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    South African server or African server please !!! Ping very bad if we play on EU server.
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    Players, This week we roll out our first monthly patch. This patch will the first of many to address performance, fix bugs and add new content to the game. I must stress that we will not be able to fix all performance issues with a single patch. For this patch, we focused on stabilizing performance for all users, trying to ensure there would be less FPS drops, and improve performance for those with lower spec systems. Optimizing the game will take us time, and will continue all through early access, so please have patience while we work to improve the game experience for all players. We are opening a Test Server to better manage our updates and ensure stability before we push updates to the Live Servers. We will push each new update to this server on the Wednesday of the week, to allow a full days testing before updating the live servers. We will have the exact time you should expect this server to be online tomorrow, so stay tuned to our Twitter! We are aware that some of you are experiencing what appear to be memory leaks, and we will work on fixing this going forward, but over the last month, we have been concentrating on improving the performance for min spec systems, and stabilizing FPS for everyone no matter what their PC specs. We are still a relativity small team, so we must focus on one problem at a time right now. We are working to expand the team, but finding the right people with suitable experience and capabilities takes time, so please bear with us. Next I need to address a slight price change for the game in New Zealand. We’ve been seeing some abnormal patterns in our New Zealand sales. It turns out that due to the comparatively low price in New Zealand (roughly US$25) and the fact that gifting from New Zealand to other countries is not restricted the same as it is for other countries like China, Russia and Brazil, people seem to be exploiting the system. We have slightly raised the price to US$28 to combat this. I also want to address server lag once again. The lag you experience on the servers is not due to the hardware or size of the server, nor does it have to do with the number of players online. It is due to a networking issue with the core engine code, and it is something we are working hard to resolve, but it is not a simple issue to fix, so it will take us some time. Please bear with us and we will get it fixed as soon as we can. Finally, before we get to the patch-notes for this month’s update, I want to once again thank everyone for their support over the past month. We broke 100,000 concurrent users on Monday which is a huge milestone for any game and we wouldn’t have done this without the tremendous support of every player, so from all team here, a sincere thank you.This patch will be deployed for both clients and servers Thursday, April 20, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete.Early Access - Month 1 - Patch Notes Known issues The motorbike leans slightly to the right when being driven straight. The tires of the motorbike cannot be shot out at the moment [Non-English Players] There are some mistranslated in-game texts and they will be shown in English Client Performance Improvements Made some improvements to address the issue of FPS drops when opening the inventory UI Reduced the load on the CPU through instance rendering so that the GPUs can function to their full capabilities Made improvements to address the issue of FPS severely dropping when in the vicinity of Yasnaya, Polyana & Georgopol Rendering performance on PCs with minimum system requirements has been improved Graphic performance and quality on PCs with minimum system requirements has been improved Server Performance Improvements Performance improvements have been made with relation to the items spawned in the world Content Updates Added Vector SMG. A very powerful SMG most appropriate for short to mid-range combat that is spawned in the world Added Motorbike w/ sidecar. A sidecar-less version will be added in a future update Added a 2X Aimpoint scope Added a Ballistic Mask Added 3 new color variations for the Dacia Added the crossbow back into the game World Adjusted the density of environmental elements to be identical across all graphic options Adjusted object placement to address issues of characters getting stuck Adjusted placement of trees that were spawning inside houses or above the terrain Adjusted the frequency of thunder sound effects UI Revised certain system messages and item descriptions. Added descriptions for attachments The dead team-mate icon will now disappear after a certain time and distance when in team modes Map markers are now visible to all teammates Names of teammates now appear on the world map Gameplay You are now able to move sideways and backwards in the REVIVE state The REVIVE timer will no longer decrease when a team mate is attempting to revive you When attempting to revive a team mate, the reviving timer icon will now also be visible to the player being revived Adjusted the character position slightly when in the REVIVE state Made improvements to address the issue of characters shaking while being spectated You are now able to open the world map when spectating You can now view the casting bar when the teammate you are spectating uses heal and/or boost items You can no longer use heal and/or boost items when in water Action/Gunplay Adjusted the overall balance on all attachments Adjusted the overall balance on Assault Rifles We will continue to balance all weapons and attachments throughout Early Access Fixed the issue that caused cars to temporarily stop when their tires get shot out You can now sprint when in the crouch stance Fixed the issue of “Armed/Unarmed” state not being applied when there are delays in the server network The blood hit effect size now varies according to the weapon caliber You can now move when in aiming and/or scoping in the prone state Fixed an issue with the sitting position of the character in the back-right seat of the UAZ Fixed an issue with the position of the left hand when reloading the AWM Fixed an issue where aiming from vehicles was not accurate The positions of bullet hits are now the same for both yourself and the others Fixed an issue that caused the hit box for the head to be slightly larger than the actual head Adjusted the ragdoll physics for dead characters to be more natural Fixed an issue that caused the character to use the wrong aim offset when using the freelook function while holding a grenade Fixed an issue that caused the landing-from-a-high-altitude motion to seem awkward when holding a pistol Improved the quality of zoomed-in scope views Bolt actions are now triggered even after the final shot has been fired, so that you can starti re-firing as soon as reload is complete Added swimming animations to go upwards and downwards Fixed an issue that caused the reticle to appear even when in situations where you are not able to shoot Your character now uses a different animation when in crouch stance while holding a melee weapon Made improvements to the reload animations for the M249 Made improvements to the reload animations for the P1911 The muzzle flash is now brighter than before and is now visible from a longer distance Sound There are now sound effect differences for supersonic and non-supersonic bullet speeds Made adjustments so that the sound of the bullet flying through air doesn’t play when shots are fired from a short distance from your character You can now figure out what floor the opponents are at just by listening to their footsteps Adjusted the firing sound of the SKS in mid to long range combat Adjusted the volume of the footsteps Miscellaneous We have opened a test server to better manage our content and secure stability for our live environment updates Additional in-game texts have been localized Bug fixes Fixed a bug that caused some buildings to not be visible at long distance Fixed a bug that caused a knocked out player to be ejected in front of a vehicle. If knocked out in a vehicle, you will now be ejected to the side Fixed a bug that caused weapons to clip through walls Fixed a bug that caused the icons for certain “pants” items to not appear correctly Fixed a bug that caused the PLAYERUNKNOWN shoes to not render properly Fixed a bug that caused the hit effects to play at random Fixed a bug that caused bald characters to have hair Fixed a bug that caused disconnects after 5 minutes into a match See you in-game,PLAYERUNKNOWN
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    Would really appreciate a South African Server if possible !
