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    Probably because it made the game more casual looking. Honestly seeing about 5 gallons of blood piss out of somebodies stomach is a good enough hit marker for me.
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    We've now sent out keys to all our forum members. Please check the inboxes and spam folders for the email addresses you used to sign up for this forum.
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    SOUTH AMERICA Like if you agree.
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    KNOWN ISSUES • You may experience camera shake while in spectator mode • Your client may freeze/lock when entering a game, or when returning to the lobby. Restart your game to fix this issue Gameplay • Added DUOs game-mode. For this weekend, only DUOs will be available • Add ability to spectate your teammate when you die • Increased damage from unarmed melee attacks • Modified parachute system to give more control Performance & Stability • Resolved a number of crash issues • Improved server performance. This should reduce the lag seen at the start of matches Outgame • Added BATTLEGROUNDS POINTS (BP) reward system • The Pioneer Crate can now be acquired using BP • The BP required to buy crates with will increase with each crate you buy • Added ability to trade unwanted skin items for BP • Added character customization options World • The fences around the military base on the southern island will now be easier to destroy with vehicles UI/UX • Added key-binding to hide in-game HUD (Ctrl + U) • When acquiring enemy loot, attachments will now appear in the items list • Added warning for duplicate key binds. This issue caused key-bindings not to be saved during the first week of testing Items • Added 2 new weapon attachments. (Bullet Loops for Kar98k, Angled Foregrip) Sound • Resolved an issue with weapon sounds resulting in the inability to locate gunshot origin BUG FIXES World • Fixed collision for certain tunnels, buildings and trees • Fixed issues with indoor lighting and shadow effects • Fixed an issue where character would get trapped in certain areas(edited) Gameplay & UI/UX • Fixed an issue causing map zoom in/out to lag at certain times • Fixed inability to use items with hot keys while in driver's seat • Partially resolved the inability to pick up items off floors • Fixed kill message issues to do with remaining players • Fixed an issue causing certain attachments to not be attached from vicinity • Fixed an issue with map markers not displaying correctly • Fixed an issue of parachute getting stuck in certain situations Action & Gunplay • Fixed the issue of being able to fire while reload animation is still playing for M249 • Fixed issue of magazines disappearing when switching weapons • Fixed the issue of grenades not being able to damage multiple players • Fixed an issue causing the shotgun reload animation to be played constantly • Fixed an issue with throwable items not dropping when switching to another item • Fixed an issue causing the character to remain in the throwing motion after the action has been completed
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    We're happy to announce we'll be opening Australian servers next week. This will involve a small client patch. More info over the coming days!
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    PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS will launch on Steam Early Access on March 23! Check out our new trailer! Here's the full PCGamer article http://www.pcgamer.com/playerunknowns-battlegrounds-will-hit-early-access-on-march-23-and-heres-the-official-trailer/
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    We are excited to announce that our pre-orders are now available and in two different versions! http://preorder.battlegroundsgame.com/ Standard Edition : $29.99 One full copy of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Instant access to the Closed Beta (1 Beta Key) Deluxe Edition : $39.99 One full copy of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Exclusive limited edition PLAYERUNKNOWN skins! These items will later be marketable on the Steam Community Market Instance access to the Closed Beta (2 Beta Keys) *Note : Both the full copy of the game and the exclusive skins will be delivered once the game is released on Steam Early Access! We hereby announce that the price of PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS will be $29.99 as well! Thank you! Hyowon
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    South/Latin American servers NOW!!!!!
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    Here's a small glance into the future and what it holds for PUBG from PLAYERUNKNOWN: I now want to run through a timeline for optimization of our game. A lot of you have been asking about how and when we will optimize the game, so hopefully this post will give you a better idea of our plans over the coming months. One important thing to note. Client optimization takes time, and will not be solved in one single patch. We will be working hard over the next 6 months to ensure all players enjoy smooth gameplay with no lag or FPS drops. Initial Performance Improvements Key Objectives • To reduce the overload on the CPU, and make sure that the GPU performs to its full capability Expected Results • Frame rates will be stable even when in high-density areas • Get higher frame rates across all graphic options ETA: Apr. 14th (Expected to take roughly 5 weeks) Further Performance Improvements Step 1: Art assets optimization (Apr. 7th) • Decrease the LOD vertex for buildings seen at long distances • Decrease the total amount of vertex by adjusting the LOD on terrains Step 2: Improve the rendering performance of terrain and ocean shader (TBD) Step 3: Decrease the overload on the CPU by rearranging wall near buildings (TBD) Step 4: Decrease the usage rate of the video memory (TBD) * We have already managed to make some of the improvements in our final CBT build, decreasing video memory usage by 1 GB. You can read the full post here: http://playbattlegrounds.com/news/64.pu
