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  1. Just saw this guys stream in a FB group. Seems like a nice guy, doesn't rage and has good chat interaction https://www.twitch.tv/nomad_actual
  2. With any helmet if you're shot in the face, the armour and damage reduction from the armour is applied. (AKA - Your face is protected by any helmet)
  3. Can you please check you've followed the instructions in the below post? Let me know how you go.
  4. The underlying lag issue is related to a bug in the Unreal engine, according to PLAYERUNKNOWN. Don't get me wrong though, this does not mean ALL server lag is related to this bug. It is quite clear that this recent update made a lot of matches more laggy.
  5. I'm also not a fan of the lobby in its current state. Definitely hoping to see some changes to it in the future!
  6. Yeah for sure mate. We often don't pass information directly on to the developers, but we have a weekly "meeting" of sorts with all the moderators and some members of the Bluehole / PUBG community team. We discuss current issues with the forum/game, common complaints on the forums, popular ideas, specific high activity threads etc. The PUBG community team take all of that information from our meetings, discuss it internally and pass on the information to relevant teams within the company, as they see fit. Good suggestion, it would help avoid some confusion also. I'll bring this up in our next meeting and we'll go from there! Due to time constraints it may not always be possible but I like the idea and will definitely bring it up with the team. Thanks!
  7. Yeah, I've been having issues with this the last couple of weeks (no issues before that). Not sure what the problem is . A solid reply? Not sure what you're after exactly. Everyone with the title "Moderator" is a volunteer and aren't employees of Bluehole. We don't have knowledge of the ins and outs of how every element of the game is being developed, which specific problems takes priority over each other and how the game servers are hosted exactly.. etc etc. We try and give out as much information as possible, with the knowledge we have but unfortunately we do not have all the answers and it really is as simple as that. If we don't know the answer, we simply won't post in the thread. Employees of Bluehole frequent these forums, but they don't reply to everything they see and there a fewreasons why. Time constraints - They're busy trying to work on the game and the infrastructure that supports it, including interacting with the community across multiple different social mediums, not just the forums. Operational / Security reasons And many other reasons just related to development and how and when they want to ditrubute information about their game. I don't work for them, so I can't give you all the reasons but I'd assume it would be similar to what I mentioned above. None of our forum moderators are from South Korea. They're from Australia, UK, USA .. all around the world.
  8. regional servers

    Everyone with the title Moderator are volunteers, but there are many PUBG / Bluehole staff on here as well. All of our moderators discuss issues and popular topics with the PUBG community team on a weekly basis and share the information provided to us. We're all in contact with them daily. When we see popular topics and issues being brought up on a regular basis, we forward this information to the PUBG community team. On top of this, the PUBG staff frequent these forums and will notice popular topics and important issues of forum users.
  9. Hey mate, If you purchased the game from the link on the playbattlegrounds website, your purchase was processed through Xsolla and all purchase/refund related enquiries should be directed at their support here: https://xsolla.com/modules/support/ Let me know if you need anymore help. Cheers
  10. Topic is derailing into a shit-fest. Topic closed.
  11. Just tap right click buddy Holding it down makes you zoom in, tapping it once toggles aiming down the sights. 100% sure you didn't accidentally hold it down?
  12. regional servers

    Hi, please see my latest post regarding SEA servers:
  13. The way I interpret it, on the minimap it will show a line between the blue circle and the white circle. This ways you can see the direction you need to run towards to get into the safe zone, without opening the big map. Could be wrong though.
  14. The PUBG team have stated that they are committed to getting the game out of early access before any forms of monetisation or micro-transactions are added, to show they're commitment to developing the game rather than just make money. It has been discussed by PLAYERUNKNOWN previously that there will most likely be a crate system similar to CSGO where you can unlock skins for money, but you will also still be able to unlock skins for free using in-game currency.
  15. Hi GazhKa, You purchased a key from a retailer/re-seller who had their key revoked for the most likely reason that it was illegitimately obtained. Unfortunately, there isn't much help anyone on these forums could have given you but the little help available was certainly given to you by our helpful forum users.