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    Players, Today on the dev blog we look at what we have updated in this week’s upcoming patch. Before we get to that I want to quickly explain what happened with the loot balance after the first monthly patch last week. To facilitate the custom game feature allowing users to change the balance of the loot in their games, we had to change the core loot system. When this new system was implemented, we missed a bug that altered the balance of weapons spawned in the world. We have now resolved this issue and the loot balance will be restored to how it was before the update last week. Going forward, we do intend to apply balance passes to the loot, and we will update you here on the dev blog when any of these passes are implemented. In case you missed it yesterday, we announced our first Charity Invitational[playbattlegrounds.com], which will be taking place next Thursday, May 4th. We are excited to help Gamers Outreach[gamersoutreach.org], and hope you will tune on in on Twitch and see some great streamers battle it out and raise funds for this worthy cause. Finally, next week the team will be taking a well-deserved week off, so there will be no weekly update. We will be back in the office on Monday May 8th refreshed and ready to push more updates your way! Now onto what we have changed for this week’s update! We will first roll this patch out to the test server tomorrow, Wednesday. No ETA for when this will happen yet, so stay tuned to our Twitter for updates! This patch will be deployed to the main servers on Thursday, April 27, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete. Early Access - Week 5 - Patch Notes Client Performance Improvement Improved the drop in FPS when firing a gun or driving a vehicle Gameplay Rolled back the item spawn balance Reduced the amount of health lost when a character is ejected from a flipping motorbike Bug fixes Fixed a bug that caused the door to open towards the player Fixed a bug causing incorrect lighting on the 2x scope Fixed a bug that caused loot to be not shown in the inventory when a character first obtained it Fixed a bug that caused crossbow attachments not to show up in the vicinity pane Fixed a bug that caused the sound to stutter See you in-game, PLAYERUNKNOWN
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    I'm not a pro. But I heard this from someone who pretty much is, and it seems to be true as far as I've been able to tell since I started paying attention. All vehicles spawn facing East. So if you run up on a compound or w/e, and see a vehicle facing East, it's either a fresh spawn, or somebody who knows this information.
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    and I really mean it, no sarcasm or sth else! I play games for a long time (I´m 57) now but I was never so well informed than with the information devs give us in this forum. I would like to thank you personally PUBG_FWG for that kind of information and the way you do this. I´ m really impressed with the honesty, transparancy and let me say humanity you are doing this. We can feel as an important and taken seriously part of this development. My english is not so well, to say, what I feel about this but you really do a great job. Tanks for this a lot! And i love you for helping gamersoutreach.org and making their engagement more popular. I wish you all some enjoying holidays next week! Michael from Germany
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    Since I can't edit my above post anymore, here's some more explainin: Hi all, the 4x needs to be zeroed to 300m in order to work properly. If done, the central intersection of the lines are 300m, the top of the chevron are 100m, the inner point of the chevron are 200m. See this graphic for reference: You can also estimate the distance to the target with this reticle.The width of the chevron's bottom is the width of a normal sized person at 300m. The horizontal lines below at 400, 500, 600, etc are respective widths at those distances. The 15x works a bit different, it's a mildot-reticle. It lets you calculate the distance to your target at longer ranges. You take the height of your target in meters (let's assume a person is 1.8m in height) and divide it by the number of dots the person covers. Then multiply the result by 1000. Example: A target covers 3.5 mildots. We assume a 1.8m tall person and divide the 1.8m by the 3.5 mildots he/she covers. 1.8 / 3.5 = 0.51~. Multiplied by 1000 gives us a distance to target of around 510m. Now you can zero your 15x to 500. Don't forget that you also have to compensate for elevation differences. If your target is higher than you, you need to aim a bit higher than normal.
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    First let me say that I feel strongly enough about this to register a forum account. It will likely be my only post and I'll keep it short. 1) The circle's damage is WONDERFUL, perfect, don't change it. 2) it moves WAY too fast mid to late game. We should be able to outrun it. I would rather see the beginning circle move faster and the later ones move slower as it shrinks down. Right around the time that there are ~20 people in the game it should move at a jog (only outpaced by a sprint). when there are 10 people left it should move at a crouch walk's pace, jog should be able to outrun it. The game is called 'Battlegrounds' not 'Battlecircle'.... which is what this game feels like at this time. Thank you.