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    Hey, To start off, the examples and situations im talking about are top 5 situations only. The final few circles where there are only a couple teams alive, or a few teams, or solo players. So we all know that there are end circles that go RIGHT TO THE EDGE, and tilt the favor of whoever is in that area because they dont have to move at all, and can just camp and kill anyone running into them. Heres a situation, although its a little extreme and perfectly placed, I believe this solution could work for almost any scenario or ending situation. Original ending circle: The red dots are players. Lets say its a 1v1v1, Top 3. Right now everyone is in their spots and sitting. No one moving or shooting because they feel safe and want to wait for the next circle to see if they have to move or not. In the CURRENT STATE, this is what could happen: Now here is where things get really unfair and the LUCK comes into play. This guy at the bottom of the circle just got almost a free win. I'm not going to say that the other 2 guys cant win, or cant outshoot that player, but his chances of winning probably increased by like a LARGE PERCENT. So he has positional advantage, he doesnt have to move, and the other two players both have to move which makes them likely to see eachother first, also means that the guy in the circle can easy spot them running right into him and get the kills. The exact same situation could have happened if the circle spawned on the player at the TOP or if it spawned at the player on the WEST side. This is what a lot of the top players are currently frustrated with because it really gives one person or team a huge advantage and there isnt much way to outplay that player since there are no flank potential. So basically it becomes a shooting contest with one person in a field and 1 person behind cover. I understand WHY the circles can move to the edges of the blue electric zone. They made it this way so the circles can be unpredictable and have lots of map variation and end zone variation in the EARLY/MID GAME so it doesnt get stale and boring always being central in the middle and never goes to the edges of the map. SO, NOW TO THE POINT OF THE THREAD... The solution to the LATE GAME circle luck: I don't know the exact number of circles it takes to bring people to a top 10/top 5 situation, but lets say 4-5 circles. AFTER 4-5 circles, I suggest that the next circles become completely central in the current white circle once the blue circle closes in. Heres the situation with my suggestion: ORIGINAL SITUATION: Now instead of LUCK, all 3 of the players KNOW the next circle will be directly in the middle of the current one. So there is a lot more strategy and outplay scenarios. Yes, someone can run right to the middle of the larger circle, and be in position for the final circle and everyone would have to come to them. But the differences are 1) He has to actually MOVE from his position and take that risk, and 2) he is now exposed to ALL directions of attack on the next circle. 360 degrees of flank. Heres what the situation would look like now with my suggestion: Sorry for bad paint skills, but imagine that circle being exactly centered. So if the south player decides to run to the middle of that circle, the north and west players can either shoot him while running, or if they dont see him they can flank left or right and wrap around (SIMILAR TO WHAT PEOPLE IN ARMA DO when they run outside the circle and flank the other side). This way ALL 3 PLAYERS will have to move. And all 3 players will be in danger at all times from flank, or from moving. It still forces those gun battles, but doesnt give positional advantage to a single player or team. There are many strategies that can be played. You can rush the center and try to be the "king of the hill", you can ride the gas in and try to fight anyone else doing the same, you can flank 360 degrees in a circle and try to backstab someone running in. I think this idea of making the final circles 100% predictable and centered make it for a more skill based ending and remove some of the insane luck some people can have in the current state. PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU GUYS THINK ON THIS IDEA! Think of all the possibilities, negative and positive, and keep the future of the game in mind and how things may change later on. Thanks. EDIT: Talked to Hawkinz and we think it could also help that the final circles that get centered the electric field moves SLIGHTLY slower. I know that when the white safe zone is centered the electric moves slower all around, but maybe even just decrease the speed a little more could help make some strategies work better. It just creeps in like a slow fog.
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    South African server or African server please !!! Ping very bad if we play on EU server.
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    We've sent out the emails to those of you who have pre-ordered PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS. Please follow the instructions in the email on how to redeem the game. If you need support, please contact http://h.xsolla.com
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    KNOWN ISSUES • Your character may sometimes exit a vehicle in an unarmed state (This issue has now been fixed) CHANGES GAMEPLAY • Added SQUADS gamemode. In SQUADS, you can create teams from 1 to 4 players in size. You can enter a round with either the group you teamed up with, or be randomly teamed with 3 other players once in the match • Increased player count to 100 per match • All players now start the match in a single airplane • Fixed a bug that prevented certain items not being lootable due to them spawning inside of walls, or stuck between different objects ACTION • The moving speed when in the REVIVE state has been slightly increased • The moving speed when sprinting now varies slightly according to the weapon your character is holding • Improved the quality of swimming animations • Fixed an issue that caused the looting animation to not happen if a player has bad connectivity to the server ENVIRONMENT • Fog effects have been added to long distance views when freefalling/parachuting down to the island UI/UX IMPROVMENTS • The compass on the top of the screen is now more visible • When in team modes, a speaker icon will appear next to the name of the teammate talking • When in team spectate mode and there are more than 2 teammates alive, you can toggle between views of the remaining teammates • The drag-and-unequip-from-inventory action has now been improved to be more responsive LEADERBOARDS • Balance changes mande to rankings. There won’t be any changes to any previous ranking attained BUG FIXES • Fixed some issues that were causing client crashes • Fixed a bug that caused the character to go under the map when landing with a parachute • Fixed team spectator so now you will see all views (3rd/1st/ADS) of the spectated player • Fixed a bug that prevented you from figuring out sound direction in spectate mode You can read the full devblog here: https://playbattlegrounds.com/news/posts/closed-beta-update-3
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    UPDATE: Looks like we will need at least one more hour to fix the problem. Please accept our apologies!
