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  1. Values will be constantly changed during the Early Access balance passes so stats probably won't be published and made available on the Wiki. You can however get a rough estimate based on user tests.
  2. Please use the search facility your suggestions have been asked before and the developers are aware of them. Thank you
  3. @Jushi Excellent Art Work. Have you got a 4K version/link? What else have you got hidden away
  4. @Elidan If your purpose is not to find constructive answers to problems you are having with the game from users then you have to wait for further optimization. The assistance provided so far is from pro-active members, who have some knowledge and experience with technical issues. Please be respectful towards members who are only trying to help. Thanks
  5. Just do it from control panel but if you want to do it from Nvidia Inspector use Force On.
  6. if you suspect someone of cheating then follow the appropriate rule
  7. markers

    Good idea. Whilst the monthly update introduced map markers visible to all team mates it still needs refining. I like that your mini map will also represent the colour assigned to the team member. I also like the ability to select colour in the Home Screen. Why the developers assign Red and Blue as a default colour is beyond me as I emphasise those who have disabilities. The PUBG community members who have been asking for colour blind support will have no visibility with the current set of colours. Additionally, the squad member colours should also be represented on the vehicle UI on the bottom left of the screen. IIRC Squad members already have their colours relayed on the compass and main map. Where it's missing currently is the mini map & vehicle UI as everyone is just blue. Let's keep things consistent devs.
  8. I noticed some spatial difference. Since the game uses 2 channel stereo ensure no other processing is on. It best works with a stereo headset and not one that has multi drivers. Are you using Atmos for headphones? The one with the creators update didn't include that so you needed to download the Dolby Access app and either buy it or trial it out for 30 days.
  9. Please use the video as evidence when submitting a cheater report. If you encounter any difficulties let me or any of the moderators know. Thanks
  10. Can you submit that screenshot as a cheat report please? If you have any difficulties let me know. Thanks
  11. Thank you for your feedback I guess.
  12. Only 15 kills? Come on bro try harder and get in that ellusive 30 kill Club
  13. To my knowledge, no. In order from quietest to loudest it's: Bare Foot > Trainers > Combat boots. I can query this with developers after they are back from their holiday. Or maybe a content creator has made a video comparing footstep noises post patch to confirm everything.