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  1. Yeah because that wouldnt be infuriating at all. 100 player game, getting shot from multiple angles. 1 shot by any of the 1-10 players looking near you at any given time. Good one. 1 shot 1 kills work in games like counter strike because its a 5v5 quick round games. This is a 30 minute game where there are 100 players that can sneak up on you at any time. You REALLY think it would be fun to have someone 500 meters away plink you once and you just DROP after like 20 minutes of playing? Comon. Think about it logically man
  2. Damn you guys pummeled him with questions LOL
  3. I only run everything on Very Low because I want the best FPS i can get.
  4. It will be airdrop crate weapon. PU said it himself.
  5. Thanks appreciate it! <3 Lol thanks dude. Yeah our team is really all good I can barely get good kills or high kills.
  6. Thanks guys!
  7. Hey guys, hope you enjoy my new video for this week. Squad only games. Let me know if you enjoyed it, and what would you like to see in future videos! Thanks for watching!
  8. Alpha 2 + beta god damn this game is addicting.
  9. If you bought the regular version of the game, you will get a code e-mailed to you shortly to activate your BATTLEGROUNDS game. The game you purchased is the full game for early access AND release when it comes down the road. You only pay this once. If you purchased the deluxe edition the e-mail will contain instructions on how to recieve your exclusive skins as well. No date yet on when the e-mails will come out. Obviously they will need to be sent out before March 23rd since thats when the game opens up. Just be patient a day or two. Personally I just mute everyone in game. I mute all voice chat. That's the best option in my opinion. Its just disgusting what you hear and its also so loud and annoying.
  10. lol i remember that guy... damn it i couldnt find a gun :'(
  11. I personally dont think there should be any crafting in this game.
  12. I use gas all the time. If I can i like to carry one with me at all times until I get full on inventory space. I've literally lost a game because I thought a car was a spawn, but had no gas in it and I died to electric because I was relying on the vehicle so much for my strategy.
  13. I wouldnt say they are USELESS. They can be used, they arent super amazing. If you throw a few of them all around you it provides some decent coverage. Throwing 1 doesnt really do much besides a little annoyance, but if you throw like 3 of them near eachother and WAIT for the full bloom (takes like 10 seconds to get fully popped) it becomes a lot harder to see.
  14. true that. No one goes for the crates in the water. Its always free for me! Thanks for the AWM guys!
  15. Ya you know what. I agree with him. I actually don't think the change will be very beneficial to the game. It will just add unnecessary slowing down of the game. Also what @blackdude0 says is true. If you are trying to carry around all these attachments, you are sacrificing bag space for other things. So the trade off for having all the attachments does have a negative already. Trying to carry multiple attachments in bag, grenades, ammo, and meds is a lot. Also, if they add being able to carry an extra helmet like they had in ALPHA (which is currently in discussion by the devs), theres no way you can carry all kinds of attachments in your bag because the helmet takes up a LOT of space. I think a better balance to this issue is to just increase the bag space that the attachments have, so trying to carry too many will severely hurt your equipment capacity. I dont think having a couple scopes in the bags is that game breaking that a specific animation needs to be in place. @Pandaego