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    We're excited to announce that our next phase of testing will begin on February 24th! Following the fantastic feedback we received during our Alpha 2 test, we're looking forward to hearing your thoughts on what we've been working on for our this next testing phase. There's a ton of new stuff we have to show you, so we hope you look forward to it as well. We'll have more specific details for you all on our Closed Beta in the coming weeks. Until then, stay tuned!
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    In other words, the recoil is now similar to how CSGO would work. Every time you stop firing, the recoil "pattern" resets and will have the exact same bullet pattern as when the gun first starts firing? This is great news for people who can learn and control spray patterns. This also just makes it a lot more consistent gunplay. I like it! Thats awesome, so each individual gun has lots of differing characteristics. This seems really good because it would be easy to specifically target and tune weapons in small ways without completely breaking the game. I really like how detailed you guys get! Wow, this is a huge difference in recoil ADS vs third person for anyone who was worried about third person being too strong. Even at this range its way worse then ADS, imagine even farther... I believe this range is about 20M. It seems very close range. 50-100M you wont kill anything with a AK 3rd person. Awesome, this is great they released exactly what these attachments do. My one burning question is, what does the silencer do exactly? Does it reduce bullet damage, increase damage, reduce bullet speed/distance, increase accuracy, it seems like every game does silencers differently and they are always conflicting. I would love to know exactly what it does. Now this GIF was interesting to me... Both sides seem really good... lol. No wonder I love the M416 so much, the gun is just amazing with or without attachments. The RIGHT SIDE however is really nice for the first 5-10 shots like mentioned in the dev blog. The bullet spread is nice and tight. Its going to be a tough choice between a compensator or a silencer. Even without a compensator (as shown on left pattern), its still a nice straight recoil pattern. As long as you can control the gun by pulling down. I really wish I knew if silencer had any other effects (I'm checking back in the dev stream, I think they may have mentioned something but I forgot) M416 just feels so strong in all situations. Thats why its my fav gun! Hopefully its not too strong that no one wants to use any other gun. But we will have to see from the testing. I don't really understand this part. How does this change anything really? Wouldn't you still drop your SMG for a AR no matter what? Can someone explain what a SMG is even used for if you had a choice between a AR and a SMG? In real life I can see advantages because you can move a lot smaller, tighter, and a bullet or two can kill someone, but in video games, SMGS just dont do enough damage to warrant using. Especially vs fully armored people at longer ranges. Why would you ever take a SMG over a rifle? I guess early game if you land quick in a city, maybe now grabbing and using a SMG for the first couple minutes, even if you have an AR could be good. You can move through buildings faster and have faster movement while shooting. Most players won't have armors so it could do enough damage to make it effective. Equip SMG + AR, then swap out SMG for double AR or AR+Sniper. -------------------------------------- Overall I love this dev blog. Love seeing all the GIFS and detailed information. Going to be great using all these new mechanics and gun animations/reloads ! 1 more week!
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    With this being a fresh sub-forum, I'll start things off! Hi all, I'm PUBS_Daniel. Or Daniel. It's up to you. I'm the Community Manager on PUBS, which means I'm here for YOU GUYS. But more importantly, I'm here to help you all continue to make this place awesome. You're the reason this community is great. You know, because you're the community. I'm just here to stop it from setting on fire. Never be afraid to hit me up with questions or otherwise!
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    We intend to create opportunities for all players to get keys for the beta, even for those who don't frequent Twitch. We'll be announcing these other methods over the coming weeks, so please keep an eye out in the meantime. Edit: Keep in mind this doesn't mean we'll be granting access to every player, just creating opportunities that are comfortable for all types of player. While we definitely will be expanding the playerbase over previous tests, given the content we'll be testing during CBT, it's not realistic that we'll be able to give access to every interested individual.
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    They made TERA. https://www.facebook.com/TERAonline/?fref=ts I have a 970 and reached 70-90 FPS before they even started optimizing the game. This game has been in development for under a year. There will probably be a short open beta. When your game is in alpha and has many bugs, is incomplete in features and creates a frustrating experience for a lot of players it is not smart to simply make it available for everyone. They found streamers who want to play their game because they're interested in the genre and give them keys, other players who are interested in the game enough to watch a stream about it have a chance of getting a key. Keys were given out on Twitter to anyone who replied to one of their tweets as well. Keys were given out at I believe 3 PAX events. One in Australia and two in the USA. Many many keys have been given out to many many people. There is a reason this game is not yet in an open beta or open alpha. The game has many problems, the server infrastructure hasn't been perfected and they want to limit player numbers for various reasons. If you didn't get a key - Bad luck. You were unlucky and/or didn't pay attention to their social media. Not everyone can get a key - It's that simple. I expect there to be a short 2 weekend open beta after this closed beta stage and then possibly a mid-march early access release (purely speculation).