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    Known Issues [Updated] Characters may seem like they are shaking when in spectate mode (For non-English users) Some of the in-game texts may still show in English Collision checks on destructed doors may not be in sync with how they look Certain hair style + hair color combination will cause the overall hair not be visible There is a bug that is causing the “ViewDistance” option to not be adjustable via individual graphic settings. Since this plays an important role in the performance of the client, if you want to force change this, you would have to adjust the overall graphic options, or directly edit the GameUserSettings.ini file Here’s how to access and edit the file 1. Go to %APPDATA% using the File Explorer 2. Go to [Local] – [ShooterGame] or [TslGame] – [Saved] – [Config] – [WindowsNoEditor] 3. Open GameUserSettings.ini 4. Try lowering the value of ViewDistance to either 1 or 0, and save Performances & Stability Server stabilization and client performance improvement are consistently being worked on Slightly improved the issue that caused massive number of players to get disconnected from a game Destruction logic has been reworked so that the destruction of doors do not interfere with server performance Resolved some issues that were causing client crashes Content Added the SKS rifle to the game 2 new face presets have been added (1 male, 1 female) Action Improved parachute controls Added freelook while in 1st person/ADS views UI You are now able to sort your items in your inventory Others 9 new languages have been added and now we offer the game in 12 languages total. There may be some bad translations, but we will be consistently adjusting them throughout Early Access The exclusive items for pre-ordering the Deluxe edition are available via an in-game redeem function Slightly adjusted the balance on end-game rewards Bug Fixes Fixed the bug that caused the scope aim to seem different than the actual when spectating Fixed the bug that caused the end-game results screen to not appear when spectating and all your teammates die Fixed the bug that caused the indoors footstep sound to be too low Fixed the bug that cause stats from other game modes to be applied between Solos, Duos and Squads.
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    I'm going to go through some of their gaming streams and extract information that I think is useful. Note that nothing they say is set in concrete or will happen.....yet. I'll update the OP or thread as I find more. (Because I know after a certain amount of time you can't edit posts). If you click on the link and then watch full video it will take you to the specific timeline where you can listen to expanded conversations on the topic. Will there be a Prestige/Level System? https://clips.twitch.tv/BoxyIronicDogDBstyle Will there be a rolling animation? https://clips.twitch.tv/BlueCuteSangFeelsBadMan Will there be 0 metre zeroing? https://clips.twitch.tv/RoundEsteemedWhaleJonCarnage Can we rebind scroll wheel up/down for zeroing? https://clips.twitch.tv/FlirtyAggressiveAntCmonBruh Swimming underwater is faster https://clips.twitch.tv/ExpensiveVenomousMushroomFeelsBadMan FOV Slider https://clips.twitch.tv/BrightRepleteMeatloafBrainSlug What feature would you like to see included in the game? https://clips.twitch.tv/GiantThoughtfulFloofShazBotstix Beards? https://clips.twitch.tv/TenuousBlatantBurritoTF2John Climbing/Vaulting animation ETA https://clips.twitch.tv/TubularInexpensiveRuffCoolCat Will the circles be changed? https://clips.twitch.tv/BumblingClearFoxAMPEnergyCherry Was your wife mad when you played for 15 hours the other day? https://clips.twitch.tv/LaconicHonorableCoffeeThisIsSparta Are you happy with the current headshot damage? https://clips.twitch.tv/SpookyBoldCurryRitzMitz Animations for entering/exiting vehicles? https://clips.twitch.tv/RichBoxyPiePJSalt Is a level 1 armor with 100 durability better then a level 3 armor with 50 left? https://clips.twitch.tv/DependableTawdryWerewolfBlargNaut Do team game modes have more loot or its same for all game modes solo duo squad ? https://clips.twitch.tv/InventiveZealousMageOptimizePrime Loot is bad in squads ? https://clips.twitch.tv/ObliqueCloudySeahorseSquadGoals Does having your pistol out make you run faster ? I know it was patch notes but tested it and haven't noticed any difference. https://clips.twitch.tv/NastySingleTomatoDoubleRainbow & https://clips.twitch.tv/LitigiousTangibleRadishEleGiggle Another Developer wish they'd like to see in game. https://clips.twitch.tv/AbrasiveWiseCodSoonerLater Does Brendan (Creative Director) ever win in his own game? https://clips.twitch.tv/CallousRefinedTireWTRuck Do smoke grenades factor in wind direction? https://clips.twitch.tv/AssiduousAverageGoblinTinyFace Will we be able to change holding breath bind key? https://clips.twitch.tv/BombasticAdventurousTildeDerp Is there a feature that you can kill yourself once you are knocked out? (This question was asked because two knocked down players were blocking a door and their team mate got pinned by the blue circle because he couldn't move past them) https://clips.twitch.tv/SparklyGiantKathyStrawBeary Will there be spotting? (Answer expands to devs personal wish for shared compass) https://clips.twitch.tv/HonorableFitPigDxCat Will there be improvements to map markers? https://clips.twitch.tv/CrypticSuspiciousEggnogHassaanChop Is punching too strong? (Tips for headshot punching) https://clips.twitch.tv/WildRealKimchiTebowing UMP Buff https://clips.twitch.tv/HandsomeLongBatAsianGlow Why is there a 120FPS Lock? https://clips.twitch.tv/BlazingColorfulApeKeyboardCat What technical challenges do you face? https://clips.twitch.tv/BillowingBlitheIguanaOhMyDog Any plans for low magnification optics like Elcan? https://clips.twitch.tv/ExquisiteObedientDootFreakinStinkin Additional weapon being worked on (This probably is the SKS that was announced today) - Credit to Murf72 https://clips.twitch.tv/EvilPolishedNuggetsSuperVinlin