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    Here's a list of some controls you might not know about. Keep in mind everything is DEFAULT binds so if you rebound your keys, it may be different for you. When rebinding keys, make sure all slots have been bound to a key in order to be able to APPLY settings. Hold right click and E or Q - changes the camera view for Right Click ADS Hold left click after shooting - Gun will stay scoped in so you can watch where your bullet lands X - Puts away all equipped items Hold SHIFT - Hold breath when scoped, will also zoom in slightly if you are not scoped CTRL + Right click or drag - Split items = is Auto run Right click tap brings out Iron sights/ADS Holding right click will zoom in aim Looking down with your mouse while swimming will take you deeper Looking straight down with your mouse and pressing W while parachuting will help you get to max speed 230km/h. This way your parachute will deploy lower and you will lose less speed when it is deployed. 7,8,9,0 are the default keybindings for medical and boost items. You can switch between different types of grenades by pressing 5 multiple times CTRL + T - Voice chat mute/unmute CTRL+U - Toggle UI Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5 = Move vehicle seating positions. Holding ALT while running or ADS will let you free look around your character Page Up / Page Down - Change zeroing parameters on 4x scope If you have controls that you would like to add to this list please feel free to do so. I will be periodically updating the list as more info comes in.
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    Hello! Great news for the active input in new servers. Im also from South Africa. How do we let you know that we need servers here? Must we all buy the game and then hope that they get released. Playing with 250ping is not an option until then. Thanks
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    Dropping in here to +1 servers for South Africa, please! Aaaaand disappointment, I know AWS hires lots of techies here to work on their infra and assumed they must have servers here... which they don't...
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    Loving this game but the same as always, no South African servers. Most of the time devs dont have South African servers because the community is not large enough but no one buys it because we rarely get servers hosted. We have plenty of good game hosts and hosting companies commited to their community, Please consider adding at least a few servers, even as a trial for the Africa region, it will be much appreciated. PS, I played Battle Royale and Breaking Point on EU servers, so im used to the 200+ ms lag we get
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    Public test server is now LIVE! You can try out upcoming updates before they hit the live servers tomorrow. Keep in mind that there will be bugs. To download the test server, go to your Steam Library - it will be a separate item in your games list.
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    ShatterNL's PUBG Map v0.5! Two versions: One map with 100% Vehicle Spawns only and one with all Vehicle Spawn % ! Bikes were added in today's patch, they have a chance to spawn on any of the "Vehicle Spawn %" markers. You can also find this guide on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898402255 Clarification on the legend: High % Loot (Red): High Risk, High Reward locations - Lots of players will go here if the airplane flies over or near it. Medium % Loot (Yellow): Medium Risk, Medium Reward locations - Good for a squad of 3-4 players, but can vary based on RNG. Low % Loot (Blue): Low Risk, Low Reward locations - Usually safe locations, but only has loot for 1-2 players, varies a lot based on RNG. 100% Vehicle Spawns: Garages across the map that have ALWAYS have a car in them! High % Gun Loot: Places where you'll find a guns >90% of the time. Vehicle Spawn %: Possible locations where vehicles can spawn. Boat Spawn %: Possible locations where boats can spawn. Main map legend idea inspired by /u/Pvtjace 0.5 changes: Added a small clarifications in the Legend Added Extra Name: "Hay Farm" (South of Georgopol) Added a lot more Vehicle Spawn % markers (Swamp Town, Villa) Added a lot more Boat Spawn % markers, thanks for all the suggestions! Adjusted locations of the "100% Vehicle Spawns" markers to be more precize. () Made the "High % Gun Loot" a bit opaque for better map visibility Removed a couple of "High % Gun Loot" markers, High/Medium loot will still have high possibility of guns there, but the markers are only for >90% gun locations now. Changed some "High % Gun Loot" marker sizes for the larger areas. Checked out the Quarry, marked it Low % Loot (Blue). Thanks for all your suggestions/feedback, as always, keep it coming so I can improve the map in the future!
