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  1. 6 man way too big. im hoping for 3 or 4 man. I think they will have something special up their sleeves for the 4th weekend!
  2. WELL i mean i assume they just havnt released the full patch to run the game since the game isnt available to be played yet hah
  3. Ive always had a love for the kreig and aug in counter strike! Are any of those possible in this game?
  4. You're the best tooner. thanks for the info!
  5. Thanks so much for the reply @PUBG_tooner the videos are helpful to understand how things work! So did you guys implement leaning? or is that still WIP? Seems like you did a little lean in that last clip! I can't remember correctly but did you guys say the silencer currently does nothing to the guns damage/recoil currently? it's only sound?
  6. - Recent dev stream 17:58 - "You'll have options for everything you'd see in any other FPS games" 35:45 - "yes, we do have plans to let you all to the crosshair eventually and give you some different options" Should be coming soon TM.
  7. I believe every rifle (I think even every SMG as well) can be switched from single fire or full auto.
  8. I'm really curious in quick dropping into a city and zooming around with a SMG through all the buildings now. Definitely going to try it on the first weekend solos.
  9. In other words, the recoil is now similar to how CSGO would work. Every time you stop firing, the recoil "pattern" resets and will have the exact same bullet pattern as when the gun first starts firing? This is great news for people who can learn and control spray patterns. This also just makes it a lot more consistent gunplay. I like it! Thats awesome, so each individual gun has lots of differing characteristics. This seems really good because it would be easy to specifically target and tune weapons in small ways without completely breaking the game. I really like how detailed you guys get! Wow, this is a huge difference in recoil ADS vs third person for anyone who was worried about third person being too strong. Even at this range its way worse then ADS, imagine even farther... I believe this range is about 20M. It seems very close range. 50-100M you wont kill anything with a AK 3rd person. Awesome, this is great they released exactly what these attachments do. My one burning question is, what does the silencer do exactly? Does it reduce bullet damage, increase damage, reduce bullet speed/distance, increase accuracy, it seems like every game does silencers differently and they are always conflicting. I would love to know exactly what it does. Now this GIF was interesting to me... Both sides seem really good... lol. No wonder I love the M416 so much, the gun is just amazing with or without attachments. The RIGHT SIDE however is really nice for the first 5-10 shots like mentioned in the dev blog. The bullet spread is nice and tight. Its going to be a tough choice between a compensator or a silencer. Even without a compensator (as shown on left pattern), its still a nice straight recoil pattern. As long as you can control the gun by pulling down. I really wish I knew if silencer had any other effects (I'm checking back in the dev stream, I think they may have mentioned something but I forgot) M416 just feels so strong in all situations. Thats why its my fav gun! Hopefully its not too strong that no one wants to use any other gun. But we will have to see from the testing. I don't really understand this part. How does this change anything really? Wouldn't you still drop your SMG for a AR no matter what? Can someone explain what a SMG is even used for if you had a choice between a AR and a SMG? In real life I can see advantages because you can move a lot smaller, tighter, and a bullet or two can kill someone, but in video games, SMGS just dont do enough damage to warrant using. Especially vs fully armored people at longer ranges. Why would you ever take a SMG over a rifle? I guess early game if you land quick in a city, maybe now grabbing and using a SMG for the first couple minutes, even if you have an AR could be good. You can move through buildings faster and have faster movement while shooting. Most players won't have armors so it could do enough damage to make it effective. Equip SMG + AR, then swap out SMG for double AR or AR+Sniper. -------------------------------------- Overall I love this dev blog. Love seeing all the GIFS and detailed information. Going to be great using all these new mechanics and gun animations/reloads ! 1 more week!
  10. Yes, if you have played and still have the game in steam, you will be able to play in beta
  11. Sorry for double post, just thought of another advantage while I was thinking of it. Having full blue bar could help in making players last longer and get to mid game. In Battlegrounds we all know sometimes there are like 20 people left in the first circle, maybe this will help people get through the early game and have more people alive when the circles shrink. It would make mid game less boring.
  12. So, I just recently started ARMA BR, and I enjoy the game sorta. Definitely enjoy Battlegrounds 100x more, but I did notice a few cool things in ARMA that I could see working in Battlegrounds and this is one thing that I liked a lot. I suggested something similar a long while back, but I like this idea a bit more. A while back I thought that it would be nice to have SOME sort of healing early game, like in H1Z1 where they start you with 6 bandages or so, but I think that could change the game a bit too much. After trying ARMA, i like their early game solution better to the bandages, and makes it more even in terms of balance. In ARMA when you drop from the plane you start with 100% boost. Full blue bar and it degrades the second you leave the plane. So if you land and get in a small engagement, take some fall damage, get hit by some melee swings, you can slowly heal that damage off a little so you aren't at a disadvantage going into mid game trying to find a medkit or bandages to top off. I also don't think the full blue bar will be very game breaking because everyone will have the exact same advantages (health regen, increased movement speed, lower recoil) for the exact same time until the blue bar finishes. It will also help get loot faster from the movement speed increase, and make the less favored guns a bit more accurate and easier to land kills early game with the increased accuracy. If you get dropped to sub 20% HP in current Battlegrounds, you have absolutely no way to get health unless you find something. Which could be a very long time, or a very short time and are just at a severe disadvantage if you cant heal up just from a little scuffle early game. Idk, I kinda like having a little way of healing early game if you take damage you can recover some health before you find bandages, first aids, or med kids. What do you guys think? Would this change the game a lot, would it barely make a difference?
  13. Don't worry, you'll get a key. There are going to be so many giveaways. Yeah I follow ANYONE i can find from the Battlegrounds community. Im excited to see my twitter feed blow up with all kinds of clips, media, and streams!
  14. none of us are girls god damn it @DeMoNhSeeD we are MEN!