Are you adding Binoculars? https://clips.twitch.tv/BumblingAbnegateYamDxCat Toggle Lean https://clips.twitch.tv/TenaciousEnchantingWeaselChefFrank Gameplay Tips (Further discussion into AK/M4 numbers & is the pan a ohk?) https://clips.twitch.tv/AltruisticMagnificentStorkWOOP Fall Damage https://clips.twitch.tv/MoralCloudyStingraySuperVinlin Will there be a Range Finder? https://clips.twitch.tv/AthleticCredulousOryxResidentSleeper How does the Zeroing work? (Further discusses muzzle velocity, drop, 1 Grid Square distance, elevation) https://clips.twitch.tv/AuspiciousSleepySpaghettiPlanking How do you calculate distance without a rangefinder? (Text Answer) Will there be Aus/New Zeland Servers? (Text Answer) Seems to be a contradiction to the rolling animation. Latest Dev stream said No plans where as above they were working on it. https://clips.twitch.tv/ViscousDeafPepperWholeWheat Got clarification, rolling is for landing not Q and E https://clips.twitch.tv/FaithfulRockyDogKAPOW Like this
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    Evening All, There is now a quicker way to report players. Please follow the link and steps below. http://support.enmasse.com/playerunknown-s-battlegrounds Create an En Masse Account if you do not have one. Step 1: Click on "Contact Support" Step 2: Select PUBG as the game...Find the issue that is most fitting, in this case it is "Game Support" Step 3: Complete the Issue Details drop down, you will want to fill in "I need to report another player." Next, add the Issue Details... I would say "hacking" or "teaming" and click Submit a Ticket Step 4: Fill out the Description, Characters, Your Character Name and Date/Time. ***Please attach any media to prove your case, it will make the review process easier***.... After you have filled in all the information Click "Finish & Submit" Thank you all and see you in the field!.... or maybe you won't. ;-)
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    Man, I could really use a vacation. Instead here I am, collecting your bug reports for our engineers like a dumbass. Sad life.
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    Last night we were waiting for the map space to shrink a bit and we just got ourselves settled in after looting a few kills and my team mate said "Okay we should go here next. Let's meet at the marker" and lo and behold we couldn't see each others markers. I would love to be able to coordinate with my team mate in duos "Meet at the marker" or "There was a sniper. I've put his location on the map with a marker" and other similar call-outs. I really think this would enhance team play.
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    Here's a list of some controls you might not know about. Keep in mind everything is DEFAULT binds so if you rebound your keys, it may be different for you. When rebinding keys, make sure all slots have been bound to a key in order to be able to APPLY settings. Hold right click and E or Q - changes the camera view for Right Click ADS Hold left click after shooting - Gun will stay scoped in so you can watch where your bullet lands X - Puts away all equipped items Hold SHIFT - Hold breath when scoped, will also zoom in slightly if you are not scoped CTRL + Right click or drag - Split items = is Auto run Right click tap brings out Iron sights/ADS Holding right click will zoom in aim Looking down with your mouse while swimming will take you deeper Looking straight down with your mouse and pressing W while parachuting will help you get to max speed 230km/h. This way your parachute will deploy lower and you will lose less speed when it is deployed. 7,8,9,0 are the default keybindings for medical and boost items. You can switch between different types of grenades by pressing 5 multiple times CTRL + T - Voice chat mute/unmute CTRL+U - Toggle UI Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5 = Move vehicle seating positions. Holding ALT while running or ADS will let you free look around your character Page Up / Page Down - Change zeroing parameters on 4x scope If you have controls that you would like to add to this list please feel free to do so. I will be periodically updating the list as more info comes in.
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    You know what Cake, check your PMs. Enjoy playing this weekend.
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    Due to servers being down for a few hours on Friday, we will be extending the testing period by 12 hours! The servers will go offline at 4am UTC on Tuesday. Have fun and please keep reporting the bugs and suggestions!
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    Please refrain from posting links to videos or websites advertising cheats/hacks for PUBG. If you want to report a cheat instead of advertising it, please send me a PM. To report a player, please follow this guide: A few things to keep in mind: just because there's a video on YouTube showing someone using a cheat, doesn't mean it still works or that we're necessarily unaware of it. We too use Google search. Please do not panic at the first sign on danger. By the time you've discovered a cheat, it may already be ineffective. We will not look kindly upon those members who persist to link to cheats in public.
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    Hey all! With the game dropping in a few hours I did some work into putting a quick overview guide of all the weapons and what ammo they take, attachments as well as a little overview on them. Unfortunately I can't post a guide on the actual game page until it releases, so I've made a template over an old jokey game guide that nobody really looked at, can I get some impressions, thoughts, corrections before the game goes live and I cross this information to the correct area? <3 Much much much love, guide here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=889507794 Also huge shoutout to @PUBG_tooner for confirming some SKS information this morning just in time to be tweaked on the guide!
