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  1. Oh yeah baby give me a G3. Battlefield BFBC2 memories right there. That thing was gorgeous. Tappa tappa tappa, its all in the wrist, just tappa tappa tappa.
  2. Ah.. forgot about that. I should have known from playing The New Z Interesting .. personally not a fan but I can see how some would like it.
  3. Agreed, minus the honey badger. I feel it'd be a bit too similar to the M16A4 / HK416.
  4. I believe that you now automatically lean when close to the corner of an object, if your gun has been lowered/raised by your barrel being too close to the object. Could be wrong. Confirmed by Tooner to be manual leaning with Q/E by default. Cool!
  5. Super happy with this update. I'm not sure how it will work out in practice, but its great that the system is in place and malleable based on feedback and gameplay. Marek definitely seems to know his stuff!
  6. Closed beta access for all of those with a key, or a key from any previous test of the game 24th of February. http://www.playbattlegrounds.com/roadmap-2017/
  7. Haha yes you too mate. I was a hyper aggressive kill on sight sort of player haha. Look forward to seeing you in game!
  8. Awesome man! Followed. I'll watch you stream some Battlegrounds when Feb 24th Rolla around.
  9. You know what.. I'm pretty sure I played Rust Legacy against you and we had a lot so friendly relationship haha. I was an asshole in Rust for a good few months when I was playing for some reason For some reason I remember you building at near coastal rad in the little Valley below the rocks. I'm pretty sure!
  10. I haven't read all of your post yet, as I just had an epiphany when I saw that.. Been seeing TOG guys in game since I was like 10 years old and now I realise I can be classed as one later this year! Oh my..
  11. Hi @arma3malka Unfortunately Battlegrounds is not able to be played right now. The game has recently left the closed-alpha phase and is beginning the CBT (closed beta test) on February 24th. This is when it will be available to play next If you played in the closed alpha test you can download Battlegrounds on Steam to be ready for the CBT on the 24th (there will be more updates closer to the beta, so be aware you may have to update again). If you didn't play in the closed-alpha test, soon the Battlegrounds team will let us know how anyone who doesn't have a code for beta or the previous alpha will be able to apply to get one. As far as I'm aware, once February 24th rolls around the CBT begins, the servers will available to play on during the weekend (including Friday) and the development team will implement changes based on feedback during the week and then open the severs up again on the next weekend. The CBT will run from the 24th February until the 7th of March I believe.
  12. Thank you!
  13. Hey guys, My name is Hawkinz, I've used this name for all shooters I've played and been using the name since 2003! I'm from Australia and have been playing shooting games for as long as I can remember. I generally stick to competitive shooting games as my staple. I love spectating competitive esports, so much so that I travelled to the League of Legends world finals in the USA in 2012 and 2013. I'm hoping Battlegrounds becomes a great competitive game and offers a great competitive viewing experience. My main games recently have been CSGO, H1Z1 and Overwatch. I've never really played much of any of the ARMA games and never played ARMA BR. I'm really looking forward to playing Battlegrounds in the near future. I'm not entirely sure it's wholly my cup of tea so to speak, but I very much respect what a great development team they have working on this game and how awesome all of the Battlegrounds staff are. They do amazingly great work both in and out of the game and I want their game to be a huge success. I did enjoy the game in closed alpha but wasn't able to commit to any super long game sessions like I usually have as I did get bored quite fast with solos. I'm a pretty social gamer, so I'm much more looking forward to trying duos with some gaming buddies. That's about it! I can't stream yet as I have bad upload until the end of the year, but I do have a twitch account at www.twitch.tv/Hawkinz My steam is www.steamcommunity.com/id/Hawkinz And my ramblings and competitive esports propaganda can be found on my Twitter at www.twitter.com/vHawkinz
  14. Jesus Christ
  15. I meant theoretically, like if that was the situation how it'd change how you would play. I don't believe there is any instance in poker where you can't see your chip count, was just trying to make an analogy and have this example applied to a different setting. I still don't understand how you think the conversation in this thread has been off-topic. People are just trying to offer their opinion on how a change you want implemented to the game will affect areas other than the areas you believe it will benefit. Yes, I know. That's why I prefaced my response to that with " I misread that statement and thought you said the kill counter would make the community toxic, so bare that in mind when reading the below paragraph as its not exactly relevant to what you said now: " I don't believe anyone has compared this community to H1Z1 (not that I've seen, anyway). They've just compared areas of this battle royale game to the most popular battle royale game out right now in H1Z1. On a side note, I don't believe the H1Z1 community is much more, or even at all more toxic than other multiplayer games of a similar player base size that offer voice communication. Anyway, its quite clear at this stage that you don't personally believe the game play will at all be affected by your suggestion but some others do and I think I'll let my end of the discussion end there.