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    First let me say that I feel strongly enough about this to register a forum account. It will likely be my only post and I'll keep it short. 1) The circle's damage is WONDERFUL, perfect, don't change it. 2) it moves WAY too fast mid to late game. We should be able to outrun it. I would rather see the beginning circle move faster and the later ones move slower as it shrinks down. Right around the time that there are ~20 people in the game it should move at a jog (only outpaced by a sprint). when there are 10 people left it should move at a crouch walk's pace, jog should be able to outrun it. The game is called 'Battlegrounds' not 'Battlecircle'.... which is what this game feels like at this time. Thank you.
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    Anybody else having these kind of issues where the game lags like all hell and the buildings look just like in this picture and you can't hardly get into them?
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    I'm not a pro. But I heard this from someone who pretty much is, and it seems to be true as far as I've been able to tell since I started paying attention. All vehicles spawn facing East. So if you run up on a compound or w/e, and see a vehicle facing East, it's either a fresh spawn, or somebody who knows this information.
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    As the title suggests. Instead of letting people be revived over and over, only allow people a single "second-chance" per match. It's silly to me that somebody could be headshotted down while hiding in a window, then fall to the floor behind cover where no bullet could reach them and have a squadmate revive, rinse and repeat. If you go down twice in a match, you should be dead. Period.
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    hey guys Logstv here last few days i have been working my but off to bring you all the info of pubg to one location https://www.battlebarracks.com/ Any feed back is welcome Thanks for your time and a awesome community and a great game.
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    I've shared my opinion on this on Reddit and the Steam discussions, as well as a seperate post on here. The creator of this post asked me to share it in here also, so here goes. After posting my opinion on the ultrawide FOV adjustment removal on the Steam discussions, I was advised to share my opinion here. So here goes. The reasoning behind the removal of adjustable FOV for widescreen and ultrawide users to an acceptable/ playable standard, is the same nonsense arguement the dev's behind Overwatch threw at their playerbase. The following words are my central point, around which I build my arguement: The PC gaming industry will always be governed by how much money one is willing to put into his or her hardware. Example: Someone with a gtx1080 I will have a higher FPS than someone who isn't able or willing to invest that sort of money into graphics cards. Having a solid 60 FPS (especially in shooters) can be considered an advantage over someone with 30 FPS or lower. This is an 'advantage' in-game (especially shooters), directly caused by differences in hardware. The fact of the matter is, that hardware causes (dis)advantages between players in games on PC. If that's not to your liking, get a ready-to-use PS4 or XBOX. The fact that PC's are so customizable makes it so that people will simply have certain edges on others in games and there is little to be done about that. What people need to understand about this particular issue, regarding the FOV is this: This has little to do with 'advantages over others' and everything to do with 'comfort'. So are we in the future, also going to start punishing people who are willing to put more money into this (GPU'S) type of hardware, purely under the 'ruse' that 'they have an unfair advantage' in this case in the form of superior FPS. I understand that these two 'advantage's' ' are in inherently very different from one another, but at the end of the day, it boils down to the fact that the fact players are able to play games with different hardware, means they some will have have an edge on others in a certain way, be it FPS wise, FOV wise, etc., ... It's the same with ultrawide and widescreen. I run a pg348 Asus 3440x1440. By executing the latest patch you have made the game completely unplayable for me (and people running monitors like me) as even the third person view is so zoomed in, I can only see my character from the shoulders up, and I have an extremely narrow vision left to right. The current FOV restrictions on higher resolutions causes severe motion sickness, rendering the game unplayable for me, and people suffering from the same problem. If your reasoning is really to prevent players with superior hardware from having 'an advantage' then how is punishing them so severely that they are at a severe DISadvantage a solution to your problem? Just because you flip the card upside down doesn't mean it's off the table. I'd like to point out that I am NOT complaining about the fact the files have been locked down. If you must know, I don't go searching around the game files, in order to make a game playable, for entertainment value; but in this case, I did so out of neccesity. I too would be far more pleased with a in-game means of editing the FOV to a point where the game becomes playable for me again, and this is what I'm pleading for. I, just like you, have put good money into this early access, and therefor feel I have the right, just as you do, to play the game without being punished for my choice of hardware. I dearly hope the patch which will allow widescreen and ultrawide users to play with a proper FOV again, isn't too far off. I read that the devs intend to have this FOV slider only impact first person. I sincerely hope the devs will come back on this decision, because otherwise ultrawide and widescreen users like myself, will be unable to play the game although we've invested our hard earned money into it, and provided you with our (financial and otherwise) support. Last but not least I'd like to add this. I know that there are a lot of people who feel the same, or at least a similar way about this particular topic. I also understand that there are a lot of people who have a different point of view. We may not see eye to eye, but I'd like you to know that either way, I respect your opinion and your decision to voice it, just as I decided to voice mine. All I ask is that we keep things friendly and mature. That be my two cents on the topic. Have a great easter everyone. <3 Lot's of love.