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    Tl;dr.. before posting this did you take in to consideration that the team that designs the guns you appreciate being added aren't actually the ones who work on the coding for the game? No you didn't or this wouldn't be here for me to ask.
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    In future, when posting please do so in a more respectful manner. The issue you're referring to is related to core unreal code and not the servers themselves or client-side / srever-side load related to any game objects. A fix will be pushed out as soon as possible, but in the meantime other content will be pushed by parts of the development team who aren't working on core netwoerk/engine code as well, as it has no effect on the lag issues you're speaking of. Cheers
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    As the title suggests. Instead of letting people be revived over and over, only allow people a single "second-chance" per match. It's silly to me that somebody could be headshotted down while hiding in a window, then fall to the floor behind cover where no bullet could reach them and have a squadmate revive, rinse and repeat. If you go down twice in a match, you should be dead. Period.
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    hey guys Logstv here last few days i have been working my but off to bring you all the info of pubg to one location https://www.battlebarracks.com/ Any feed back is welcome Thanks for your time and a awesome community and a great game.
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    Why is he a noob if you're the one running across the open field?
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    +1 to South African servers
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    Yeah I tend to agree with you OP, I don't see any reason why they would randomly change the way ARs work almost entirely. No one was complaining about it as far as I know, and even if it's not too too horrible right now it definitely feels worse/less intuitive. All this change did was make headshots even more favored than they already were by making the amount of effective shots you can get off lower, which I don't think is a good thing. The biggest part I don't understand is that the initial predictable recoil patterns were marketed as a huge selling point for the game, now that predictability is gone almost entirely. Overall, a bad change and completely unnecessary. The gunplay was in an almost perfect spot before, all people wanted was optimization and changes to netcode. All this change did was exacerbate those issues even more by making gunplay inherently less consistent. I guess the only thing we can do is bring up our concerns and hope they revert it at least partially.
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    I'm perfectly okay with this. Way better than the circle always being around the center of the map
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    Public test server is now LIVE! You can try out upcoming updates before they hit the live servers tomorrow. Keep in mind that there will be bugs. To download the test server, go to your Steam Library - it will be a separate item in your games list.
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    It was originally like this in alpha, I personally prefer the way it is now. I think you should be at a disadvantage if you've been in an engagement where you've lost your armour. I think it takes away from gameplay to be able to instantly be full-armour and on a level playing field with someone who hasn't been in an engagement where they've taken damage to their armour all game.
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    I'd like to reiterate how quickly I'll be dropping 3pp. The ability to see someone who can't see you is so fucking dumb. I love the style of game, but the third person is cancer. First person forces situation awareness instead of herpaderp let me lay bellow this fence and see everyone in an open field for kilometers. I do honestly believe third person is ez mode afterschool special bullshit, and I'm clamoring for First Person only mode. It can't come soon enough. They need to make some changes to 1pp mode before implementing this game mode though... 1. Move the camera up a few inches. It's currently attached to the gun and it's nauseating. 2. Proper FOV. Increase the vertical a little and give us a horizontal slider. First person HARDCORE would also be awesome. No minimap, no markers on the map (Old school Arma style, have to use coordinates) longer circle timers to make up for slower gameplay, higher damage from bullets. 100% death on headshot with no revives in squad, etc. Ahhh.. shit. this would be good.
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    I think they really need to make it so when you press F to enter a vehicle you also enter it and not that it doesn't respond or something. I usually have to press 2-4 times on a vehicle to enter it just because it doesn't let me for some reason. This might be server lag or just a bug, i don't know. Regards, CaraPis
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    I love how people think a month is a lot of time for game developers. A month, 30 days.. not that much time really when you consider most games sit in production for at least two years and many top level games take 5 years. From the sounds of it though, it's your machine. If you can't Control/Alt/Delete to get out that's not the program that's a crash of your computer.. that sounds like some serious hardware or malware issues going on. My suggestion, stop downloading porn... just saying.
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    +1 to South African servers
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    Folks, this post right here goes to show you that people will complain about literally anything.
