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  1. Anytime man,good luck
  2. I will notify in twitter, twitch msg, and on here. If I have to I will notify via email.
  3. in the link I go over general knowledge for the Closed Beta, as well as my early access giveaway! If you have anything to add please ask me here or on the video and I will get back to you as soon as I can!
  4. Yah remember me and you in a few fights. lookin forward to whooping dat ass again, Kappa lul.
  5. Thanks man,I see this picture following me for the rest of my time on twitch… I don't know how I feel about this. Lul
  6. I giving 3 copies of PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds when it gets put on early Access! Follow the Link to the Youtube Video and click on the Gleam link In the Description for ways to enter! Good Luck! Link to Youtube Video!
  7. Well they dont have to announce anything, however they have always done the professional thing and made it formal at least a week in advance. So yes i'd say by Wednesday.
  8. read the title and immediately thought, yah I enjoy a monster while streaming. On the other hand I agree its a huge health bonus. I usually save them for end game to give a buff in the top 10. Helps when you cant med pack in a hurry, bc you know bullets an shit.
  9. Look at this sexy motha....^^^^^
  10. Honestly think we will find more out today after PAX ends..I could be wrong but we will see.
  11. I dont know if there will be Battlegrounds supported servers with these; however the game has been developed with the modding community in mind. Also the #rd Person hip fire has been a reported issue that the community didn't like, So in the beta im sure they are going to nerf its accuracy. On another note this game is fantastic as is. i would by "early access" today if it was released. that being said fantastic if you want like Arma Br and enjoyed H1Z1 a bit. Its almost as if they had a baby.
  12. oh, please let a player in the back be able to stand behind the roof like in H1Z1 and fire forward. Granted its no Browning but I would be more inclined to go for a crate to get the M249. If for no other reason than to drive by with my buddy and spray people.