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    Heard PlayerUnknown talking about the team considering adding the ability to carry extra helmets/vests and I just wanted to throw in my vote against that suggestion because it effectively removes choices or greatly reduces choices from the gameplay. Number one, the game becomes you either stack as many vests/helmets as you can or you're at a significant disadvantage (as seen in other games). Number two, it artificially promotes a purely aggressive game style of loot 1 gun and then only kill people - which is a tactic that exists now (and is entirely valid), but is balanced by the fact that anyone you loot from killing will likely have damaged items (and never multiple items which leads to the previous problem). Deciding that your gear needs replaced and then deciding if it's worth looting a house with possibly someone in it or looting that person you killed is currently and should always be a big part of this game - especially at the end game where the choices you make should have real consequences.
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    Anybody else having these kind of issues where the game lags like all hell and the buildings look just like in this picture and you can't hardly get into them?
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    You should always believe everything that @Slyvinlisha says. She is a messenger of the Devs and a protector of this forum.
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    PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS - YOUR ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SURVIVE SPAWN Watch the inside of your plane during flight, as well as people jumping out of planes around you. It's not too hard to see them falling. Most people jump early in the flight or towards the middle. Try to jump as late as possible but always have a plan on where to land. Landing in large towns (named on the Map) is usually an instant fight to the death. You'll find yourself rushing to find a gun just to kill everyone that landed with you rather than building up and equipping yourself with the tools you'll need to survive in the long-run. Avoid these towns and look to land in smaller ones (with 3-5 houses). When you eject from the plane, you can look forward and hold the W key to move across the map. This will slow down your fall and let you gain velocity towards your destination. By doing this, you can reach towns that aren't in the path of the plane. Most people will land below the plane but you'll have the advantage if you stray from its path. LAND AND GEAR UP Once you land, rush the houses and search every room. Get better at recognizing weapons and ammunition without having to see their names. You'll need a medium to long-range weapon. I use the M16 with a Red Dot and other attachments. I'm always equipped with a pistol and my secondary is either a 5-round Shotgun or an automatic weapon like the UMP. My secondary weapon is the one I use when searching houses. If someone pops up on me, the shotgun or automatic fire will take care of them quickly. The long-range (primary) is great for when you're outside because it'll let you handle almost any situation. I always keep it on single fire, never burst. Try to find armour. Learn to recognize it. The difference between a level 1 helmet and a level 2 or 3 helmet should be easy to distinguish without looking at its name. You definitely need a backpack and you definitely need a helmet and a vest. SURVIVE By now, you should have been able to gear up without any conflict. If you run into conflict during these early stages (it'll happen), it's up to you to take care of it. Once you're geared up and you're ready to go, it's time to get moving. Keep an eye on the play zone. If it's far away, you'll need a vehicle. If you're already in the zone, especially towards the mid-end of the game, stay away from vehicles. They do nothing but make a lot of noise, making you an easy target. You want to sneak around, stay in bushes, be creative. The vehicle can be heard from far away and you're very easy to kill. You can blow vehicles up by shooting at them or if you're inside, you can very easily be shot. Try to stay in the center of the circle at all times. This way, you won't have to cover long distances and you'll hardly ever be an easy target. When running across fields, forests or otherwise, it's easier for the enemy to see you than it is for you to see them. Don't shoot at people unless you're sure you'll get the kill. If they get away, you'll reveal your location (especially if anyone's close to you) and they'll likely die at some point anyway. When you're down to 20 people or under, don't move if you can. Bushes are a great place to hide in if you're careful with your movements. Stay crouched, not prone. If you go prone, half of your body will always be exposed and the movement of your turns is much more noticeable as the entire body shifts. Stay away from those towers with the stairs and the interior. They may be great scouting locations but one grenade thrown in and you're dead. If you're gonna camp interiors, stay in bathrooms with a shotgun when you're down to only a few people in a tight spot. It's crucial that you do NOT loot people when you're down to 10 or under. It's not worth it. The zone is tight and if you've just killed someone, they know your approximate location already. Don't run out to loot your victim, you'll die most of the time.' NOTES Don't rush. If you're with a partner, communicate. If he has no mic and he's a random, you're going to have a bad time. Learn the weapons, find the ones you're good with and stick with them. Get good at killing at long-range. Or killing people while they're in a moving vehicle. Listen. Closely. Always. Footsteps, cars in the distance. Learn to estimate their distance and their location. Use the right weapons at the right time. Don't use shotguns at mid-range and don't use automatic weapons at mid to long-range. Questions? I'm happy to help!
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    Due to limited numbers and high demand, our pre-order option is now SOLD OUT! Thank you for your support! We will see you in Early Access on March 23rd! PS For those of you asking how digital goods can be sold out - they can't in a sense that physical goods can as long as there is network connection and free space on your drive. There are however other arrangements in the world of game development that may on occasion reach their predetermined limits. So please don't make another post about how this isn't real. Thank you.
