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  1. Hi everyone, If you're having problems with low FPS, please use this thread to discuss it. Please bear in mind that PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS is currently at an early stage of development and as such, optimization for the game has only just begun. Please be rest assured that for the whole period of early access, optimization of the game will be the number 1 priority for the PLAYERUNKNOWN's BATTLEGROUNDS team. The current system requirements are below, these are subject to change over the early access period which is expected to run for the next 6 months. Check out this developer blog entry about upcoming optimization improvements to the game! Click HERE.
  2. Split these posts from another thread to keep that one on topic: Just an FYI, DPI doesn't really mean much, its more about sensor quality. http://www.rocketjumpninja.com/top-40/ Pretty good list of mice there.
  3. Please only use this thread to discuss current bugs and known issues from the lists below. For any new bugs, please create a thread following the bug reporting format seen here: For bugs relating to map issues and getting stuck see this thread: BUG LIST IS CONSTANTLY UPDATED BY @Caesar of Roma and occasionally @Hawkinz.
  4. Hi everyone, PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS team is committed to rolling out servers to every region where there is a big enough player base to warrant it. Unfortunately, not all regions will have their own official servers due to limited player numbers, as the PUBG wants all players to have a quick, fast experience of being able to load into lobbies and have them fill quickly so you can all play lots of high player count games without much downtime waiting for a match to start. The system used to deploy servers for PUBG means that new servers for new regions can be spun up and put into use extremely quickly, so if there is enough demand from a particular region, servers will be made for your region. If its the case that your region simply doesn't have enough players for the PUBG team to offer official servers with fast filling, high player count games, down the line sometime after early access there will be a chance for unofficial servers to be ran in your local regions. -- If you wish to post about below about wanting servers in your region, you've very welcome to do so! But the best thing you can do, is just get in there with your friends and start playing the game and show the PUBG team that your region has enough players playing the game to warrant servers. SOUTH AMERICAN SERVERS: CONFIRMED AND NOW AVAILABLE OCEANIC SERVERS: CONFIRMED AND NOW AVAILABLE
  5. All solved, @Revan was able to get his key re-sent by Xsolla and has decided to gift it to his friend
  6. Hi mate, This is a known issue that occurs when your taskbar isn't at the bottom of your screen. Try moving the taskbar to the bottom of the screen then launching the game, unfortunately this is the only "fix" currently. Cheers
  7. I personally don't have any issues with vision related to the holo or 2x. My biggest gripe in-regards to visibility is actually how easily the red dot disappears when on a light background. The move by the majority of high level players to red dots coincided with the AR recoil changes. The red dot simply bounces around less and you can fire quicker with it, whilst still remaining accurate IMO. If you look at the patch before the AR change, almost everyone used the holo sight over the red dot.
  8. @Revan I removed that information from your post, best to not display any payment information publicly. I'm going to lock this thread and continue the discussion in personal messages and re-open the thread when we have this sorted. Cheers
  9. Third person aiming is extremely inaccurate past about 5 metres, this is intended.
  10. Bit annoying. I'd like a mute-all button, but I think a lot of people enjoy the guns being in there. Sometimes I do like them being there, then sometimes I just want peace and quiet and the gun sounds annoy me to hell.. so a mute button would be nice. I think it adds a bit of fun for most people.
  11. Hi @Revan Where did you purchase the game from? If you purchased it through the pre-order page on XSOLLA please personal message me your receipt number and we'll go from there and try and help you.
  12. Hi mate, You need 10 post content before being able to post in some sub-forums. Post content is the number of posts/threads combined. Cheers
  13. simplyalextv

    Sweet! I'll watch it now. Just added your channel link to your first post
  14. It was originally like this in alpha, I personally prefer the way it is now. I think you should be at a disadvantage if you've been in an engagement where you've lost your armour. I think it takes away from gameplay to be able to instantly be full-armour and on a level playing field with someone who hasn't been in an engagement where they've taken damage to their armour all game.
  15. simplyalextv

    Welcome Alex Link your Youtube channel in a reply and I'll add it to your first post.
  16. The leaderboards will have web integration in the future, where I'm assuming you can look at all ranks including those around your rank.
  17. We've already got them mate. Select OC (Oceania) on the main menu when you hover over play. The servers are based in Sydney. The location tends to reset to AS after each game for me (its a bug) so make sure its on OC before clicking play. Cheers
  18. hardcore

    Third-person will remain in the game.
  19. Hi @Tomáš König It definitely should be there, you may just be not in the correct folder inside appdata. Make sure you're in Appdata\Local and not Appdata\Roaming Cheers
  20. hardcore

    I'm a volunteer moderator, just expressing my personal opinion BTW I'm not a member of the PUBG team. PLAYERUNKNOWN has said that a hardcore or first-person only game mode is coming, there is just no ETA right now unfortunately.
  21. Hi @BlazzeRxXx As you haven't mentioned exactly what happens, I can't give you any answers unfortuantely. Can your team mates not click F on you and start the revive counter, does that part not work - or is it something else? Also, if you cannot revive friendlies whilst you're prone. Cheers
  22. protip

    Its true! Only found out a week or so ago. Pretty cool. Cheers
  23. Would be nice. I'm sure it'll be coming at some stage. I'm in a similar boat, the region defaults back to AS from OC after most games
  24. Keep it friendly please Yeah, basically this. Although, I do think the KAR should do slightly more damage to the body.