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    Just wanted to clarify few things mentioned here. We are not using pre-set pattern per gun like CSGO (and our previous tests) but a random angle additive to the crosshair vector (TPP/FPP hipfire or aiming) or barrel vector (ADS). It is not an ideal solution, but currently the most fair for all players, because there are many mouse macro programs or drivers which additively control the mouse input and negate nearly 100% of recoil pattern. If this was a FPP only game, we could get away with always using barrel vector. Alternative solution is to use the system from CS 1.6 which used alternating patterns, but such system is much harder to tweak especially when you add the attachment effects. The recoil and deviation effects shown on the videos are not final. The whole system uses over 100 different variables, curves, camera and animation effects per each gun. I didn't have time to go through all weapons after initial implementation, so the weapon feeling/balance will probably undergo heavy tweaking over the course of CBT. Regarding SMGs, the difference vs AR is that you move much faster while aiming or ADS (same for pistols). While using hipfire (not aiming) your initial and maximum deviation or spread is less with SMGs than ARs, maximum deviation cap while firing is also much lower, so you can land shots while moving more consistently than AR. Deviaton M16 vs UZI: One more thing I forgot to mention is that weapon length also matters. If you are too close to a wall, your character will move the gun up or down to prevent muzzle collision. If you're trying to clear a house using AWM + silencer, you might have some weapon collision problems compared SMG Here's a vid showing the effect: Every rifle/smg has Semi/FullAuto mode except for M16 which uses Single/Burst(3)
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    Hi everyone, My name is Interrogate. I live in Canada, Ontario and I'm a competitive 26 year old gamer that ALWAYS strives to play the best I can, and at the highest level I can. I'm mainly a FPS player, starting from my first ever PC game of Rainbow Six. I've played pretty much every mainstream shooter at an above average level such as Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Overwatch, H1Z1, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, etc. I also played WoW at a very high level throughout my gaming career. Some of my personal achievements are: Global elite and 13 RWS ESEA CSGO player Royalty H1Z1 Many top world/NA rankings for healing in WoW World second Diablo 3 hardcore Inferno Belial kill (alongside Kripparrian) I'm really happy to be playing Battlegrounds. This games developers and staff are incredible people and are always striving to help and produce the best game for us! Battlegrounds will most definitely be one of my main full time games on release! You can find me all over the forums discussing and providing my input on suggestions, bugs, and gameplay mechanics. You can also find me on Twitter, Twitch, and Steam! Add me or follow on any of them, I love talking to anyone about this amazing game! I'll be streaming a LOT during the beta and I hope to capture some awesome clips and highlights from my journey to rank 1 on the leaderboards! Here are my links: Twitch stream Twitter Steam Love you all <3
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    Starts February 24th and Ends March 19th. Source: http://www.playbattlegrounds.com/closed-beta-test-update/
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    Hello, you can call me StarrHD my steam ID is tied to this forum so it shouldn't be hard to find me. Like most of you I am pretty excited for the game to come out in all of its greatness. Hopefully I can get into the beta, I have been trying to get in since the first beta ha ha hopefully I can still get in I signed up when the shirt was announced recently and the newest beta sign up from a recent tweet. Hopefully I can meet a few new friends and stream with them as well but until than GLHF.
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    Yes, we have leaning in both stand and crouch, but it's not automatic. Q/E by default. Currently the suppressor changes the sample and reflection characteristics of weapon as well as it's attenuation. So for example AR is audible at ~700m but with suppressor ~350m. The other effect atm is minimal decrease in deviation, both hipfire/aimed and ADS but this is subject to change over the course of CBT.
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    Hi! I'm the Associate Community Manager for Battlegrounds and have similar responsibilities to Daniel, who already introduced himself, though we have slightly different foci. I've been enjoying building this fun, friendly and nurturing community together with you and can't wait for our game to be out in the public again. Soon! : ) I like FPS and strategy games. I've been playing Arma for a long time and have my own milsim community. I've been playing A3 BR since 2014. Right now I play a lot of R6. I'm originally from Tbilisi but have been living in different European cities for years. I currently live in London. I'm always around if you need any help on the forum and you can call me Andro or FWG. Fanks!