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    This post will collect most frequently asked questions about PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS and attempt to answer them. It will be updated on daily basis. If there's a question you can't find an answer to or think belongs in this post, please submit it below. Where can I buy PUBG? On Steam Early Access. How long will the game spend in Early Access? We expect to be out of Early Access in no more than 6 months. What are the minimum requirements for the game? You can find them here. How much does the game cost? The base cost is $29.99 but it may be different in your region. Is the price going to change when PUBG comes out of Early Access? No. Are there going to be microtransactions? Yes, but only for purely cosmetic items and only after the Early Access. Is PUBG coming to consoles? We're looking at our options regarding console release but our priority is a great PC release. Will there be a hardcore/first person only servers? Yes. Will there be servers in SEA/SA/Oceania/etc.? We will have servers everywhere where we will see a demand for them. How often will the game be updated in Early Access? During Early Access, we plan to release updates in 3 phases. Daily updates, to improve server performance Weekly updates, to push bug fixes & client performance and stability fixes Monthly updates, to add new content and push balance passes for game-play Will there be controller support? Yes. Will there be an FOV slider? Yes. Will there be another map to play on? Yes. Will there be a shooting range? Yes. Will I be able to carry multiple helmets and armour? No. Now that you sold quite a few copies in Early Access, are you going to abandon the game? Nope! Now that you made a lot of money, why isn't everything immediately fixed and perfect in the game? Because good things take time and hard work. (To be continued...)
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    Hey guys! If you follow the PUBATTLEGROUNDS subreddit, you've probably seen me post times in the last week! I've been collecting data on the game along with subreddit feedback to make a map with loot, vehicle and boat locations along with some extra callouts/names for locations on the map! It has been upvoted quite a lot and reached the top on the subreddit. I also wanted to be more active on the official Battlegrounds forum so here's my first Strategy guide on this forum! Two versions: one with 100% Vehicle Spawns only and one with all Vehicle Spawn % ! You can also find this guide on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=898402255 0.4 changes: Changed "Fish Town" to "Pier Town", because apparently fish stink, aren't even there and the town has a pier (thanks for multiple people suggesting it) Added lots of Vehicle Spawn % on the Military Island! Checked the Villa again and have finally corrected the actual 100% spawn. Thanks /u/fknsonikk , /u/kirbyfreako and /u/Thoughtwolf and sorry for placing incorrectly so many versions Added "Novorepnoye" Radio and made it a Medium Loot spawn (there's Lvl 2 loot a lot of the times, but not enough for a 3-4 player squad). Thanks /u/ZoomityZimZam Added "Pochinki Hill" (East of Pochinki) Added "Mylta West" (West of Mylta) Added a few boats to Water Town/Rozhok and a bunch of Vehicle Spawn % at Gun Range. Thanks /u/strongsmash ! Added "Yasnaya Compound" and added a Vehicle Spawn % there! Thanks /u/K_Lou ! Added High % Loot (Red) to the Spawn Island. Make sure you leave the boat in a wide area around the Island as there is an invisible wall that blocks vehicles. So jump out about 50 meters out and swim to the island and profit of Military Loot! If you have suggestions/feedback, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you in version 0.5!
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    Hey all! I've been really enjoying this game and thought I'd put together a statistical wallpaper featuring one of my favorite weapons so far, the AKM. Let me know what you think and let me know which weapon you want to see next? Thanks!
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    The public test server is now offline and the first monthly update has been pushed to all players. Thank you for helping us test and for reporting all the bugs!
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    I just watched your video 4 times and I think he was maybe glitched under the map. There are still places where you can deliberately go under the map and we're patching them as they are being discovered. Whether or not that person did it on purpose is very hard to tell but of course it they were indeed under the map and were still engaging players that's not cool. I don't think I can say that they were 100% under the map just by watching your video. There are still places where they could have been potentially (on the map). What they were most likely not doing, however is hacking. If they could actually go invisible and and kill at will, why would they struggle so much to kill you two and only make 5 kills in that match. Most hackers go for maximum amount of kills in shortest time possible. That is inconsistent with Mangimaru's behavior and stats. It would be great if in the future you could refrain from calls to action like "beware of Mangimaru" since it's unenforceable and only breeds paranoia. Even if members of this forum would decide to listen to you and beware of Mangimaru, how would they do that? "Beware of the test server" is about the same level of helpful. I understand your frustration. I would be frustrated too if this had happened to me but we have to stay reasonable even in the face of voluntary or involuntary glitchers. We're doing our best to fix the faults with the game and are grateful for your patience.
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    Hey guys - I've had this idea for a while now and I thought I would make a quick video explaining what I envision a more balanced circle mechanic would be. This is a short 5:42 video and I would appreciate that you watch it in its entirety before judging. Thank you! *** I miss-spoke at around 2:05 and 2:18 - I meant to say 100 seconds *** Code: https://pastebin.com/fsu5WLRu
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    Game setting to made right click HOLD is ads and right click PRESS is zoom/3rd person aim A lot of new players can't even figure out how to aim down sight because they are not used to toggle ADS, so they just 3rd person zoom when they hold their right mouse.