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    KNOWN ISSUES • Your client may freeze/lock when entering a game, or when returning to the lobby.Restart your game to fix this issue • The spectate camera is fixed in 3rd person view when spectating teammates. We will continue to improve this feature over the coming months • You may not be able to loot some items • There may be cases of your character getting stuck in certain areas of the world CHANGES Gameplay • Both SOLO and DUOs modes are available all weekend • It will now be easier to drive through wooden and barbed wire fences • The X key has been included in key bindings • The default screen setting is now “Fullscreen Windowed” • You can now press the F key to cut away from the parachute when it gets stuck in various objects Performance & Stability • Server performance has been improved, and we have resolved multiple crash issues • Decreased the video and system memory that the game client uses • Resolved the client crash issue that occurred when trying to exit the game Outgame • Stats and leaderboards have been added. Results from the closed beta will be reset once the closed beta is over BUG FIXES Gameplay & UI/UX • Fixed a bug that prevented the items from being looted in some occasions • Fixed a bug that resulted in glare being too bright for certain scopes Full blog post: https://playbattlegrounds.com/news/posts/closed-beta-update-2
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    Pentium 4 2.8ghz 2gig 1800mhz Ram 256gig HDD 5600 RPM Nvidia GTX 8800 (stock heatsink + aftermarket samsung fridge for cooling)
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    We are happy to announce that we will be bringing Oceania and South American servers online this Thursday!
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    the very beginning of the game with the electrical/gas wall is fine. Timing's are good and damage I think is where it should be. My concern is the end game wall at the moment, the damage numbers imo are fine but it seems we have no time to tactically clear positions, its just to fast. We go from playing tactically all game, beg - med but then we get to -20 players left and it just becomes an RNG fest. You cannot use the same tactics and play style for end game because the timer for the next wall is just way to short so you adopt a different play style which isn't a great feeling for me and a lot of others. It's important to keep things consistent in this game when it comes to the wall. I shouldn't be forced to be pinched so many times or have the odds more in my favor because the timings are off and i mean way off imo at end game. I just feel its to imbalanced right now and it shouldn't be about the game of chance. H1 is doing it right with its wall timings and I hate that game. Just something to look into/consider Bluehole. Thanks,
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    Yes please South African Servers!!
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    South America!!! Ping in other locations is very high. Besides that we are a community passionate about the game, we deserve this kindness.
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    South African servers please. This is an insanely fun game both solo and squad. Me and my 3 mates played untill the very early hours and actually managed to win a round, and got second twice. This is my default go-to game now, not BF1. Please give us some servers
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    Australian servers confirmed
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    Hey everyone, I just wanted to make this post, just to avoid any confusion where people actually believe Early Access is going to be bug free/latency free and it's going to be the full game. I'm sorry to say that this is not the case. Early Access is a paid beta for people who wish to still help with testing. Of course we get to play the game as much as we want without waiting for the weekends to arrive. However; just be aware that Early Access is going to last for around 6 months before the game enters the full retail release. This means, over the course of the next 6 months, the developers are going to work on fixing the latency issues, FPS issues and other random bugs and crashes that we all encounter. So this means, we should still continue to make the reports on these forums, when something happens. I'm just saying all this because I know most of you understand what an Early Access is, but there are those, who will make posts within days of the Early Access saying "omg it sucks, why did I pay for such a buggy game!!" something along those lines. Anywho, take care ... 15 minutes of work left and then home .... where I can't play PUBG for 2 more days :'(
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    We attempted delivery to your address but no one answered the door at the time and there were no instructions left for our driver to leave the beta key in a safe location. We will attempt redelivery on the next business day.
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    Hey guys, Started working on a Tactical Planning Tool for the game, will keep this thread updated as I release more features. http://www.pubgmap.com Currently available... Map with 7 levels of zoom Co-ordinate System for shareable locations across the community Lookup and focus of an x & y location. Dynamic URL updates to include zoom level and map coords center on the middle of the currently zoomed screen. Ideal for sharing. Steam Authentication (More for coming features) Double click event on map to stamp your current location (ideal for group use - future dev) Current development functionality... Plotted Vehicle Spawn locations Ability to create groups Ability to search and join groups Ability to view a map overlay for a group or privately. Ability to quickly add locations of interest for you (or your group) Clickable points to allow you to share meet up locations or to convey enemy locations with group mates Ability to create and save "Tactics" Tools to draw and add text markers to the map (in tactic mode) Ability to save markers as a tactic for you or your group to use and select. Ability to share a location as an image Future Ideas Loot Spawns / Density Mapping Happy to consider any future ideas if anybody would like something adding. Cheers, -Xaiin PS: Hope this isn't outside the T&C's guys, I had fun making a similar map for H1Z1 (http://www.h1z1db.net/map).
