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  1. server

    Would you mind telling us the reason for your view on this? Just as @Stambo said, no one would be forced to play on private servers, there would still be the normal servers for everyone who wants to play the original game. It's just that this game offers a very nice foundation towards many cool mods. Just think of how huge Arma 2 got pushed by the DayZ-Mod.
  2. Totaly agree on this and would further suggest to make a bigger amount of endzones to be on more interesting spots such as cities, the ruins, atlantis (that "under water town" near rozhok) and such. I feel like all those zones which end on open fields offer too much RNG. When there is barely any cover left you may have been the smartest and most sneaky player but are still forced to enter open field because of the zone spawning on your opponents ground. If this happens in places like the ones listed above you have a lot more possibility to still make it into a more "fair" standoff. Also being in the final zone where like 4 buildings are left with 2-3 teams alive would make a way more interesting final than tree/stonehug standoff on field. I am not saying that those finals aren't fun but I think these scenarios happen way too often compared to others.
  3. I don't get your view on this. In my opinion this is what the dropchance is for. "Superior" items shall drop less frequently but I think it's just a bad idea to make them require a lot of space since you don't always have the matching gun right on hand. I do understand that "hoarding them" shall not be easy but if the drop chance is low enough that won't happen too often anyways. Imho they simply still drop a bit too often... Just had another round in which i had one for both my KAR and my UMP, found a second one for SMGs, killed 2 guys with suppressors (both for AR) and heared at least 1-2 more in the final zones. It felt like RNGsus came to earth shouting "you get a suppressor... aaaaand you get a suppressor... aaaaand yooouu get a suppressor... f*ck it, everyone get's a suppressor".
  4. Was soll man da noch zu sagen? Gute Arbeit! Eine Art Liste mit Lösungsansätzen anzufertigen wäre sicher praktisch, ich möchte nicht darüber nachdenken wie oft ich hier bereits beispielsweise die Launch Parameter aufgelistet und erklärt habe. xP Dabei kamen dann übrigens irgendwann die ersten Kommentare von Leuten die beschrieben, dass ihre Performance bei gewissen Parametern in den Keller ging (weshalb ich neuerdings eben mit Vorsicht darauf hinweise).
  5. Was genau soll die Deaktivierung von Startprogrammen nützen, außer dass weniger Leistung beansprucht wird? Die Startparameter sollten "mit Vorsicht" benutzt werden, es haben mittlerweile einige von Performanceverlusten berichtet, wenn sie diese benutzen. Des Weiteren wäre es schön gewesen wenn du ihm die Parameter erklärt hättest, sodass er auch ungefähr weiß was er da einstellt. Versteh das bitte nicht als Vorwurf, ich freue mich jedes Mal zu sehen wenn Mitglieder anderen derart engagiert helfen!
  6. Well as far as I know they close down topics whenever they are doubles and/or pure salt and stuff like that. Since there was another topic which you got poopie's link from I guess they simply didnt want another discussion about it (her post made things pretty clear). I once asked why they dont provide any hint on why they close threads and got told that the forum mods are all volunteers and simply do not have the time to answer on any and every tiny bit. Therefore they sometimes simply close threads or delete posts without saying a word. I totaly get that point as long as it doesn't feel like they try to shut us down.
  7. Have a look into the "Looking for Players" or "General Help" Section. It's getting flooded by Asian Bots right now. The other parts of the forum require a minimum of 10 posts before you can start a topic in order to prevent such bot floodings. Sad to see how some idiots do such unnecessary shit. Everyone's free to state their thoughts but I really think you are way too unpatient right here. You don't really think they will quit working on the game just because their Twitter isn't going full rampage, do you? You even linked @PUBG_poopieQueen's post which clearly stated that they are on it. Do not worry mate, the Team has done some great work since CBT and I'm sure they will continue doing so.
  8. Noone will be able to help you if you don't provide more informations. Please write down your system. Do you use any launch options? Does the game load to a certain point or doesn't start at all? What have you done already trying to fix it?
  9. If you have bought the real deluxe version from the PUBG website when it was in closed beta then you need to type your code into the reward field ingame (upper right corner). Your gamekey is also the key for the deluxe pack.
  10. Where do you have these stats from if I may ask? On what do you base your comment regarding "the same base stats"? I could also only argue with my personal feeling with any of these guns. I do see a difference between 5.56 and 7.62 and I also agree that there are slight differences between the 5.56s (not talking about fire mode) but I can't really tell which one is "better". I have won with any of them and in other rounds I've felt like a complete noob with any of them. I'm excited to hear where the stats above come from...
  11. Well for me and a lot of people the game is perfectly playable for most of the time. The fact that it's in EA means that it is not a fully released game and may have some serious performance issues which might even make it unplayable for some. You payed to become a tester, nothing more. This phase is for us to try to play and help determining problems. Therefore your request for a refund is ridiculous. On top of that you admit that you didn't know it's in EA which means that you didn't pay any attention throughout the buying process as it is stated and explained several times. If you would've simply stated your problem and asked for guidance to improve you gaming experience I guarantee you that a lot of people would've likely tried to help you. But coming here to the forums making unjustified complaints, calling me an idiot for stating "my idea" of an EA won't get you far. First of all work on your behavior and then think about what you actually want to achieve before posting.
  12. I'm making it short right here since it's always the same with you guys. You bought an early access. You knew it would be an early access. You knew there would likely be lags and other problems due to it being in EA. You also knew steam only offers refund for less than 2h playtime. My question: why don't you think a tad bit more about what you put your money into? Your request sounds pretty poor and embarrassing due to the facts I just listed. Your post will probably be deleted as well since you don't ask for help but are here to whine about your own mistakes which nobody can help you with. Good luck.
  13. Stupid click bait titles like this one should be forbidden. It sound like the pistol is completely bugged and might kick you out of game or something like that. Now I know OP just can't handle the iron sight. -.- No offense here mate, I just think the title doesn't fit your problem in any way and is not helpful.
  14. SM4 does it by running DX10 instead of DX11 doesn't it? That's why "-sm4" combined with "-d3d10" is unnecessary as far as i know (since -d3d10 also makes the game run in DX10). You are completely right about "-useallavailablecores" and I also agree on not being sure about "-lowmemory" and most of all "-high" since I haven't heard of these yet (and I've had to deal with launch options for a while now).