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    On request I'm just going to write a little about some tips and advice on how to play when you're top10 in game. You can find my other tips and advice on how to play the game in this thread. So congrats, you're top10 at the moment! But there is still a long way to go, this is where the game gets really intense, everyone is probarbly fully geared so you want to quickly get rid of people. Remember what I said in the former thread, you still want to be tactical, planning stuff ahead etc etc. And every fight is different depending on area, your gear, your opponents, so you have to do whatever the situation requires you to do! 1. Location So one of the most important things when you are top10 is knowing your surroundings and picking the right locations. People can and will be everywhere, many people will be camping in houses, sheds etc. What you want to do is to use either with your eyes or the map to scout the area, making sure you know what spots might have the highest chance of people hiding in. You might want to avoid being is those areas if you haven't been there for a long time camping it out because other people might be camping there already. Knowing the so called hot spots will help you to take a position where you can scout and kill people from those areas(we will get back to that later). 2. Spotting enemies If possible, scouting out people when you are top10 can help out a lot, you know where the enemies location and can therefore take a better position then they already have, look on the map, see where the next push from the circle will be, if you know where the enemies are you will most likely know what path they need or can take to get into the next circle, you can then take a good position and backstab them as they need to push up to the circle.This goes the other way around as well meaning that you don't want to get caught off guard at any time, you want to move as stealthy as possible when taking new positions. Veichles is a great way to spot people, therefore if you don't neccesarily need to move in a veichle you might want to skip it and head to the new position by foot. 3. Picking the right enemy and moment So let's pretend that you know the position on a few of the remaining people, now comes the moent of who and when you should engage a fight. If you engage a fight you will almost certainly compromise your location, so you want to do this carefully. If you don't think that you can out aim them, then all you need to do is to out smart them instead! If you have a silencer on your gun it's gonna be much harder for a enemy to locate where you are shooting from. So who to engage and fight? simply try to take out the weak ones first, just to make sure that you have less people to worry about, at the same time you can also use the weaker ones to bait of locations of other people. As soon as the fight is over, either quickly loot if it's safe or just move yout and take a new position while being in cover or stealthy so nobody knows your location. 4. Use items The less people there is left, the more important it might be to use the right items. The items I'm talking about is more or less booster items(red gull & painkillers) and grenades. Using booster items will yield you some healing over time, less recoil on guns and faster movement speed. Grenades you have some different kind to work with, you have regular frag grenade(damage), molotovs(fire), flashbang(disorient the enemy) and smoke grenades that can give you some line of sight help if you need to move. But do remember that if you throw grenades, your location will be compromised, so you then wisely! 5. DO THE RIGHT THING We are in closed beta right now, if you find bugs, report them on the mforum using the proper template to help the dev team making the game even more awesome! Follow the rules, if you dont know them, read them first and then play the game. There is much more to say about how to play, what is right and what is wrong but in the end, try using the tips as a guideline, make your own playstyle, and remember to HAVE FUN while playing! Be nice to other people and they will act nice towards you too! For gameplay you can always watch the vods in linked in the other thread stated further up in this message or right here. If you want to see me play live you can always join my twitch channel and ask me more over there, as well as see how i play and ask me right there and then. Big thanks to PlayerUnknown, the dev team and everyone in this great community for an so far awesome game, can't wait to play it again!
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    Hello Players, This forum is exclusively meant for suggestions regarding PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS Game and Forums. To report a bug, please make a thread here using this format. Before posting, please check if your idea has already been suggested. You can use the search bar on the forum to help you avoid a duplicate thread. Please make sure to voice your opinion regarding a suggestion in a reasoned manner. Avoid being overly emotional or enthusiastic. The Developers and Administrators will check current suggestions on a regular basis, even though they might not always voice their opinion right away by posting in your thread.
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    Do you guys think we should have an option to turn it off? I just don't like it.
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    Hey, with the new patch you mad changes how the loot looks, now it got the yellow shiny effect. Since this change i find it way harder to loot fast. The problem for me is that a lot of Weapons are lying on a brown/yellow ground and sometimes its even harder to spot them. Another problem is that all Weapons have this effect when lying on the ground and its hard to see the difference between a Scar-H and a M4 for example since they all have the same effect, you cant just quickly loot them by colors, you have to look at the weapons even more precisely. This problem is even bigger when looting Mags. Before you just ran into a building an saw red mags for 9mm, brown ones for 7.62, green ones for 5.56 and blue ones for .45. You just looted ammo very quickly by colors. Now you run into a room and see 6 shiny yellow mags, you have to get really close or even open your inventory to find out which ammo it is. A good Example are the containers in Georgepool. Normally you could jump on the containers and spot every different ammos and weapons in a second, now you have to get close to check out what exactly it is. You really have to check out one container by another since spotting loot feels way more difficult now. What do you think?
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    Poor guy is still so stunned he can't even post in the Suggestions and Feedback forum.