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    So to start, many people compare this game to H1Z1, just don't, ok both games are BR genre but other then that the games litterly has nothing in common. I'm going to list up a few tips and advice on how you might up your odds of winning games in PUBG. I'm a small streamer( https://twitch.tv/FroszTV ) and all these advices comes from playing a lot of survival and BR games like: DayZ, H1Z1(JS & KOTK), RUST, arma2 BR, arma3 BR, Nether and counter strike. Each game has different playstyle, and the advices im giving below is what I think suits for this game as it is in the current state. THESE ARE JUST SOME ADVICE AND TIPS I HAVE, I'M NOT SAYING IT'S THE BEST THING OR THAT YOU WILL WIN EVERY GAME BY FOLLOW THE TIPS, USE THE ONE THAT YOU CAN AND EVOLVE YOUR OWN PLAYSTYLE AND ENJOY THE GAME! 1. BE TACTICAL Don't run straight for people like you do in H1Z1, the mechanics in this game is totally different. You want to be much more tactical. Know your surroundings, where have you heard people, what buildings or area are the highest chance of getting into a gun fight? Always plan ahead! Even in the start, where are you going to land, and what area are you gonna try to be moving towards after the landing zone is cleared? 2. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP PLAN You always want to have a backup plan in case your plan dosen't work out and you get into a gun fight, can you go backwards into cover without having people to spot you? Always make sure you have a exit strategy, it might meaning taking cover in a shed or just behind a wall, or maybe running through a field with bushes you can hide behind. 3. PROPER LOADOUT Try to plan ahead, where is the game going to take you on the map? Make sure you have the right equipment for the upcoming fights. What that means is, make sure you have proper meds and use then the right way, have you only taken a small amount of damage and quickly need to heal yourself, use bandages, if you need to heal even more use first aids or med kits. But be aware that bandages has the lower using time, then first ands and lastely med kits. And make sure that if you are going to have fights in a large open area you want to be able to shot peope on a far distance meaning that you should equip a gun with a long rage scope, no matter if it's 4x, 8x, or 15x, you most likely won't be needing a shotgun on long ranges. 4. LOOTING Try to be quick and know what you need before you start looting. Many people die because they are looting for too long, you are so vulnerable when looting so you want to spend as little time as possible looting other peoples bodies. Makes sure to plan ahead, do you need meds? ammo? gun attachments? If you have a plan before you start looting you will be finishing looting much quicker and can get back into play. When looting things in the enviroment many people uses proximity looting, this means that you hit tab and see what is in your proximity and loot in inventory instead, you can do this instead of looting with the interaction button(F). However which looting style suits you best is up to each player, I think that proximity looting can be good in some situations, but the thing is that you are standing there totally vulnerable just like looting a body box when you do proximity, sometimes just looting with interaction button might be better because you have more control over your surroundings then. 5. TRICK PEOPLE So when you get into a gun fight, many times they might not end as soon as the first shots are made, try to trick the player you are facing. What that means is try using your surroundings to to tactical and move around the player without getting seen if possible, you might then be able to either backstab or getting an advantage before the next fire fight against that player again. 6. GUNS, FIRING MODE AND AMMO Make sure to use the right gun and firing mode depending on situations. Always try to have a gun for short to medium distance fights and a backup for either long or short distance fights, this means planing ahead of you what is going to happend. For example, you might have a 5.56 gun(M416, M16 or Scar) but you might still want to pick up some 7.62 ammo even though you don't have a gun for it right now you might loot a body with an AKM or M24. The higher caliber means that each bullet will do more damage, so you might want to snipe with an AKM instead of a 5.56 cali gun. Firing mode is a big deal of the game, if you are going to be in a medium/long range fight you want to use single fire to be able to control your shots and the recoil as good as possible. I tend to only use full auto and burst(m16 only) on short to very short distances when i do not have a shotgun on me. Choosing the right gun is up to you and your playstyle, try them all out and pick the one you think it's the best for you! So what about grenades? I don't use grenades but I do think they are very good in this game, therefore im not going to give any advices on how to use them. 7. CARS AND BOATS The cars and boats are supposed to be used for transportations only. Again, this is not H1Z1 but you can use the cards as shields when needed, not recommended though. If you are driving you are very easy to spot, and you can't jump out of them in a high speed(well you can but you might hurting or even worse, driving over yourself by doing that and die). If you spot other people in cars, you can always try pop their tires which will make the car more or less undrivable. My advice is to more or less just use cars as an transportation veichle. So that's all for now, I hope that you can implement some of the advices into your gameplay to become a better player. Remember the game is in closed beta right now, there is bugs in the game, if you do find them, please report them to help the dev team make this game even better, and follow the rules! Solo servers are for solo playing, not teaming! If you want more advice on gameplay or have questions I do stream the game during this clsoed beta, you can find me over at https://twitch.tv/FroszTV Here are the promised gameplay videos: Win no.1 - 5 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125156814 Win no.2 - 11 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125157473 Win no.3 - 7 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125157700 Win no.4 - 9 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125157887 Win no.5 - 15 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/124801259 Win no.6 - 9 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125158360 Win no.7 - 5 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125158766 Win no.8 - 7 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125060298 Win no.9 - 13 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125060996 Win no.10 - 9 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125061568 Win no.11 - 8 kills https://www.twitch.tv/videos/125062077 Big thanks to PlayerUnknown, the dev team and everyone in this great community for an so far awesome game, can't wait to play it again!
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    We've noticed that some players were confused about the true nature of the Closed Beta keys they have received or still covet. They grant access only to the Closed Beta Testing phase. They do not grant access to the Steam Early Access stage that will follow the Closed Beta Testing. We have not, at any point, given out keys for the Early Access stage of the game.
