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  1. looking forward to the fights
  2. wooooo I want moar
  3. Remember me, Oddshot Link
  4. Practice makes perfect, team up do your best, and fight on bud. Anymore questions just hit me on Twitter- @RuckUpGaming
  5. It'll be a duos weekend, youll have a teammate assigned to you if you do not invite a friend from stream that has the alpha.
  6. This is true. ^^^
  7. To Sum up Duos, You need to find a partner or you will be assigned one. You will be able to revive your teammate. (Time available to revive will decrease over time.) Rare loot is now more rare, Common loot is more common. IF YOU KILL YOUR TEAMMATE YOU WILL BE PERMABANNED. Have Fun
  8. by the way me an you had a few 1v1's gg bruh
  9. ok, I just want to change how loud the plane is.
  10. this is a good point, ill typically skip the weapons over entirely unless the weapon is an upgrade. I.E. drop my AKM for a SCAR. ill usually grab ammo off of corpses and roll. Time saved in Menus allows more time to hunt.
  11. Beware the speedy little dune buggy has a major flaw, Im sorry whoever was killed by this!
  12. My Youtube Link Twitch Link Twitter Link
  13. Im going to be giving away Keys for the battlegrounds alpha this weekend on twitch! Secondly, if you have clips of battlegrounds that you wanna share, feel free to submit them below! I will give you credit for the clip in the youtube description. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend! see yall soon. Gus *Legal Disclaimer. THE VIDEO WILL NOT BE MONITIZED AND SUBMITING CLIPS IN THE FORUM IMPLIES CONSENT OF USING THE FOOTAGE.
  14. lol, seems about right! The SCAR with foregrip, redot, suppressor- that's my jam. love it