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    That looks really great, it's clear i like it can i share my fan wallpaper here? can't make my own thread yet x)
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    Jugadores, Esta semana lanzamos nuestro primer parche mensual. Este parche será el primero de muchos para tratar el rendimiento, corregir errores y agregar nuevos contenidos al juego. Debo enfatizar que no podremos solucionar todos los problemas de rendimiento con un solo parche. Para este parche, nos centramos en la estabilización del rendimiento para todos los usuarios, tratando de garantizar que tendremos menos drops de FPS, y mejorar el rendimiento para aquellos con sistemas de menor especificación. Optimizar el juego nos llevará tiempo, y continuará todo a través del early access del juego, así que tengan paciencia mientras trabajamos para mejorar la experiencia del juego para todos los jugadores. Estamos abriendo un servidor de prueba para gestionar mejor nuestras actualizaciones y garantizar la estabilidad antes de lanzar las actualizaciones a los servidores en vivo. Vamos a lanzar cada nueva actualización a este servidor en el miércoles de cada semana, para permitir una prueba de días completos antes de actualizar los servidores en vivo. así que permanezcan atentos a nuestro Twitter! Somos conscientes de que algunos de ustedes están experimentando lo que parecen ser fugas de memoria, y vamos a trabajar en la fijación de esto en adelante, pero en el último mes, nos hemos concentrado en mejorar el rendimiento de los sistemas de especificación min, y la estabilización de FPS para todos. Todavía somos un equipo pequeño, así que debemos centrarnos en un problema especifico antes de seguir con otro. Estamos trabajando para expandir el equipo, pero encontrar a las personas adecuadas con experiencia y capacidades adecuadas requiere tiempo, así que por favor, tengan paciencia con nosotros. A continuación necesito abordar un ligero cambio de precio para el juego en Nueva Zelanda. Hemos visto algunos patrones anormales en nuestras ventas de Nueva Zelanda. Resulta que debido al precio comparativamente bajo en Nueva Zelanda (aproximadamente US $ 25) y al hecho de que los regalos de Nueva Zelanda a otros países no se restringen lo mismo que para otros países como China, Rusia y Brasil, la gente parece Explotar el sistema. Hemos subido levemente el precio a US $ 28 para combatir esto. También quiero abordar el lag del servidor una vez más. El lag que experimenta en los servidores no se debe al hardware o tamaño del servidor, ni tiene que ver con el número de jugadores en línea. Se debe a un problema de red con el código de motor principal, y es algo que estamos trabajando duro para resolver, pero no es un problema simple de arreglar, por lo que nos llevará algún tiempo. Por favor, tenga paciencia con nosotros y lo arreglaremos tan pronto como podamos. Por último, antes de llegar a las notas de parche de la actualización de este mes, quiero agradecer una vez más a todos por su apoyo durante el mes pasado. Hemos llegado a 100.000 usuarios simultáneos el lunes, lo cual es un gran logro para cualquier juego y no lo habríamos hecho sin el tremendo apoyo de cada jugador, así que de todo el equipo aquí, un sincero agradecimiento. Este parche se desplegará tanto para los clientes como para los servidores el jueves, 20 de abril, 5PM KST / 1AM PDT / 8AM UTC y se espera que tome aprox. 1 hora de mantenimiento. Early access - Mes 1 - Notas de Parche Problemas conocidos La moto se inclina ligeramente hacia la derecha cuando se conduce recto. Los neumáticos de la moto no se pueden disparar en este momento [Jugadores no ingleses] Hay algunos textos traducidos erróneamente en el juego y se mostrarán en inglés Mejoras en el rendimiento del cliente Algunas mejoras para solucionar el problema de dropeo de FPS al abrir la interfaz de usuario de inventario Reducido la carga en la CPU a través de la prestación de la instancia para que las GPUs puedan funcionar a su capacidad total Mejoras para abordar la cuestión de FPS en las cercanías de Yasnaya, Polyana y Georgopol Rendimiento de renderizado en PCs con requisitos mínimos del sistema. Se ha mejorado el rendimiento y la calidad gráfica de los PCs con los requisitos mínimos del sistema Mejoras en el rendimiento del servidor Se han realizado mejoras de rendimiento con relación a los elementos generados en el mundo Actualizaciones de contenido Añadido SMG VECTOR.Un SMG muy potente más apropiado para el combate de corto a medio alcance. Añadido moto w / sidecar.Se agregará una versión sin sidecar en una actualización futura Se ha agregado una mirilla x2. Se agregó una máscara balística Se agregaron 3 nuevas variaciones de color para el Dacia Agregada la ballesta nuevamente al juego Mundo Se ajusta la densidad de los elementos ambientales para que sean idénticos en todas las opciones gráficas Posición de objeto ajustada para resolver problemas de personajes que se atascan Posición ajustada de los árboles que spawneaban dentro de las casas o por encima del terreno Ajusta la frecuencia de los efectos de sonido del trueno UI Se revisaron ciertos mensajes del sistema y descripciones de objetos. Añadidas descripciones a los accesorios de armas. El icono de compañero de equipo fallecido desaparecerá después de un cierto tiempo y distancia cuando esté en modo de equipo Los marcadores de mapa ahora son visibles para todos los compañeros de equipo Los nombres de compañeros de equipo ahora aparecen en el mapa del mundo Gameplay Ahora puede moverse hacia los lados y hacia atrás en el estado REVIVE El temporizador REVIVE ya no disminuirá cuando un compañero de equipo intenta revivirlo Al intentar revivir a un compañero de equipo, el icono del cronómetro de restablecimiento ahora también estará visible para el jugador que está