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  1. Its worth what someone will pay
  2. I have a unopened deluxe case, pm me the ammount of trenchcoats you would trade for it (I likely wont sell to the first and best offer) Cant sell on steam because case value is over steam max sell price. Expect a case to be a lot more worth then the sum total of its content, mainly due to streamers having contest with prizes. I dont see a reason why this should be illegal, please dont permaban me if it is.
  3. Fuck yeah, wanted this for a Long time (especially if including br days). Will Spice up the endgame, i just hope they add enough fog:D
  4. Oh yes, hence the title:p There has also been some super strange sales, people selling for faaar less then they could. (not talking about initial sales around 30$, but the dips between normal price most evident on the bandana's Bandana )
  5. Not to me, but its worth it for a lot of people. ALL the ones with a coat right not feel like their coat is worth more then 166 dollars (obviously not including the ones that dont know about the price). The market is also not sleeping, tons of coats are getting sold.
  6. Well there were a ton sold around the 150%-200% price and its still many waiting to buy at about 150% of yesterdays price while noone sells to them (meaning the ones having the coat feel like its worth more then that, so hard to say price is not warranted. )
  7. Near 100% price increase on the trenchcoat, other items also got a huge increase. At this point i cant even selv my unopened case for enough Due to steam price cap Edit:'S Trenchcoat Also wondering why I cant sell an item in dollars, i lose about 70 $ in max price because of that (My currency max is lower then it should be relative to dollar max price. 70$ ish difference)
  8. Its not just cosmetic?
  9. What happens if you get hit in the face with lvl 2 helmet (only lvl 3 visibly covers the face)? Do the helmet still protect?
  10. Kar oneshots even if target has 100% health and new level 2 helmet. Just happened to me, 400+ meters away and zig zagging.
  11. I got Deluxe edition an hour before supply ran out. Dont have pc available to run the game so havent got to open the case, apparently thats a good thing cause they sell for 170 dollars now. Drawback is that if I dont open the case I dont get to use the items before eventually selling.
  12. Dont see how it would fit in the battle royale theme. Can just picture having it in the movie: One person grbs the sword, another grabs the bow, you grab the suicide vest.
  13. Haha, Thank you!