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    ResidentSleeper the wait is taking FOREVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! I feel like I'm 8 again and I'm counting the days down until christmas or my birthday.
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    I love the way people attack strangers on the internet and then suggest they have little minds. i have a full time job, family, grand kids and commitments that mean I can't spend hours of my life chasing down a key. I also live in a totally different time zone to the majority of streamers. I also refuse to ask for a key in a streamers chat and not intend to follow him - that approach suggests a lack of integrity. I'm happy to spend money on EA or beta or alpha titles in genres I like in order to make them better products as I have done since the 80s. There's a very high chance you've played games I did testing for. Like many older people I avoid many forms of (anti-)social media such as Twitter and refuse to listen or watch the many streamers that try to pass themselves off as entertainers simply to get a key. That was all I expressed and yet I seem to have upset you. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity to play the game. Whether it is in CBT or EA either is fine. Looking good so far guys.
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    Yes, both SOLO and DUOs mode will be tested during the Closed Beta. Everyone had so much fun with DUOs last time that we're excited to give everyone more time with it.
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    Huh? You're saying that like hes trying to act privileged. He just doesn't want to watch streamers for the sole reason to try and get a key and doesn't use Twitter. There isn't anything unreasonable about what hes saying and there isn't anything wrong with wanting a key but not wanting to watch streamers to get one. He obviously acknowledges he most likely can't get a key with those terms and is ok with waiting until EA to get it if that's what it comes down to.
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    Only took 5 posts to be rude to the community manager. Not a record but still, quite impressive. me: "hey, this partly solves your problem" you: "well, that doesn't entirely solve my problem" me: "yes, that's why I said partly" you: "you are making pointless posts, to hell with this! I'm out!" Let's all be nice to each other, please, even when discussing the most contentious topics like the cross hairs in 3pp.
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    I agree that it would be more realistic for K98 to use 7.92 ammo, but then we would get the balance fragmentation problem with too many types. We already kind of have this with AWM which uses .300M ammo but it is a carepackage only item while K98 is a common rifle. We could go a step further and sub-divide the ammo types for Nagant, AKM, M24 which are all 7.62 in diameter but the ammo is not cross compatible IRL
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    Hi all, I live in Newcastle Australia. I've been playing PC games since the early 80s. I've dragged my kids into the hobby as well with both the boys and girls playing various games. My current favourites are KOTK, 7 Days to Die and Civ 6. I'm looking forward to playing Battlegrounds immensely and hope to get members of my community involved. I'm a long time member of The Older Gamers (TOG) which is a community of 25+ year old gamers. The FPS division is one of the largest with thousands of active players. You can find our website here if you are interested. Once Battlegrounds is ready to go I'll promote it heavily within TOG. Hopefully you'll get lots of slow, vision challenged players with super expensive computers to kill :] My steam name is malekithau. See you in game. Recon
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    Hey fellow fans/battleground contestants, I'm Aodan! I'm currently a Survival focused streamer who mainly plays the Culling. Although I have played H1z1 and still do here and there, with the chance to experience Alpha 2, I couldn't go back. I'm very excited for @PUBATTLEGROUNDS . The development pace and community is extremely awesome! I hope to make tons of friends here, even if we have to duke it out I hope to see you in the testing and on release! My Twitch My Playstv
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    Most people are posting redundant questions towards the Closed Beta that are removing from discussion from other threads by pushing those discussions to the bottom. Note: All new threads that are in-regards to these questions listed here will be removed and be sent a PM in-regards to the question so that you can be informed. Here, you can find ALL questions related to the Closed Beta. This will be updated regularly (if needed). ----- Q: How do I get access to the Closed Beta? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/947-question-answered-is-there-anywhere-to-sign-up-for-the-cbt/ -- Q: I took part in the Alpha Tests, do I need a new key? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/972-can-i-still-use-it/ -- Q: I have a key, where do I download/redeem the key? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/35-where-to-download/ -- Q: What's the Closed Beta schedule like? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/920-closed-beta-begins-in-february-edit-on-the-24th/?do=findComment&comment=3708 -- Q: When's the Steam Release and Price/Cost of the game (both are undetermined atm)? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/819-steam-release-and-pricecost/ -- Q: What are system requirements? Did they change from Alpha Tests? Will it affect performance? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/952-question-answered-pc-requirements/ -- Q: What gamemodes will be taking place in the Closed Beta? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/950-question-answered-gamemodes-cbt-24-feb/ -- Q: Will the game come to Xbox One and PS4? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/540-xbox-one-ps4/ -- Q: I'm getting horrible FPS, what solutions are there to get better FPS? A: http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/topic/84-discussionguide-specs-and-fps-drops-in-alpha-test-2-possible-solution-fixes/