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    Эх, слегка криво может написал. Вот что я имел в виду: 1) Открываешь папку %APPDATA%\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor 2) Там открываешь файл GameUserSettings.ini 3) Находишь там строки: ResolutionSizeX=1280 ResolutionSizeY=720 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeX=1280 LastUserConfirmedResolutionSizeY=720 Прописываешь любое разрешение, которое нужно 4) Сохраняешь файл, потом правой кнопкой на нем - свойства, там ставишь галочку "только для чтения" Потом игру запускаешь, открываешь настройки и несколько раз режимы переключаешь. "зачем" - на мониторе 4:3 игра иногда даже не дает "растянуть" окно по своему усмотрению, фиксируясь на 4:3 формате. У меня с двумя мониторами (один 16:9 дисплей ноутбука, второй как раз 4:3) нельзя даже разрешение в настройках выбрать - там тупо никаких опций нет)
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    They should have First Person servers by default, not call it hardcore. Rename the current third person mode to pussymode.
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    @FluXiG Hiding is a legitimate strategy in my eyes. This game isn't really like CoD or Battlefield where aiming is everything. Its a lot more to do with smart tactics and movement. If I guy kills me from sneaking up behind me or in a stairwell that's my fault not his. Its just playing smart.
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    South African server or African server please !!! Ping very bad if we play on EU server.
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    This game is not fun to play at this point with all the lag. Its bad enough the optimization is not there but the lag on top of it just makes it impossible to enjoy. love the game but this needs to be fixed asap.
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    Hey all! I've been really enjoying this game and thought I'd put together a statistical wallpaper featuring one of my favorite weapons so far, the AKM. Let me know what you think and let me know which weapon you want to see next? Thanks!
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    Take them out! no one wants them in there. even with the reduced noise. its grossly laggy, stuttering sound, loud, unnecessary, causes crashes, and some other stuff i probably cant think of. save it for the gun range. Just take them out for now and add some sort of jungle gym later.
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    Hi there! I've come with a small suggestion in regards to team player markers on the minimap. Coming from a strong Counter Strike background, the game utilises ingame colours to distinguish between team members on the map. This had proven useful in game where I didn't know players or even people I knew who I was playing with, because we always stuck with the same colours. For those who don't know what I'm talking about, Counter Strike allows you to choose a colour within the lobby and it'll be displayed ingame on the radar as the colour you picked. The minimap that appears for player with individual colours. My suggestion is that we can change our map markers when we're in the lobby, to help distinguish us from our teammates. Currently we're all blue markers, and at a glance, if someone says "Come to me" for example, you need to ask where they or work out where. Just having each player their own coloured marker can help quickly identify where the player is. If I'm typically red within my team squad and I say "Come to red, there's a (x weapon) here", they know where to go right away. Being able to change the colour of our marker in the lobby is a way we could do this, near the team function at the bottom. Clicking it can bring up a colour pallet that you can choose from, with markers above player heads indicating the colour they've picked. And once ingame, the makers will show on the map and minimap respectively. Allowing quick glancing at the minimap to tell where your teammates are without already knowing where they're going. You know that Bob picks blue? Look at the minimap, see blue, and know exactly where Bob is at all times. Just a small suggestion helping team visibility on the minimap. I find this to be a super useful feature in CS and I hope to see something similar in PUBG. Thank you! Edit: Spelling errors.