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    I game @ 5750x1080 and regardless of what was said when the last thread was closed the fov is not fixed. I can only see the top of my players head and it makes a 3rd person game unplayable. I like the game but I've gotten too used to playing my games on 3 screens (and spent too much money on them) to go back to 16:9. I'm willing to try the ini edit and if someone has a link I'd appreciate it. If the devs think surround or ultrawide provides an unfair advantage it should'nt be an option in the settings. Please get it fixed, add a fov slider, or remove aspect ratios you wont support so i'll know to move on to something else. TY
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    Бедный студент имеет ПК который её потянет ? Парадокс ...
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    That is amazing dude, good job!
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    5760 x 1080 FOV was initially horrible. ini file fix made it glorious. Now it's horrible again. I'll wait for the implementation of the FOV slider before attempting to play this. I don't like headaches and nausea.
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    So just a question, are we ever going to get that solo practice gun range we saw was being worked on back in closed beta? I only ask because I have seen no mention of it on the forums since closed beta ended. It would really be nice if we had a place where we would actually use the weapons in a non-competitive setting. Because I would just love it if I had a setting where I could get a real good feel for each weapon. And honestly, it is about dang time ONE of these danged first person shooters actually let us PRACTICE with the weapons. Just an idea.
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    Lets all make a story. This thread will be about the story of a man who is solo dropping in to a game. What happens? It's up to you! ALL VALID SUBMISSIONS WILL BE COMPILED INTO A WHOLE STORY AND PEOPLE WILL BE CREDITED FOR THEIR CONTRIBUTIONS IN A NEW POST TAGGING ALL CONTRIBUTORS! Rules: No killing off the main character Don't post stupid things that happen. Don't argue with people. If you feel the person before you didn't continue the story well, you can post what you think should happen by following the formatting below. Formatting: The OP (this one) will be marked as OP : [Story here] Second continuation will be marked 2: [Story here] Third continuation will be marked 3: [Story here] If you don't like a part, just put the part number you want to change and then type your change you can even change the OP. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Story OP: I hear the shots firing and targets being hit as the warm-ups commence. The screams of the less fortunate ringing in my ears. What did I do to deserve this? The countdown begins, its boarding time. Where will this flight take me, will I survive? The countdown is almost done. 5...4...3...2...1...
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    It was originally like this in alpha, I personally prefer the way it is now. I think you should be at a disadvantage if you've been in an engagement where you've lost your armour. I think it takes away from gameplay to be able to instantly be full-armour and on a level playing field with someone who hasn't been in an engagement where they've taken damage to their armour all game.
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    Beautiful site, I hope we can get this pinned or something!
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    Actually amazing work, very impressed @Logstv
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    This pic does not do justice to how bad it actually is.