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    Hey guys, My name is Hawkinz, I've used this name for all shooters I've played and been using the name since 2003! I'm from Australia and have been playing shooting games for as long as I can remember. I generally stick to competitive shooting games as my staple. I love spectating competitive esports, so much so that I travelled to the League of Legends world finals in the USA in 2012 and 2013. I'm hoping Battlegrounds becomes a great competitive game and offers a great competitive viewing experience. My main games recently have been CSGO, H1Z1 and Overwatch. I've never really played much of any of the ARMA games and never played ARMA BR. I'm really looking forward to playing Battlegrounds in the near future. I'm not entirely sure it's wholly my cup of tea so to speak, but I very much respect what a great development team they have working on this game and how awesome all of the Battlegrounds staff are. They do amazingly great work both in and out of the game and I want their game to be a huge success. I did enjoy the game in closed alpha but wasn't able to commit to any super long game sessions like I usually have as I did get bored quite fast with solos. I'm a pretty social gamer, so I'm much more looking forward to trying duos with some gaming buddies. That's about it! I can't stream yet as I have bad upload until the end of the year, but I do have a twitch account at www.twitch.tv/Hawkinz My steam is www.steamcommunity.com/id/Hawkinz And my ramblings and competitive esports propaganda can be found on my Twitter at www.twitter.com/vHawkinz
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    As much as I cry a bit each time this meme is directed at me, you're very welcome.
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    Ok, I think we're done here. My gratitude to all those who engaged in this discussion in a civilised and friendly manner. This thread is now locked due to constant regression into conflict. Please avoid such conduct in the future.
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    Almost two weeks to go, getting pretty antsy myself. I'm not really a Twitter person but I love the small updates that are being provided.
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    Same man, I've literally been in withdrawals since the alpha ended. I cant believe I've made it this far with no Battlegrounds. Damn im kinda proud of myself.
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    I giving 3 copies of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds when it gets put on early Access! Follow the Link to the Youtube Video and click on the Gleam link In the Description for ways to enter! Good Luck! Link to Youtube Video!
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    Thanks again everyone for joining us on this most recent Dev Stream, and an additional thank you for those of you who provided us with some great questions to answer while we were live. In case you didn't manage to catch the Dev Stream, you can watch it below. We've also included a list of forum questions that got answered. If we couldn't get to your question(s), make sure to try asking again when we solicit questions again ahead of our next stream. We're always eager to reveal more, and we always to get to as many as we can. Jan 18/19 Dev Stream Questions & Answers Logistics The servers, during CBT, will be online all the time or just on sat/mon? (JohnzBallad) In order to effectively update and improve BATTLEGROUNDS during the beta phase, the servers will not be able to remain up for 24/7. As the CBT progresses, however, we’ll be increasing the amount of time the servers will remain up each time they go live. Can we have any precision on when the closed beta will be available, more likely to be beginning or end of february? Also how long will this test time last? (MuseOrigin) We can’t really give that information out at the moment, but we’ll be revealing our roadmap soon, which should give more information on our launch plans and schedule. Will more keys be given out? (YoutubeFRANPAPA) Yup! Expect more information soon. Do you plan on having Invitationals in the future? (SantaSteve) Yes, but we have no detailed plans to share just yet. Technical Details I think you guys said that the game will now run fine with 8go of ram, not 100% sure though, can you confirm that? (MuseOrigin) With the implementation of level streaming, the map and game will now load more quickly, allowing the minimum RAM requirement to be 8gb Will there be hotkeys for consumable items? (Nullifier) Yes! Did you guys look into PBR (Physically-Based Rendering)? Yes; we think it’s a great way to express textures in a very realistic way. We found that this technique is very fast and efficient. Game Modes What gamemodes will be in the beta? (solo/duo or maybe both?) (Dkfd3vil) Duos and solo both! For the first week of CBT, only solo will be available, however. Updates / Content There will be updates during the CBT or only after? (JohnzBallad) We’ll be updating the game during CBT as well, to ensure we’re constantly improving the game based on your feedback Will any of the new vehicles be available to test? (redemption99) Not during CBT, but by launch