siendo revivido Se ajustó ligeramente la posición del personaje cuando estaba en el estado REVIVE Se hizo mejoras para abordar el tema de los personajes temblando mientras se especta Usted ahora puede abrir el mapa del mundo al espectar Ahora puedes ver la barra de casting cuando el compañero de equipo que estás espectando usa curas. Ya no puede usar curaciones cuando está en el agua Acción / Arma Se ajustó el balance general de todos los accesorios de armas. Se ajustó el balance general de los rifles de asalto Continuaremos equilibrando todas las armas y anexos a través de Early Access Solucionado el problema que causaba que los coches se detuvieran temporalmente cuando sus neumáticos se disparaban Ahora puede correr cuando está en posición de agacharse Solucionado el problema de que el estado "Armado / Desarmado" no se aplica cuando hay retrasos en la red del servidor El tamaño de efecto de golpe / sangre ahora varía según el calibre de arma Ahora puede moverse en apuntar y / o con la mirilla tumbado cuerpo a tierra. Arreglado un problema con la posición sentada del personaje en el asiento trasero derecho del UAZ Solucionado un problema con la posición de la mano izquierda al recargar el AWM Solucionado un problema al apuntar desde los vehiculos. Las posiciones de los golpes de la bala ahora son iguales para usted y los otros Se solucionó un problema con el hitbox de la cabeza. Ajustó la física ragdoll para que los personajes muertos sean más naturales Se ha corregido un problema que hizo que el personaje usara el desplazamiento erróneo cuando usaba la función freelook mientras sostenía una granada Arreglado un problema que hizo que el movimiento de aterrizaje desde una altitud alta fuese erronea al sostener una pistola Mejora de la calidad de las vistas usando miras largas. Las acciones de perno se activan ahora incluso después de que el tiro final se dispare, de modo que usted puede disparar tan pronto como la recarga está completa Añadido animaciones de natación para ir hacia arriba y hacia abajo Solucionado un problema que hizo que la retícula apareciera incluso en situaciones en las que no se puede disparar Tu personaje ahora usa una animación diferente cuando está en posición agachada mientras sostiene un arma cuerpo a cuerpo Mejoras realizadas en las animaciones de recarga para el M249 Mejoras realizadas en las animaciones de recarga de la P1911 El flash de boca es ahora más brillante que antes y ahora es visible desde una distancia más larga Sonido Ahora hay diferencias de efectos de sonido para velocidades de balas supersónicas y no supersónicas Ajustado el sonido de la bala volando por el aire, no se reproduce cuando disparan a una corta distancia de su personaje Ahora puedes averiguar en qué piso están los oponentes escuchando sus pasos Ajustado el sonido de disparo del SKS en combate de mediano a largo alcance Ajustado el volumen de los pasos. Otros Hemos abierto un servidor de prueba para administrar mejor nuestro contenido y asegurar la estabilidad para nuestras actualizaciones. Se han localizado textos adicionales en el juego Corrección de errores Arreglado un error que hizo que algunos edificios no fueran visibles a larga distancia Si es golpeado por un vehículo, ahora se eyectará el cuerpo al lado correspondiente. Se ha corregido un error que hacía que un jugador eliminado fuera expulsado un vehículo. Arreglado un error que provocaba que las armas se vean a través de las paredes Se ha corregido un error que hacía que los iconos de ciertos elementos de "pantalones" no aparecieran correctamente Se ha corregido un error que hacía que los zapatos PLAYERUNKNOWN no se procesaran correctamente Se ha solucionado un error que provocaba que los efectos de golpe se reprodujeran al azar Arreglado un error que hacía que los personajes calvos tuvieran pelo Se ha corregido un error que causaba la desconexión después de 5 minutos en un partido Nos vemos en el juego, PLAYERUNKNOWN
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    I need to learn to play
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    That would be super amazing man!
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    Car physics are definitely a little wonky right now, but I can deal with that. Lets let them focus on that optimization and general stability!
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    As hardcore stupid as it sounds, go for a hotspot with alot of people and shoot everything on sight. no point sneaking around for 20 min if you have no weapon practice. While in the lobby you can practice on trees, they have well visible bullet holes. Also LAG. Try to consider the 4th dimension when aiming. which is time, which means you shoot at where he would be if you would see without lag. (i dont know how serious you can take this)
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    So in the first stages of the game , although the game wasnt so good optimised , the foot steps were quite good, by that mean I say that we could sneak on some players that alwasy camp in the houses and loot some good wepons in the biggining and just sit their asses in the house forcing us, with " pistols" , to push on different location, but now , when I try to go on low profile, crouch while presing the LEFT CRTL , the foot steps make a lot of noise, and thats a big problem for me, I cannot anymore sneak on someone and just kill him , and for me this game is about surviving, and staying in ONE PLACE ALL THE TIME , just to hear all the players around me isnt an optin, my game is simple , always move , keep low profile, and sneak up on them , if someone can fix this FOOT STEPS NOISE WHILE CROUCH , aswell the noise when ur on or belly , this game will make me play it again , so far it gets me angry at all time because everyone can hear ur steps from a mile , Thank you !
