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  1. How about the fact that the campers are indoors and therefore the carpet bombing on them is useless.
  2. I just stumbled onto this video while looking for another game to play until PUBG gets the server/netcode resolved and it completely nails the concept of my original post. It is a bit lengthy and the guy speaks rather fast but if you agree with this post and have the time I highly suggest watching it as he explains the mentality of casual vs hardcore perfectly and why so many games these days lean towards casual game mechanics as a business instead of capturing a core audience of competitive players. Very interesting.
  3. Yeah I am done with this. I had one game where I shot a guy with two shot bursts. 4 seperate blood splatters and he hit me twice and I died with the same rifle. Next game a grenade lands in front of a rock I am behind and it kills me. I just uninstalled until next patch and if there is not a legitimate change to server performance and hitbox registration I am not even going to bother to reinstall it. I have done this "deal with it unitl it get fixed even though it never does." with other Early Access titles and it is just not worth my patience anymore when there are so many other EA shooter games out there worth spending time on that actually iron out the basic core mechanics of a FPS. Best of luck putting up with that nonsense for the sake of "EA" ladies and gentlemen . . .
  4. As someone who is not colorblind I can tell you the ghillie works very well up close and you would not be able to see it even with the added color pigment. My only suggestion is to look for movement instead of the actual ghillie suit itself and pay very good attention to the weapons on the players back. This is why I always drop my secondary when I have ghillie so the other weapon is not giving away my position. There are only a few guns that have terrain colors right now so if they have a black rifle on thier back you can look for that instead of the player. If you are at great distance the grass does not load so spotting a ghillie is easy as it is just a green blob in a flat field.
  5. Very much this. Alot of us tactical players also are tactical in real life. I can spot people on terrain IRL just as well as in a game if not better. It is just an acuired skillset especially if you are an anxious person in real life as you have already spent your entire existence scanning the environment for threats.
  6. Have fun with all that . . .
  7. Absolutely agree about the zone bubble! The entire point of it is to funnel players into interacting and all I ever do is disengage a fight to run from it only to be shot by players camping the edge of the next cricle. You keep running and you get shot to death. You stop to fight and the ring kills you. It is no wonder half the players take a car and drive to the center of the map in the first 5 minutes. That is basically the meta right now.
  8. Bullshit? That is hilarious. Let's see the whole video. I can show you hundreds of players dropping with dual T3 armor on. Hell I have even killed my own teammate in T3 by accident with a one shot.
  9. It is supposedly being worked on. Everyone is universally pissed off about it except for a select few.
  10. Just had a long conversation with a teammate about this exact issue when bringing "my buddy" along in squad play. We came to the conclusion you ask them "Are you a shooter or a looter?" If they pause or in any way hesitate from saying shooter than you nix em.
  11. I have seen both sides of the coin but I guess it depends on headsets. I know for a fact naked feet sound much less sharp than wearing boots when walking on indoor wood just from playing with my headset. Thanks!
  12. My only problem is bullets that pierce kevlar not going through sheet metal bars and fence. The developers have said they will add bullet penetration and deflection though so it will be fixed but has blocked many shots that would otherwise have been a kill.
  13. Nailed it!
  14. The smoke grenades are also client side so even though on your screen you may be standing in smoke on the other players screen it may be spraying the complete opposite direction and you are wide open.
  15. Drop an 8/th of psilocybin. Once you get used to scanning the entire screen you will be able to just focus out and see irregular movement vs the casual sway of common things like grass. When I spot movement I am not tunnel vision at all but the complete opposite, viewing the entire screen just looking for odd or out of place moving pixels. Then when I see something I focus and it is almost always a player. Also many players rock the trenchcoat so just look for the black blobs moving.