there should be some additional vehicles added. Any new skins will be available to wear? (redemption99) Yes, some new skins are available. Will/are there more sound options implemented yet for this beta? (Interrogate) Yes! Many more sounds have been implemented for this phase of the beta. Art Will there be multiple maps developed by the team in the future or will you leave that portion up for the modders to let their fantasies run wild?Maybe bring back some of the old maps in a new attire? (misterwuff) We’re working toward finishing and polishing Erangel first, but there’s a lot we have planned down the line. And it’ll only get easier to develop things like new maps as we progress. Have you guys looked into techniques regarding photogrammetry for asset production and how they compare to your own production pipeline? (Blahman) At the beginning of development, we were unaware of this approach, but we’re very impressed by the technique. More recently in development, we’ve actually implemented this approach for asset production, such as the production of new trees. We’ll continue to investigate this technique and others to keep enhancing our game. Game Mechanics Any big changes to mechanics/game-play from the last alpha be in the beta? (redemption99) We’ve worked on a lot of improvements that should make the overall feel of the game is much less clunky. How are the weather effects coming along and will they be dynamic throughout a round or predetermined? (misterwuff) We’ll be showing off some weather effects soon! Dynamic weather is something we’d love to add eventually. For CBT, however, the weather will be predetermined. How much of the world are you planning to make destructible or interactive with the players? The WIP of the car rolling through fences was awesome and looks so fun. Like any plans for explosives to cause building damage and things? (Nails87) We’re reviewing performance optimization and how the destruction interacts with the gameplay before we can finalize what will and won’t be able to be destroyed.
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    I dont get acces for now. I missed the train cause i been away for work . This is not a big deal. I miss the time where Beta players were there to test, improve, share and polish the game with the dev team. Now, for many of the players, being a Beta tester means just play with no effort at all, for their own pleasure . Means also try before buy. Thats a shame. I ll do my best to be in. If not i ll stay tuned anyways and i ll wait my time. PS: My English is not that good, please be nice with this )
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    This is where you completely lose your argument along w/ @JarzaK. Stop being so entitled. You just got on the bandwagon too late so now you have a negative feel for the company? Please. I found this game through PLAYERUNKNOWN's twitter before it even became a thing and followed the updates. As soon as there was a chance to sign up for keys, I've done it. Through out the development of the game, they constantly advertised on Twitter that you can sign up for more keys, and when it was time, they gave out keys on Twitter, at conventions and even encouraged people to contact them. Whether you like it or not content creators will always get more things compared to some random gamer because it's marketing. As you mention, some people may have started their broadcast a couple months ago and may have couple hundred followers but how do you know that they are not also as experienced? Stop being so judgemental.
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    Can verify. I'm not a streamer, I like to support streamers and watch fun content though. There's many ways, besides subscribing, to get a key, especially from their own social media. This has been a great relationship between streamers and production and formed a different kind of supportive community from what I've experienced. Fun banter, really fun competition and mostly a lot of cross support. Some might feel it leans too heavily on streamers but it's free advertisement and affords lots of in real time feedback. I got my key during the first round alpha testing by simply replying to Player Unknown because I was genuinely interested. I'm sure others will find ways outside of subbing to streamers to get a look at the game before it's out of beta. I can't wait for February.
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    So because this is a smaller company and smaller game, you MUST test it before buying? What about Blizzard games like WoW, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Starcraft, Diablo or how about Counter Strike, a new Call of Duty, etc etc etc. You don't test all of these games before you buy them. You buy them and hope they are good, which usually they are because the company is well known and has a great history of making good games. It shouldn't be a requirement to test the game before buying it. You can see if you like it from streams and information online, and buy it if it seems good for you. Also, theres no way this game will cost as much as a big titled game from blizzard or something, so if you spend 10-40$ for a few days of entertainment and don't enjoy it after I feel thats a pretty good investment considering you go out for a couple nights and can easily blow 100$+ I want to buy the game, i want to support a company that I'm interested in seeing what they can do. I want to give them the money to improve the game, hire more devs, upgrade their hardware, etc, because I see potential in it and it looks like a game I could really enjoy for a while.
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    Now, now. No one is asking anyone to lick anything. Let's keep this thread licking free, please.