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    ПРЕДИСЛОВИЕ ОТ РАЗРАБОТЧИКОВ В данном патче сделан упор на оптимизацию игры для всех пользователей, а именно на уменьшение просадок ФПС и повышение производительности на слабых ПК. Разработчики в курсе "утечек" памяти и о лагах на серверах, но это будет правиться в дальнейших патчах. К слову, лаги сервера связаны не с "железом" серверной части и не с количеством игроков в он-лайне, а с сетевым кодом игры и над этим работают. Открывается тестовый сервер игры. Там обновления будут выходить по средам, что позволит проверить их на стабильность перед выходом на основной сервер. . Так же говорится об изменении цен в Новой Зеландии. Цена на игру будет повышена на 3$, т.к. в связи с низкой ценой в 25$ гифты утекают в другие страны. А из Зеландии подарки можно активировать везде, кроме как в Китае, России и Бразилии. И люди этим пользуются. Но у нас то в России игра стоит 15$, поэтому волноваться не о чем. В этот понедельник игра преодолела он-лайн барьер в 100 000 игроков. Так что всем и каждому, кто играет в PUBG - "от лица всей команды разработчиков искренне благодарю вас!" - говорит нам Брендан "Playerunknown" Грин. А теперь перейдем непосредственно к патч-ноуту. РАННИЙ ДОСТУП - МЕСЯЦ 1 - ПАТЧ-НОУТ ИЗВЕСТНЫЕ ПРОБЛЕМЫ • Мотоцикл слегка наклоняется вправо при движении прямо; • Шины мотоцикла не простреливаются; • Некоторые тексты в игре будут на английском языке. УЛУЧШЕНИЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЬНОСТИ КЛИЕНТА • Частично решена проблема падения ФПС при открытии инвентаря; • Уменьшена нагрузка на процессор путем увеличения нагрузки на видеокарту; • Повышение ФПС в окресностях Ясной Поляны и Георгополя; • Улучшение производительности на слабых ПК. УЛУЧШЕНИЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЬНОСТИ СЕРВЕРА • Была изменена технология спауна предметов в мире, что позволило улучшить производительноть сервера. ОБНОВЛЕНИЯ КОНТЕНТА • Добавлен ПП Vector. Спаунится в открытом мире, не в айр-дропах; • Добавлен мотоцикл с коляской; • Добавлен 2-х кратный прицел Aimpoint; • Добавлена Пуленепробиваемая маска; • Добавлены 3 новых цвета для автомобиля Dacia; • Был возвращен арбалет. МИР • Плотность элементов окружения теперь одинакова на всех графических настройках; • Изменение размещения некоторых объектов во избежание "застревания" персонажа; • Изменение размещения деревьев, текстуры которых залазили в дома или парили над землей; • Звуковые эффекты грома были отрегулированы. ПОЛЬЗОВАТЕЛЬСКИЙ ИНТЕРФЕЙС • Переработаны системные сообщения и описания предметов; • Добавлены описания модернизаций; • Значок мертвого тиммейта теперь исчезает через определенное время и на расстоянии; • Маркеры на карте теперь видны всем тиммейтам; • Ники тиммэйтов теперь отображаются на карте мира. ГЕЙМПЛЕЙ • Изменения в режиме "Ранен": - возможность пемерещения влево/вправо и назад; - время, доступное для оказания помощи, больше не уменьшается во время оказания вам помощи вашим тиммэйтом (таймер останавливается); - таймер оказания помощи теперь виден игроку, когда его пытаются "поднять"; - изменено положение персонажа в состоянии "Ранен". • Изменения режима спектатора: - частично решена проблема "потряхивания" наблюдаемого игрока; - добавлена возможность открыть карту; - добавлен прогресс-бар используемых наблюдаемым игроком предметов. • Теперь нельзя использовать предметы, когда вы находитесь в воде. ДЕЙСТВИЯ / ПОВЕДЕНИЕ ОРУЖИЯ • Проведены корректировки баланса всех модернизаций и штурмовых винтовок; • Автомобили больше не останавливаются мгновенно, после того как их шины были прострелены; • Теперь вы можете спринтовать в положении сидя; • Разоружение/Вооружение (клавиша "x" по-умолчанию) теперь работают корректно даже при проблемах с соединением с сервером; • Размер эффекта крови при попадании теперь меняется в зависимости от калибра оружия; • Теперь вы можете двигаться когда целитесь в режиме лежа; • Исправлено положение персонажа на правом заднем сиденье УАЗа; • Исправлена анимация перезарядки AWM; • Стрельба из транспортных средств стала более точной; • Синхронизированы места попадания пуль между вами и другими игроками; • Хитбокс головы теперь в точности равен размеру головы; • Для мертвых персонажей реализована ragdoll-физика ("тряпичная кукла"); • Исправлена проблема, при которой прицел смещался при использовании режима свободного просмотра (клавиша "alt" по-умолчанию) во время броска гранаты; • Переработана анимация приземления при прыжке с высоты с пистолетом в руках; • Улучшено качество изображения при прицеливании; • Ускорена анимация перезарядки винтовок с продольно-скользящим затвором. Затвор "болтовых" винтовок отводится назад последним выстрелом, таким образом вы можете возобновить стрельбу сразу же после перезарядки; • Добавлены анимации ныряния и всплытия; • Прицел больше не появляется в тех случаях, когда стрельба невозможна; • Добавлена новая анимация в положении сидя с мили-оружием в руках; • Улучшена анимация перезарядки М249; • Улучшена анимация перезарядки P1911; • Вспышки от выстрелов стали ярче и видны с большего расстояния. ЗВУКИ • Добавлены разные звуковые эффекты скоростей пуль. Теперь они различаются между собой - выше/ниже скорости звука; • Звуки пролетающих пуль теперь не слышны, если выстрелы были сделаны с небольшого расстояния от вашего персонажа; • Доработаны звуки шагов внутри помещений. Теперь вы сможете определить на каком этаже находится противник по его шагам; • Улучшены звуки стрельбы из SKS на средних и дальних дистанциях; • Отрегулирована громкость шагов. РАЗНОЕ • Открывается тестовый сервер для повышения стабильности обновлений перед выходом в релиз; • Улучшение локализации игры. БАГ ФИКСЫ • Решена проблема с прорисовкой зданий на больших расстояниях; • Решена проблема, по причине которой оружие могло торчать из стен; • Решены проблемы с отображением некоторых элементов одежды; • Решена проблема, по причине которой случайно проходила анимация попадания в вас пули; • Решена проблема, приводящая к тому, что у лысых персонажей были волосы; • Решена проблема дисконнектов спустя 5 минут после начала матча; • Решена проблема, по причине который раненного игрока выбрасывало перед машиной. Теперь, если вас ранят в автомобиле, вас выбросит в сторону от направления движения.