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    Is any one else interested in custom parachutes? I like the idea it just adds some thing extra to the player, you could get them when you open crates. You could also get custom parachute bags and maybe smoke which I personally wouldn't use but the option is there. If it was coloured smoke you could get the same colour as your team mates and see where they are while parachuting. Let me know what you guys think. Cheers
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    Hello, Can we please get some fixes to the gun accuracy. I didn't play for about a week and I come back and the game is IMO unplayable the way the gun accuracy is. Is this not a huge issue for most players? The RNG of it. The way you can stand and tap slowly and the bullets DO NOT go where your crosshair is. I think this is a huge step backwards and in my case I think the accuracy is so bad and so RNG that I won't be playing again until some changes happen. I loved this game and was playing heaps, now I can only play 1 or 2 games before the rage takes over because I simply can't kill people who are dead to rights, or who were dead to rights a couple weeks ago. Please look at improving the gun accuracy to something similar to what it was a couple weeks ago. I think I have good aim and have been playing shooter games for years and years. Goose
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    There will be a shooting range added on release. :-)
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    hey guys doing a live stream on twitch. i would love it if the community of pubg would join me and my group. The goal is to hit 50 followers ( as of this post i am at 17 ). The reason the goal is 50 is because of twitch new affiliate program. I hope to see you all in the chat.
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    Its just a preview clicking each img shows full result we have have trying different ways to show it and this looks the best for now till we can work on a better system
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    After the latest patch, I have begun to experience one fatal issue with PUBG. As soon as the game loads up, my entire PC shuts off. Sometimes I have to pull the power plug out of the back of the computer, wait, plug it back in, and then my computer will turn on again. Everything else works 100% fine on my computer. I also played multiple times and hours before the latest patch, and the game worked fine. What can I do to remedy this problem so that I can play the game again?
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    6. I manage to safely drop on top of a hill between some trees, but I can hear something cracking right above me, the next second I hear screaming and a guy falls down, head first and hits the ground. I quickly move aside as his neck literally breaks ninety degrees when he hits the ground. He is bleeding all over the ground, and it sure must have attracted some attention. What should I do, check him for anything valuable or just run while I can?
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    I'm down to play with you. I use Discord as well. Username is godstepson on Steam.
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    STORY SO FAR!!! OP: I hear the shots firing and targets being hit as the warm-ups commence. The screams of the less fortunate ringing in my ears. What did I do to deserve this? The countdown begins, its boarding time. Where will this flight take me, will I survive? The countdown is almost done. 5...4...3...2...1... | 2: I'm sitting on the plane, sweat is dripping from my forehead as I curiously gaze to my right and left, watching the people who want to kill eachother, who wants to kill me.. | 3. i feel the fear as i drop in i see others near me dropping down to our deaths i get ready to run. | 4: I feel the rain soaking through my clothes, the ground is coming towards me so fast, I barely have time to think as I pull my parachute. | 5: looking around trying to spot other parachutes to idetenfy a safe spot for my landing. Thanks to @OVERCOVER - @Logstv - @SimplyAlex for contributions so far!
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    You could add something to show what attachments each gun can have and the variations with them on?
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    So none of you stopped to think that the tick-rate is set lower at the moment due the fact that at higher tick-rates the game might be even more unstable due to the issues with the network code in UE4? It's a lot less cut and dry than a lot of people think it is, it's a complicated machine involving many different parts all having to work together mostly error free to have a stable environment at high tick-rates. All of this takes time, but patience doesn't really seem to be that popular anymore.
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    Still hearing sound stutters in testing server , update says it fixed the bug causing sound to stutter. stutter occurs when explosives/lots of gun shots and red zones. game also lags a bit when the sound is stuttering
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    Yeah seeing this made me sad. 30ish tick rate is sad, with that being sad. it halves everything it registrates and brings it back to us. I mean you don't see people say that in counterstrike one gamer sees this on their screen and the other sees something else. No wonder with that packet rate on csgo servers. Also, no wonder why NA feels better for me as a European. those servers are a tad stronger LOL I mean 25 on 10. The last frankfurt test. WHAT? Also, I mean it's EA. that's why I never brought this up. But the DEVS kept saying it was a coding bug and they don't know yet how to fix it how is it that a simple fan that plays this game has to find this shit out on his own and that it's not a coding error but something horrible else?