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    So, I just recently started ARMA BR, and I enjoy the game sorta. Definitely enjoy Battlegrounds 100x more, but I did notice a few cool things in ARMA that I could see working in Battlegrounds and this is one thing that I liked a lot. I suggested something similar a long while back, but I like this idea a bit more. A while back I thought that it would be nice to have SOME sort of healing early game, like in H1Z1 where they start you with 6 bandages or so, but I think that could change the game a bit too much. After trying ARMA, i like their early game solution better to the bandages, and makes it more even in terms of balance. In ARMA when you drop from the plane you start with 100% boost. Full blue bar and it degrades the second you leave the plane. So if you land and get in a small engagement, take some fall damage, get hit by some melee swings, you can slowly heal that damage off a little so you aren't at a disadvantage going into mid game trying to find a medkit or bandages to top off. I also don't think the full blue bar will be very game breaking because everyone will have the exact same advantages (health regen, increased movement speed, lower recoil) for the exact same time until the blue bar finishes. It will also help get loot faster from the movement speed increase, and make the less favored guns a bit more accurate and easier to land kills early game with the increased accuracy. If you get dropped to sub 20% HP in current Battlegrounds, you have absolutely no way to get health unless you find something. Which could be a very long time, or a very short time and are just at a severe disadvantage if you cant heal up just from a little scuffle early game. Idk, I kinda like having a little way of healing early game if you take damage you can recover some health before you find bandages, first aids, or med kids. What do you guys think? Would this change the game a lot, would it barely make a difference?
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    HYPE! ----- Blog Update; Alpha 2 Report - http://www.playbattlegrounds.com/alpha-2-report/ Video: ----- EDIT: Closed Beta begins on Friday February 24th from Friday to Sunday for 4 weekends straight. - http://www.playbattlegrounds.com/roadmap-2017/ EDIT 2: Closed Beta Schedule -
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    Will we have the ability to split items/ammo in the next test?
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    Hi @arma3malka Unfortunately Battlegrounds is not able to be played right now. The game has recently left the closed-alpha phase and is beginning the CBT (closed beta test) on February 24th. This is when it will be available to play next If you played in the closed alpha test you can download Battlegrounds on Steam to be ready for the CBT on the 24th (there will be more updates closer to the beta, so be aware you may have to update again). If you didn't play in the closed-alpha test, soon the Battlegrounds team will let us know how anyone who doesn't have a code for beta or the previous alpha will be able to apply to get one. As far as I'm aware, once February 24th rolls around the CBT begins, the servers will available to play on during the weekend (including Friday) and the development team will implement changes based on feedback during the week and then open the severs up again on the next weekend. The CBT will run from the 24th February until the 7th of March I believe.
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    I definitely disagree with that statement. If you're close to a record of kills in a game and can actively see it, you'll definitely be more inclined to play more aggressive to beat your personal record. Most people don't actively count their kills off the top of their head mid-game. I definitely chase my records and play more aggressively in H1Z1 when I know I'm close to a personal kill record. I believe the people that don't believe it will affect gameplay are the players who aren't really bothered by things like max kills in a match. Generally speaking of course. For example, I'm someone who is hugely motivated by visible and tangible ' KPI's' so to speak. I'm an aggressive player as it is, but I for one would definitely be more inclined to play aggressively in a game if I knew I was close to a record for example. If I wasn't sure due to no kill-counter and not actively counting myself during the game, I'd play my regular playstyle or even possibly more cautious towards the end of the game if it meant getting the win .. but if I could see that I was close to a record I'd definitely alter my play-style to try and beat my previous record. I'm sure I can't be the only one that is affected by these sort of things, even if it seems a bit silly. That's why I and others feel like your idea could and would affect gameplay and why the discussion from your question is branching out more from video editing, because players feel it will affect the general player base and not just video editors and I think that basic sentiment is held by a lot of us. And for the record I am all for kill counters and definitely do want a kill counter in the game personally. Although, I can definitely see the argument against them. I just don't agree with that argument but respect discussion around it.
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    Well, the argument some people have is that having a visible kill counter can encourage more aggressive kill-centered gameplay, taking away from the main objective of being the last man standing and leading to a game that is less tactically based potentially. Based on that I'd definitely consider the argument to be on-topic. I understand you don't personally believe it will affect gameplay in any way, but the reason the idea is being openly critiqued is because other people believe it will and that your idea can directly impact gameplay.
