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  1. My burning question hopefully will get answered. Will it be weekend tests or more often, possibly full time server uptime? Also I really hope duos/other team modes are going to be implemented again! So excited to hear the news!
  2. Yes, you must be talking about casual servers. Like for example in CSGO if you die in a public server you can spectate everyone. In competitive CSGO matchmaking games or ESEA games you can only spectate your team. Mostly all competitive games wont allow you to spectate enemies. There might be kill cams though in these games.
  3. lol are you talking about the twitter account associated with Slix on the leaderboards? Did they just put a random person in there? hahaa
  4. I would love rain and snow as well. I was just saying I wouldn't want it to negatively affect my character.
  5. Not really sure what you mean. I don't want to talk like I know exactly how it will be designed, but if its like any other games with spectate, SOLO game mode wont have any spectate, you will die and just be forced to leave the game. If you are playing any team mode you would be able to switch spectate cams to each other team mates when you die. There probably wont be a solo spectate mode where u can just spectate anyone in a 64 man game. But you never know, maybe? You could always suggest anything you feel that would make the game better in the suggestions forum.
  6. 1) There will be modding support for this game. They said you would be able to customize game modes, player counts, rulesets, etc etc etc. The game devs are really encouraging different game mods and such. In the official game it will almost certainly just be a bigger game mode like H1Z1/ARMA BR. But there will be team game modes like possible 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's. 2) There is the wiki and two dev streams with quite a lot of information. Q and A's on both streams explaining a lot of the basics of the game. Also answering lots of questions from the community. 3) Currently the electric field (gas like h1z1) isn't dynamic at all. Its a timed event that slowly pushes players in. They are constantly looking at balancing it to improve the flow of the game whether that is speeding it up or slowing it down. They've already done a pass or two over it. The chances of that many people dying that quickly are probably extremely rare. But there has been times where there are like 20 players left on the first circle, and it does take a bit to close in. 4) When you die in solo, you just die and you leave game and restart. Other then that we've tested some duos and there is a revive system where you can rez your team mate if they get "downed". They said for sure they will be adding a spectate feature in team game modes so when you die you can spectate your team mates while they finish the round. There are no respawns currently. 5) There is a leaderboard currently for many different stats. They also mentioned in the second dev stream they are looking to implement a ranking sysmtem similar to ARMA BR's. I'm not too familiar with it, but they said they want rankings and competitive games. The whole shotgun thing I doubt that would ever happen. Hope you can get in the closed beta starting February and play with us. The game is amazing and will only get better. So much fun!
  7. Wait wait wait, hold up here! I just realized an important thing... Does closed beta mean the servers will STAY OPEN FOR THE ENTIRE DURATION? Or will you guys continue with the weekend tests only? Omg tell me I will be able to play 7 days a week PLEASE
  8. Yes this. Lets focus more on out aiming people then having snow and rain block your vision. I'm definitely NOT against having different weathers, just dont want them to affect my aim/character.
  9. Yeah, that was cool to see my actual rank because every test I kept dropping to rank 1260 from the resets lol. This game is so enjoyable. Just watching the expressions on peoples faces from the video is so fun. Its a really entertaining game that plays on all your emotions. I even had to yell at my partner @redemption99 once! Love battlegrounds, going hard next test bring it on!
  10. WOOOOOO so close guys, so close! Hopefully its not the end of Feb... But whatever, im so excited!!!!!
  11. Hello again guys, Wanted to just to share my thoughts on all these amazing and awesome new zones and environments you guys are adding. I'd like to compare some things to H1Z1 so its easier to understand. H1Z1 has the "safe zone gas circles" usually start and end in the same spots for the majority of games. Meaning a lot of the map doesnt actually get used and explored. The biggest example of this is their Dam location. It is a beautiful spot with great design and looks like it would be an awesome place to fight at, but unfortauntely the game never ends in that zone, and never has the safe zone there, so no one even know it exists or gets to ever see the beautiful artwork. I just hope that in battlegrounds there are a wide variety of ending circles so we can be able to have fights in these new zones you are adding like the Quarry. It makes the game feel a lot more dynamic and the fights are much more enjoyable when there are so many different locations to be able to fight around. What I'm trying to say is if you put the Quarry in the top right corner, and the safe zone is never in the top right corner, people won't be able to experience intense gun battles there. I just really hope we can enjoy some great gun battles in these areas and not just the same hills and trees over and over.
  12. There is a thread already going. a couple more weeks there will be an announcement
  13. Loving all these updates flooding in. you guys actually listen to your player base and it feels great! <3 @BG_FWG
  14. YES I SAW THAT! It was awesome. im so excited to see all these new animations and gunplay changes
  15. yeah. i like when they show us sneak peeks!