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  2. 9928432713 love problem solution IN Agra
  3. So I calculated drop for every weapon... no clue why. I also calculated travel time, shots to kill, time to kill, and a many other statistics, again for every weapon. So if you want to take a 1000 yard shot with a revolver you can hit that now. I put all of the data and calculations into this spreadsheet. Let me know what you think and/or what I should add, as I am in no way done adding to this. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gFtGk7RhJJFAzdkT6oTD3do3ezDsqJ_l_KeQQEq7VFs/edit?usp=sharing
  4. Vídeos, Clips e Screenshots

    Alguns bons momentos jogando pubzin, o áudio ta baixo mas os próximos vídeos estarão melhores
  5. Yo, Vex here!

    Hey welcome! We are a decent lot mostly but you do run into the occasional snowflake here or there
  6. Meu PC roda PUB?

    Olá! Gostaria de saber se meu note roda PUB. Eu comprei o jogo mas dificilmente ele inicia a partida, se inicia trava demais. Quero saber se com as proximas atualizações conseguirei jogar. É um notebook Acer i3 6 geração, 4 de ram, 1 tera de HD e placa de vídeo integrada Intel HD Graphics 520. Obrigado!
  7. LF Asia Players

    If you play in Asia/SEA let me know. I'm looking for either squad mates or duo q partners. No specific stats required (stats in this game are BS anyways) but do expect a few games to try out the fit. You should have a good grasp on the mechanics of the game and be able to win firefights. Play with teamwork and support your mates. My Steam ID: autokorrect69
  8. Hoy estamos emocionados de revelar el nuevo rifle que se añadirá al juego en nuestra actualización mensual de la semana que viene (3 de agosto) ... el Mk14 EBR, que usa munición de 7.62mm Añado Información del rifle MK14 EBR. El Mark 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle (EBR) es un fusil de fuego selectivo estadounidense, calibrado para el cartucho 7,62mm. Es una variante del M14 y fue construido originalmente para su uso con unidades de la United States Naval Special Warfare Command, como el grupo de operaciones especiales de la Armada de los Estados Unidos SEAL El EBR fue fabricado para ser empleado tanto como fusil de tirador designado y en combates a corta distancia
  9. Yo, Vex here!

    Hey everyone, I'm Vex. I originally jumped onto the forums to have a look at all the salty peeps complaining about random bullshittery. However, most of you seem like decent group of people so I thought I'd say hello. I'm an Oceanic player myself but I'm keen to romp on any server if anyone is down for a game. Catch me on Steam ~Vex
  10. Looking for Players on EU and Asian Servers

    I play in Asia
  11. Where abouts did you do that?
  12. Can't ALT freelook while auto-swimming

    Pretty self-explanatory. If you're using = key to auto swim in the water, the free look is broken. You can free look while running on dry land, so this is a bug.
  13. Still getting FPS drop. I also cannot get flashbanged. If I do, my FPS drops to about 5. Some googling shows this is a common error amongst ATI/AMD video cards.
  14. Twitch link

    This is what I get every time I try to link my Twitch/Amazon to PUBG. I had it originally linked but I accidentally removed it. https://ibb.co/dEPPvQ (image of screen when I click link in PUBG)
  15. Oops we are in squad as duo - Battlegrounds Highlights

    Welcome to Battlegrounds Highlights, where players will find themselves stranded on an island with up to 100 others, Only one can survive. It's survival of the fittest; only one player can be left standing (or team in duo / squad mode) Begin with nothing and fight for limited resources, gear, and vehicles to survive. Scavenge over sixteen different kinds of weapons, from shotguns to assault rifles. Make use of the open-world map, exploring abandoned buildings, forests, and hills. Create and customize mods to challenge the community. Spectate and watch replays to see which player makes it out alive.
    This is BATTLE ROYALE.

    ☞ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BattlegroundsHighlights
    ☞ YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1X6-tj-6Gi-sdBj4u59Guw
    ☞ Twitter: https://twitter.com/HighlightsPubg
    ☞ Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/152782784@N07
    ☞ Blogspot: https://battlegroundshighlights.blogspot.com
    ☞ Tumblr: https://battlegroundshighlights.tumblr.com

  16. Shotgun range

    That is my point, that should not be happening though in a game like this... at that range it shouldn't one shot you at all.
  17. Can't connect twitch to account.

    I have a amazon prime account connected to my twitch account in which I claimed the box last month and I was wondering if I was able to still access it even if I didn't get PubG yet
  18. 3rd Person Peak

    3rd person peak needs tweaking as it currently stands, peaking left or right through a doorway where you should be-able to shoot it hits the damn frame. Please fix the animation.
  19. Shot through several walls

    I was in a duo match, we killed a guy in the hospital SW of Georgopol, looted him then split up to finish looting the building. My partner was on the first floor and was shot several times through the wall and killed, i then immediately came under fire on the second floor on the other end of the building. It was the same gun and the same direction. I went prone so i couldn't be seen through the windows and was still being hit. I was ultimately killed while in an interior room. I don't have any video of this but it's a heads up. DSFX
  20. bugs

    fix the bug in school pool, ( the roof) u can shoot trow it, and people got banned fix the bug with a wall in osnovka, the house just beside the restaurent
  21. Today
  22. A button to place your marker directly on your current position This could be added to the "Delete marker" option, if the marker doesn't exist, place it on yourself, otherwise delete it Additionally, a button to place a marker 100-500 meters in front of you, maybe default CTRL+1-5, but this would just be supplemental
  23. Which would you prefer?
  24. If you want to join our TS3 server look me up on steam and I'll walk you through how to connect, Steam handle: sachonda
  25. To equip a helmet, vest or backpack, you either have to interact with it on the ground, right-click it in the inventory, or drag it to its cosmetic item location It would be nice to just drag it to the inventory, where all the items are stored & it automatically equips it Unless these items are planned to be able to be carried in the inventory
  26. Computer crashing

    Still happening :\ ridiculously frustrating, please fix this
  27. Homemade lean hack

    I made foot pedals for my left and right peak so I can move around at the same time. I didn't like swapping Q and E or binding to my mouse. Cost only like 20$ at the local hardware store and work better than the crap on amazon with dumb software.
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