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    This is a friendly reminder that it's ok when people don't agree with you or you don't agree with them. We can all still be friends
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    Hi hun <3 I agree, there will always be tryhards but I just don't want this game/community to become like H1. Back in the day, there was such a tight knit community and everyone was having fun. Yea we still shit-talked each other but it wasn't in vain. Now it has become nothing but this volatile, try hard community. The game is not even fun to play anymore. I mean, I think we already got a taste of it with the "OMG FRYING PAN TOO OP. PLZ NERF" posts. I just feel like we have an amazing community and bringing something like that is just going to put people in a different mindset. However, I don't necessarily agree with Kill or be Killed. I think Battle Royale is as much strategic play as it is killing. I'm an aggressive player so I never have the patience to just sit around and camp but you can't dismiss the fact that, you technically only need 1 kill if you want to be the last one alive. Everyone has a different play style, can't really dismiss others because of how they choose to play. If you really want, I say put the kill counter in the hardcore mode. Don't touch the regular game, keep it casual. My 2 cents :3
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    Hey I was close! I still think there will be a stress test on the 23rd to kick things off
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    Closed Beta begins on Friday February 24th from Friday to Sunday for 4 weekends straight. - http://www.playbattlegrounds.com/roadmap-2017/
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    I'm guessing it will be a Wednesday or Thursday. Most likely a Thursday as they normally use Thursday's as a stress test prior to the weekend test. I'd expect them to tease a fair bit of content the week leading up to the beta, so I'd assume it most likely wouldn't be Thursday the 2nd or even the 9th so I'd wager a guess that the closed beta will start on the 16th of February... mayyyyyyybe the 23rd.
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    ok, wait a minute Im highlighting this quote for a reason. Last alpha i was streaming with an Nvidia 980ti and a i7 4790k and got well over 70 frames constant. This happened WHILE i was streaming, for those that dont know encoding takes quite a bit of power. so to simply play the game would be less taxing. I dont see how someone with a 1080 [which i just purchased] is having these issues. I've played and streamed both alphas, with little issue. Hardware aside the game is in alpha, there will be adjustments made for people with less hardware specs etc. This being said there can be many issues on the user end that could be a problem. Maybe your came cache integrity is FUBAR, maybe you are running the game with less powerful hardware and trying to run high quality graphics. I see a ton of people say "Well i get over 140 fps on CSGO wtf..." well this isnt CSGO. This Game is tasking itself with a lot more people, map area, and detail than csgo. Also you cant compare it to H1Z1 which might i add has been in [and still is] is early access for several years now. "Uh well its not polished, it has tons of place holder stuff in the map.", "it takes forever to load...", "its not able to run on my [X] year old laptop." -> No kidding its a game that is ALPHA and where as it has problems, its the fastest turn around and patched game that ive ever seen from a game developer. I am biased on the fact that I've wanted this game, ever since I first played H1Z1 King of the Kill. However what i dont expect is the devs of the game to S#!@ out a finished product in the alpha phase. To explain its like going to a Ford and wanting the 2019 F150 right now. Yes there are action plans in motion to make that truck, but its not built yet. So to expect the same for a game that isnt finished is lunacy. Also, before people give me crap about Ford reference; it was an example not a point to say that [____] makes better trucks... Also, I am not attacking you @nOnsense I want you to try out the game the same as me. I hope everyone has the opportunity to try it, and im pretty sure they will have an open Beta for everyone. This is just part of @PLAYERUNKNOWN's action plan to get this game out as smoothly as they can, and still provide a fantastic experience to everyone. Everyone from Game Devs, corporations, small businesses, to you or me needs an action plan to work from. Its how we as a society move forward and get better.
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    I don't think anyone removed any settings from the game to make you feel bad. That would be a very strange thing to do. Again, very happy for you. So much valuable experience and expertise in testing games. Have you considered a career in QA? Either way, I think this thread has reached it's logical conclusion about 10 posts ago. I apologise for any frustration caused to any expert testers by the absence of adequate audio settings. I can assure you that the later version of the game will, obviously, have them. Thank you.
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    Completely agree with all your points Samurai, this game is easily worth $30-40 USD. There are a lot of more unpolished games priced much higher out there on steam, not even considering the track record that PlayerUnknown has with developing games, running communities, and delivering solid products. I think this game is a perfect balance of ARMA III BR and H1Z1, it amps up the cartoony style of H1Z1 and takes all the realistic aspects and gamestyle of ARMA III and merges them perfectly. I truly expect this game to go the distance and then some.