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    27 апреля, в четверг, в 11 утра по Москве выйдет новый патч. Технические работы по обновлению на сервере займут предположительно около часа. На тестовый сервер обновление будет установлено завтра, 26 апреля, в среду. ПРЕДИСЛОВИЕ ОТ РАЗРАБОТЧИКОВ После ежемесячного патча вы могли заметить, что баланс спауна предметов в игре изменился. Увы, не в лучшую сторону. Произошло это по причине того, что разработчики решили упростить кастомные игры, позволив пользователям изменить баланс лута при создании матча. Здесь и закралась ошибка, которая привела к тому, что вы наблюдали после патча. Проблема была решена и баланс спауна предметов будет восстановлен в том виде, который был до патча. Так же говорится о том, что в следующий четверг, 4 мая, разработчики при поддержке Gamers Outreach проводят первый благотворительный чемпионат среди стримеров-партнеров и надеятся, что вы не пропустите данное событие на Tвиче и поддержите своих любимых стримеров. Все собранные средства пойдут на благотворительность. Это достойно уважения! Ну и в заключении сообщается, что на следующей неделе команда разработчиков берет заслуженный отпуск, поэтому еженедельного обновления, на 6 неделе не будет. Они вернутся в офис в понедельник, 8 мая и тут же вернутся к работе, чтобы радовать нас новым контентом. Пожелаем им хорошенько отдохнуть и расслабиться, и перейдем непосредственно к патч-ноуту. РАННИЙ ДОСТУП - НЕДЕЛЯ 5 - ПАТЧ-НОУТ УЛУЧШЕНИЕ ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЬНОСТИ КЛИЕНТА • Частично решена проблема падения ФПС при стрельбе и во время передвижения на транспортном средстве. ГЕЙМПЛЕЙ • Спаун предметов в игровом мире был возвращен к прежним значениям; • При "вылете" из мотоцикла игрок будет терять меньшее количество здоровья. БАГ ФИКСЫ • Двери больше не открываются по направлению на игрока; • Исправлена ошибка некорректного освещения в 2х прицеле; • Исправлена ошибка, приводящая к тому, что предметы не отображались в инвентаре, когда игрок впервые поднимал их; • Модернизации на арбалет теперь вновь видны на панели оружия; • Исправлена ошибка с заиканием звука.
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    Бедный студент имеет ПК который её потянет ? Парадокс ...
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    Please for the love of everything implement 1st person only hardcore servers already. This 3rd person warriors shit is getting really old really fast. Tired of the wall campers.
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    O.k I did a bit of digging. I'm running an i3 6700 / 8gb of RAM and an NVidia GTX 960. It's a budget build, but I'm on medium graphics and running the game off a 250gb SSD I got the same crashes as above as I was about to earn my first chicken Dinner, scoped in he shot me I shot his face and the game crashed (4x scoped SCAR) I looked into the Event viewer on my machine and found the following application popups back to back - Indicating the Virtual paging file died just before the error occured. May or may not be relvevant but certainly looks it. I've now disabled the paging file and will see if I get the same issue. As a side note I also lost my stats and the solo queue leaderboards as soon as this crash occured
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    Not everyone dies to the "bad circle mechanics"! Only plebs who can't figure out to get into the circle in time.
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    Hello All, You know, if you drop a gun with attachments, you can't get the attachments unless you pick it up again and deattaching them. I think it's losing time. And you don't even know if there is an attachment on the gun because it's not shown. My suggestion is, if you drop a gun, attachments on it can be dropped on the ground too (separatedly). Or we can see the attachments on the gun even if we dont have it. It can be shown next to guns name... Thank You.
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    At this point just locking 1st person is hardcore enough. Just get it done, for now.
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    That is amazing dude, good job!
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    I personally enjoyed the snappy-ness aswell. Even though i do agree that the M16 was a little bit OP. However the other weapons didn't feel that OP at all. And now every single Assault rifle just feels the same to me. Before the update the M416 was my favorite, i don't even dare picking it up anymore. Before the patch it was more about positioning yourself correctly, but im now being very hesistant about shooting someone that is about 200 meters infront of me. I know i will be able to land my first 2 bullets, but most likely not my other shots. Causing the enemy to know exactly where i am, and i probably have to move to a new location due to the circle. My firefights last longer, something i do not need with a speeding circle. Before the patch i was shooting to kill, now im shooting to injure.
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    So I love the revive feature in Team play. Not only for me to be able to revive my team mate at times, but also so I can tell if there is anyone else left alive on the other team. I believe the recent updates to the revive feature has only gotten better and enjoy it more now. The one change I would like to see is: I would like to see the number of players I knocked down on the scoreboard at the end. Much like an Assist I would love to see Knockdowns show up with a little more meaning on the stats page. So if there was a way to so a KKD (Kills, Knockdowns, Death) stat vs just a KD stat that would be great!
