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  1. I'd assume it would be almost full server up-time with the servers occasionally coming down for a full day or so. Otherwise I wouldn't at all understand the reason for them to call it a beta. Traditionally a beta in game development is when the core features of a game have been decided and implemented and they're just working on bug fixing, vs implementing new features into the game. Nowadays it seems the terms alpha and beta are generally used much differently in game development and don't normally hold true to the traditional definition of the words in the game development context. So in this case I'd assume the developers are changing it from alpha to beta to signify a big change in testing, which in this case I'd assume would be that the actual periods the servers are available to test the game are changing significantly vs the alpha. I'd be surprised if we weren't able to participate in the February closed beta for less than 5-6 days a week on average. I'd assume it would set out to be an "always up unless required to be taken down" test. So-to-speak. - This is purely speculation and obviously purely represents solely my own opinion.
  2. TimeAndDate.com Countdown timer here Things we can most likely expect to see in the dev stream: New environments Work in progress door destruction effects New reload animations And Hopefully lots of surprises about the upcoming changes for the closed beta test period starting in February As a side note, if you at any stage had access to the alpha test period you will be able to play in the closed beta test starting in February
  3. Agreed! Obviously location variation of the final circles can only be a good thing. (to a certain extent)
  4. This is fantastic! Can't wait to use grenades to open doors when infiltrating buildings with players inside.
  5. Was a similar thread but with an idea about clothes for warmth, this was my opinion in that thread:
  6. Thanks for the response! Very reasonable.
  7. It has been quiet! A few weeks of the holidays is definitely reasonable though. I think most of us are expecting an update in the next week or two, though. I'd definitely feel a bit let down if we didn't get any updates by mid-late January though! Hope they all had a good Christmas and New Year and are now working on some awesome new features for us to enjoy, hopefully very soon. Pls
  8. Awesome! I'll hopefully see you in game in the near future
  9. I haven't personally heard anyone mention hipfire shooting being too accurate. What most people including myself had a problem with was third person shooting being too accurate. So, over the shoulder camera view, holding down right click to aim whilst zooming in your screen slightly and decreasing your movement speed. Its the third person equivilent of aiming down the sight in first person, the argument from most players was that third person aiming "down the sight" (not hip-fire third person) was too accurate (the same accuracy as first person aim down the sight) for the huge advantage it gives because of the extra vision you have in that third person view compared to first person view. The developers then decreased third person accuracy at distance due to the feedback. I'm not sure if I'm completely understanding what you mean and I'm also not sure if you've played the game yet and intern know the current mechanics. Let me explain how it works right now: First person view shooting modes: First Person Hipfire - Shooting with your gun in its default, relaxed position of around the hip. This is quite inaccurate as you don't have the gun raised to your shoulder and can shoot from the hip without your movement speed being slowed down (although you can't shoot while sprinting). No movement penalty, but weapon is quite inaccurate. Only somewhat effective when used very close range, maybe if you've caught off-guard by your opponent or in a very confined space. First Person ADS / Aiming Down the Sights - Pressing right click will bring up your weapons iron sights or scope/sight attachment and offers the most accurate way of shooting in the game but because you raise the gun to your shoulder your movement is slowed. First Person Zoom - I believe this is exactly the same as the above (First person ADS) except your screen just zooms in and you use your crosshair to aim instead of your guns sights. You still have the same movement penalty and weapon accuracy as first person ADS I believe. Third Person Hipfire - The same as first person hipfire, except I believe it may be even more inaccurate (if not, its the same inaccuracy). Third Person Zoom - This has the same movement penalty as first person zoom and did originally have exactly the same accuracy. This is what people were complaining about, as there was no advantage to using first person and third person was always superior because you had great accuracy and could see a lot more than if you were first person. This was changed to be less accurate over 50m (I feel it is less accuracy close range as well, but this was not intended and I need to test this). I hope this makes sense.. and I'm hoping this was what you are talking about ?
  10. I can assure you the vision that (I believe) the developers of Battlegrounds have aligns more with a somewhat realistic approach to gunplay. One that doesn't encourage your typical modern shooter "run and gun gameplay" and has shooting mechanics which are in line with that I don't expect their approach to gunplay to change. I wouldn't be worried if I were you.
  11. Very good point! Two screenshots below on how to do it on most Windows versions:
  12. Oops, obviously I meant to say the first half of 2017.
  13. The plan currently is for it to be released in the first half of 2016. They haven't announced when the next alpha test phase will be. I personally speculate that it will be around mid January, with the first stress test for a few hours on the 15th or 22nd. The test dates most likely won't have been set yet, we'll just have to wait and see
  14. Hey mate, the developers said they'd actively remove people from the test who killed their team mates on purpose. If possible next test, please record any evidence of this happening to you and PM one of the moderators on this forum and they'll pass it on to the developers.