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    Well you can go gungho at get plenty of kills and still have plenty of wins , like @FroszTV , Sacriel , Anthony_Kongphan , Fairlight , summit , JoshOG , those are people with 200+ wins in the game , and they always go gungho on people.
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    Good luck with that. I hope you will get a lot of fans and viewers during this event
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    Only 15 kills? Come on bro try harder and get in that ellusive 30 kill Club
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    I think this should be allowed. But as stated by @olrounder71 it should take up a lot of inventory so you cannot just stack lvl 3 armor. I do not think it is game breaking because it is very situational. I hardly every die or kill someone by striping all their armor. So for an OCD type personality, totally not mine , I would use to to fresh up that red in my armor. Second armor only dampens damage and doesn't act like a shield that must be 100% gone before the person takes damage. So a person with 100% lvl 3 armor and someone with 25% level three prevents the same amount of damage. (I strongly suspect but I cannot confirm the raw data.) Third and last it will help and give new tactical options to team games. Player X picks up a helm for player Y, and Player Z specializes in sniping while carrying the spare armors. Brings another layer of depth I believe.
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    5: looking around trying to spot other parachutes to idetenfy a safe spot for my landing.
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    Keep it civil guys and have a mature discussion. Whilst global chat boxes can have some negative consequences there is a case for having a local one and retaining it to squad chat. This would aid the deaf gamers in the PUBG community.
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    Muh soggy knees If you cant handle a couple retards in chat then have an option to hide the chatbox. I swear you people would ban usernames just to protect your feelings
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    yah i saw this guy on my facebook just a cupple secs ago. story made me into mush. will donate when i see him live on twitch tomorrow hopefully.
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    4: I feel the rain soaking through my clothes, the ground is coming towards me so fast, I barely have time to think as I pull my parachute.
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    Head into control panel (view by icons not category) and select "system". Alternatively if you're on windows 10, simply right-click the windows (start) button and click system there. On the left of that window select advanced system settings. Then click the "settings" button under the first item labelled "performance". On that window click on the "advanced" tab and click the "change" button under the heading virtual memory. This is usually set by default so first untick the box to automatically manage paging file. Then select your primary hard drive (presumably C:) and choose a 'custom size'. Type in the value you wish to use. ensuring that your hard drive has enough space to accommodate whatever you set the maximum to. Then click "set", restart and you're done. It shouldn't really be necessary to adjust this for a single game, so if it fixes your problem for now, great. But i'd advise setting this back to automatic once the problem has been fixed in-game via future updates.
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    I'm used to it as well, but I would still like the option. Mainly for the times where I accidentally drop my gun and then pick it back up. That is when it resets and I will sometimes forget to re-select the fire mode. I don't generally forget on initial pickup, but on rare occasions, especially if I drop or swap with another gun when I didn't mean to, I will forget to select the proper fire mode.
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    Thanks nomad we are trying
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    I had a ton of these types of videos, it happens to me a lot. It's the result of not being able to choose which server I connect to. I mean, "NA".....come on, that's a lot of area to cover. I might have to start playing again to get more vids. But beating a dead horse gets old.
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    seems like most everyone has said what I would have said... so I'll just add: Same here...
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    Есть прекрасный сайт, который пингует сервера Amazon Web Services, на которых расположены сервера PUBG - http://pubg.disquse.ru. Думаю, можно ориентироваться на эти числа, пока в игре не появилась возможность узнать свой пинг.
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    everyone gets this rubber banding at one point or another - it's the engine and net code having networking issues... so ya you're probably just completely ignorant to the fact when it happens to you , maybe you aren't competitive enough to care when you die to rubber banding / bad hit / client detection ?