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    On request I'm just going to write a little about some tips and advice on how to play when you're top10 in game. You can find my other tips and advice on how to play the game in this thread. So congrats, you're top10 at the moment! But there is still a long way to go, this is where the game gets really intense, everyone is probarbly fully geared so you want to quickly get rid of people. Remember what I said in the former thread, you still want to be tactical, planning stuff ahead etc etc. And every fight is different depending on area, your gear, your opponents, so you have to do whatever the situation requires you to do! 1. Location So one of the most important things when you are top10 is knowing your surroundings and picking the right locations. People can and will be everywhere, many people will be camping in houses, sheds etc. What you want to do is to use either with your eyes or the map to scout the area, making sure you know what spots might have the highest chance of people hiding in. You might want to avoid being is those areas if you haven't been there for a long time camping it out because other people might be camping there already. Knowing the so called hot spots will help you to take a position where you can scout and kill people from those areas(we will get back to that later). 2. Spotting enemies If possible, scouting out people when you are top10 can help out a lot, you know where the enemies location and can therefore take a better position then they already have, look on the map, see where the next push from the circle will be, if you know where the enemies are you will most likely know what path they need or can take to get into the next circle, you can then take a good position and backstab them as they need to push up to the circle.This goes the other way around as well meaning that you don't want to get caught off guard at any time, you want to move as stealthy as possible when taking new positions. Veichles is a great way to spot people, therefore if you don't neccesarily need to move in a veichle you might want to skip it and head to the new position by foot. 3. Picking the right enemy and moment So let's pretend that you know the position on a few of the remaining people, now comes the moent of who and when you should engage a fight. If you engage a fight you will almost certainly compromise your location, so you want to do this carefully. If you don't think that you can out aim them, then all you need to do is to out smart them instead! If you have a silencer on your gun it's gonna be much harder for a enemy to locate where you are shooting from. So who to engage and fight? simply try to take out the weak ones first, just to make sure that you have less people to worry about, at the same time you can also use the weaker ones to bait of locations of other people. As soon as the fight is over, either quickly loot if it's safe or just move yout and take a new position while being in cover or stealthy so nobody knows your location. 4. Use items The less people there is left, the more important it might be to use the right items. The items I'm talking about is more or less booster items(red gull & painkillers) and grenades. Using booster items will yield you some healing over time, less recoil on guns and faster movement speed. Grenades you have some different kind to work with, you have regular frag grenade(damage), molotovs(fire), flashbang(disorient the enemy) and smoke grenades that can give you some line of sight help if you need to move. But do remember that if you throw grenades, your location will be compromised, so you then wisely! 5. DO THE RIGHT THING We are in closed beta right now, if you find bugs, report them on the mforum using the proper template to help the dev team making the game even more awesome! Follow the rules, if you dont know them, read them first and then play the game. There is much more to say about how to play, what is right and what is wrong but in the end, try using the tips as a guideline, make your own playstyle, and remember to HAVE FUN while playing! Be nice to other people and they will act nice towards you too! For gameplay you can always watch the vods in linked in the other thread stated further up in this message or right here. If you want to see me play live you can always join my twitch channel and ask me more over there, as well as see how i play and ask me right there and then. Big thanks to PlayerUnknown, the dev team and everyone in this great community for an so far awesome game, can't wait to play it again!
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    Hey everyone, With only 5 hours to go until the game is meant to launch, please make sure that you have fully uninstalled the beta client from your Steam account. You will not be able to use the beta client, as the Early Access will create it's own new version of the game in your game library. Please avoid renaming the steam folder as it can result in the game files being corrupted and you'd only have to download the client again. If you haven't see the sticky post: It has been confirmed that there will be no pre-loading feature before the game goes live. So just take the time to relax, have a shower, clear your apartment/bedroom. Do some laundry, do the dishes or go to subway/starbucks and get me a sandwich and coffee! Lastly, I would like to direct people to this post, just to avoid any frustration that may arise in some people. Anywho, have yourselves a nice day everyone and have a great time ingame, once the servers come online
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    I just want to say that I am beyond impressed with the amount of work and dedication that the PUBG, Bluehole, etc. team has shown us in such a small amount of time. I've seen some negative comments here and there, but I've seen even MORE positive comments. We have to realize that most people will not speak up if they enjoy something but will be much more inclined to post a negative comment, and for PUBG, it's crazy to see such positive response. There's a reason they were #1 on Twitch a few days ago! That NEVER happens! I'm 28 years old and have been playing shooters since I was 8 (my parents were great at encouraging me to do what I love) and since my younger days, it's been a long time since I've played a game that made my heart truly race. I grew up playing the Battlefield series, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Quake, Halo, etc.. just about any shooter out there. But wow, this game seriously has me on the edge of my seat, my heart actually beating faster. Has anyone else gotten to the final 10, final 5, final 2... and literally you can feel your nerves on edge. I even checked my pulse and realized it was high at the end of a match. No game has done this to me in years! Battlegrounds is truly one of a kind in my eyes and it's thanks to the amazing developers behind the project. Keep up the fantastic work. You already have such a loyal fanbase and I know that will grow as you continue to fine tune an already amazing product. GREAT WORK!
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    Hello, I had some ideas for the interface of the game, I had previously drawn one for H1 and why not for BattleGrounds I hope you like it :D If possible leave your comment for me to improve :D
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    This is not about priorities at all. Both things were meant to be included this weekend but a last minute problem was found with leaderboards so they had to exclude them again. It would be silly of the devs to exclude other features and not test them for 72 hours just because they found a problem with the leaderboards. Please also keep in mind that game dev doesn't work like "take people who do skins and put them on making leaderboards". Different team members with different specialisation work on different parts of the game. They are not always interchangeable.