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  1. cannot get in on the test servers just keeps saying reconnect any work round for this thanks
  2. thanks for reply but looking for people with same set up to find best set up
  3. im running this game on a i7 4790k and a gtx 1080 anyone else running this set up if so what fps are you getting and can you exit the game at end of the round as mine crashes.If you can post up your nvidia and game setting that would be great
  4. when i click exit at end of every round the game crashes and it says in task manager tsigame not responding this happens when game is loading up but does not fully stop responding like it does at end of round is this a fault on my pc or the game im running a i7 4790 and a gtx 1080 would love a fix for this if its a fault my end and anyone can help
  5. A UPDATE FOR MASKES well of all the things this game needs its far from a mask saying that it shows how hard the team is working hi guys well we no the game runs like shit but we have put masks in the game to help hide lol
  6. at the end of every round i have to use task manager and restart the game because when i hit the exit to lobby it crashes and task manager says TsIGame not responding is there a easy fix for this
  7. its been in since last beta dont think it will be fixed anytime soon as its way down on list to be fixed