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    Jugadores, Hoy en el blog de desarrollo veremos lo que hemos preparado en el próximo parche de esta semana. Antes de llegar a eso quiero explicar rápidamente lo que pasó con el balance de botín después del primer parche mensual la semana pasada. Para facilitar la función de juego personalizado que permite a los usuarios cambiar el equilibrio del botín en sus juegos, tuvimos que cambiar el sistema de botín principal. Cuando este nuevo sistema fue implementado, aparecio un fallo que alteró el equilibrio de las armas generadas en el mundo. Hemos resuelto este problema y el equilibrio del botín se restablecerá como era antes de la actualización de la semana pasada. En adelante, tenemos la intención de aplicar balance al botín, y lo actualizaremos aquí en el blog de dev cuando sea implementado. En caso de que lo perdieras ayer, anunciamos nuestro primer evento de caridad (Evento de caridad en español) , que se llevará a cabo el próximo jueves, 4 de mayo. Estamos emocionados de ayudar a Gamers Outreach, y esperamos lo veas en Twitch y ver a algunos grandes streamers luchar y recaudar fondos para esta causa digna. Por último, la semana que viene el equipo tendra una merecida semana libre, por lo que no habrá actualización semanal. Estaremos de regreso en la oficina el lunes 8 de mayo actualizados y listo para más actualizaciones! Ahora la actualización de esta semana! Primero lanzaremos este parche al servidor de pruebas mañana, miércoles. No tenemos timepo estimado todavía, así que estad atentos a nuestro Twitter para actualizaciones! Este parche será desplegado a los servidores principales el jueves, 27 de abril, 5PM KST / 1AM PDT / 8AM UTC y se espera que dure aprox. 1 hora el mantenimiento. Early access - Semana 5 - Notas del Parche Mejora del rendimiento del cliente Mejora de la caída de FPS al disparar una pistola o conducir un vehículo Juego Arreglado el problema de looteo (volvemos al loot previo al parche mensual) Reducida la cantidad de salud perdida cuando un personaje es expulsado de una moto al volcar. Corrección de errores Corregido un error que causaba que aveces las puertas se abran hacia el jugador. Se ha corregido un error que causaba una iluminación incorrecta en la mira 2x Se ha corregido un error que causaba que el botín no se mostrara en el inventario. Se ha corregido un error que causaba que los accesorios de ballesta no aparecieran en el panel de proximidad. Corregido un error que causaba saturación en el sonido. Nos vemos en el juego, PLAYERUNKNOWN
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    PU has stated there will be progression and said that he was thinking of alternate animations for reloads and other trivial shit as you level up. I think that's cool but it isn't going to add any longevity to the game for me. @Kacmem You're getting flak because you seem to think the game isn't worthwhile in the long term without a reward system. That is just plain wrong. Here is why; PUBG is a skill based game, like chess or counter strike or quake, etc, the reward players get out of these types of games is about personal achievement, getting better at the game. PUBG already has a progression system, it is just personal, not artificial.
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    Precisely. As it was stated in a different thread, more rewards will most likely bring more attention to the player so if they use it, it's only going to harm them as opposed to being a benefit. And that's all on the player and how they conceal what they're showing off. No harm in adding things that non-old-school players would enjoy.
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    Prone in tall yellow grasses is great cover, players can run right past you and never see you,. But a sniper from far sees you without any problems. Just had a sniper track me as I crawled through the yellow grasses, while also trying different bushes for cover, nothing worked, his aim was bad but eventually he got me, I could not escape the fire and I couldn't return fire due to him just being too far for my scope. Foliage shouldn't be limited to closer ranges,. If you can't fix it, remove the longer distance scopes
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    Game setting to made right click HOLD is ads and right click PRESS is zoom/3rd person aim A lot of new players can't even figure out how to aim down sight because they are not used to toggle ADS, so they just 3rd person zoom when they hold their right mouse.
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    I'm actually agreeing with the suggestion. Currently it's way too easy to just camp in a building, peek without any risk and get safely revived if you get killed from a distance. You can repeat that process over and over again unless the enemy somehow pushes in and risks close combat. I'd like to tweak this suggestion a bit though, I feel like being able to get revived once and then maybe an optional extra revive if the reviving player has a Medkit would be a good tactical addition to the game.
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    I made one for myself with some tips & tricks, check it out below!
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    That looks really great, it's clear i like it can i share my fan wallpaper here? can't make my own thread yet x)
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    Nothing more hilarious then opening a bathroom door expecting a first aid kit or ammo and just get blasted in the face lmfao.
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    Probably because it made the game more casual looking. Honestly seeing about 5 gallons of blood piss out of somebodies stomach is a good enough hit marker for me.