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  1. Do you just disable it or close the process?
  2. How does f.lux affect the game?
  3. That's why you gotta communicate in this game haha
  4. That's the same thing.. lol
  5. Your teammate killed him...then when you went to the other room, two of them came upstairs to the first room with your teammate alone
  6. I was in a 1v1 with a guy. We both were behind a tree in the red zone, and the bomb dropped on him lol.
  7. Some games it works fine, but at least 40% of the games I play are with textures still loading, stutters and teleporting everywhere. It hasn't improved at all since the beginning. It actually worked better before.
  8. Does this always happen? When you get knocked out while scoped in, then once you're revived, you get back still scoped in? It's best if you reset and go in third person.
  9. Could be a ram or that you need an SSD card for the game.
  10. Date Seen: 1/06/2017 and pretty much the past few weeks. Information: GTX 960 4GB i5 4590 3.3 Ghz 8 GB RAM Windows 8.1 Bug Description: Recently, as in the past few weeks, this game has had more stutters and lags than before. Especially during the beginning of a game, and during fights, especially close quarters. Troubleshooting/Testing Steps Attempted: Lowered graphics settings down, no effect.
  11. This even happens in the lobby island. Some of the ammo on the table can't be picked up. Especially after the recent updates
  12. Especially at the beginning and when facing off enemies in close quarters.. just ruins the whole game. Makes me never want to touch it again lol
  13. try razer cortex too boost for memory and to defrag the game. Might squeeze some extra fps
  14. If only I spent $10 extra lol. I didn't think this game would have skins on market.
  15. Are those skins marketable?