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    Many of my friends and I were looking forward to the new update for the performance upgrades, which granted in cities is MUCH better, however out in the open when before we were seeing 60+ fps now we are getting 20 and dropping them all the time. The only change I see that could cause this is the increased foliage, it has become incredibly dense. The foliage on low now looks like it did before on high which is very annoying for some of us that don't have the best PC's. Please change the foliage back or just remove the option at all, I realize it's a balancing problem but the game was fun and playable before and just isn't at all right now. I have put nearly 100 hours into the game already and have to stop playing it altogether. TLDR: Could play before the patch by avoiding cities, now can only play in cities because the foliage is causing major frame rate issues.
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    Taking people from behind... The greatest challenge of them all
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    i've also noticed a decline in m4's and AK's but thats maybe how it should be ! with them possibly being more hard to find, it brings other guns to the light. Before you just ignored every gun except m416, m16, Scar and AK but now you may have to take a UMP instead. I see this as a really good change if its true!
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    What? That's the point of rain.... I almost prefer rain because it's easier to stealth through it. I'm sure constant campers hate it though
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    i dont like it either. please give us the option to disable
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    After trying out the test client the footsteps sounds have been worked out to a better state. I still don't know if I like hearing someone running around 3 floors up in a "puzzle" apartment building but crouching and walking sounds have been improved dramatically and "stalking" your prey feels WAY better. I've been playing since the game was available to purchase and while at times it was aggravating to not hear people at times, it was way more infuriating to have people camp you the way they were. As of right now I cannot complain too much at all at how they improved it, playing the test client was the most fun I've had in the last 2 weeks It also led to me making #2 on the leader-board in duo's on the test client as of just before I posted this. #FeelsJohnGoodman
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    The Leader boards are being wiped once a month starting next month to further tweak the ranking and leader board system. :-)
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    Wow this is quite a patch. Just read through all the changes and im super excited and the new added features look great too
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    I was just thinking while you are knocked down what if you could use your pistol. This would give a greater use to pistols late game and would give people one last chance to fight back
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    Keen to try this game. Bought, downloaded tonight and updated but still server is down currently. First time on a game forum but so this should be fun. Would love to meet some people to play with also. - - - - - -
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    Is it me or is there more people out there feel that the latest update has ruined the game some what below i will list some examples : Gun spawning in towns and houses seem to be less and are harder to find. Guns seem to be less powerful i.e shotguns and M16 seem to be absolutely broken a link to what i mean below in a short clip but this is happening on a regular basis. Opening doors , picking up ammo and getting in vehicles are not as responsive as they were on the test server.
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    When i spawn i have to wait like 3 or 4 minutes for the textures tu load so i can finally can get inside the buildings and loot anything. I've reinstaled the game and got the same issue. I'm sorry about my english level. Greetings from Argentina ! PLEASE HELP MEEE !!
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    ive played also entire day and ive noticed the same thing.the weapons are missing but there was one game and we entered in one house with 2 floors .on the first floor we found 2 akm with 90 bullets each and on the second floor we found 2 kar with a lots of bullets as well....maybe there is a glich somewere..
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    It got worse for me before i had 35-45fps now 20-25 . Too bad i can´t refund it .
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    Complaining about weather effects? You're the minority.
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    I'm reaching, reaching far and wide. I'd love to see beards come into the game, or types of facial hair, generic or not. Just more things to individualize our player models. As a bearded man, I'd love for my player model to rock one. It's not the most important thing in the world and I'm not demanding it right this second, but for a later date I'd love to see it added. I'm sure you already have a gang of ideas floating around for cosmetic improvements for a later stage already. I'd imagine it would be easier to implement too due to the fact there are select head models. So you wouldn't have the issue of clipping to custom ones.
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    Perhaps rather than removing jumping, it changes to consuming breath? Like half of it or something? This would make jumping during any kind of gun fight quite disadvantageous and would limit you from perma-bunny hopping. Just an idea in favour of keeping the ability to leap small gaps in terrain etc. Looking forward to vault/climb regardless
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    When you empty a whole clip on a player and they don't die. They turn around 1 tap you FTW!