК Сервер: --- Попытки устранения: Нажимал обновить в меню. Перезаходил в игру. Перезапускал СТИМ. Через полчаса сундук также не появился в инвентаре. Другая информация: --- Характеристики системы: --- ps: пункты пусты, так как данный баг никак не связан с производительностью машины, сервером и пр. Скрин, естественно, нет смысла прилагать, так как в инвентаре пусто и всё. На видео, естественно, момент покупки сундуки не записывал
  26. Driving sucks + bugs and all other crap

    Don't even know where to start. • Being rude in your first post ever in the community makes you look like a dick. • Driving physics have dramatically been fixed, this isn't Need for Speed or GTA: V. The driving is fine, stop nitpicking. • The comments about people being downed is 100% your personal opinion, which while others do share, it's definitely a minority of people that feel this way. If you down someone, either secure the kill with like TWO HEAD SHOTS (They're crawling, how hard is it?) Or if they drop in cover move up on them and focus on downing their allies until auto death, it's not that hard. Pick your battles, that's what makes Duos and Squads especially such a challenge. • Bugs/Glitches/Server issues/everything else can be summed up in one word, and you said it in your post. EARLY ACCESS. You paid $30 for a game that is so widely loved it was one of (if not the) most sold game during the Steam Summer Sale. AND IT WASN'T EVEN ON SALE! • Did I mention you came off as really rude..? Disgraceful. Oh, and this is where you report bugs. Please be more direct with your complaints in the proper area. http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/10-bug-reports/
  27. Que le cambiarias a mi pc?

    si tienes poco presupuesto te recomiendo comenzar cambiando algo pequeño como el disco duro. Comprandote un ssd Ademas si llegas a armar otro pc ese mismo disco duro te servirá para el siguiente pc. Imagínate que yo tengo: un procesador i3 6 gb de ram Tarjeta grafica nvidia 730 (2gb) y solo al cambiar a ssd ya no me dio mas esto de las texturas (modo derretido o plastcina) que es cuando no cargan las texturas.y sigo con 6 gb de ram
  28. Русские сервера

    Переезжать желающим поближе, как вариант.
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