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  1. Guys why the hate? He clearly stated that he is NOT lying. Btw how long is your way home? We want you to share your glorious times with us.
  2. Ich persönlich habe das Spiel in der CBT-Phase von der Entwickler-Seite gekauft, jedoch kann ich MMOGA und instantGaming wärmstens empfehlen, ich hatte bisher bei weit über 10 Käufen lediglich einma ein Problem, welches binnen weniger Minuten vom Support gelöst wurde. Dennoch muss ich dazu sagen, dass ich auf besagte Keyseller eher zurückgreife, wenn ich mir ältere Titel von großen Entwicklern kaufe, welche dann teilweise noch immer 30-40 € im Retail Kosten und beim Keyseller für die Hälfte zu haben sind. Wenn ein "junges Entwicklerstudio" einen Early-Access-Titel rausbringt, dann unterstütze ich diesen gerne in dem ich den vollen Preis zahle.
  3. Well I just found a pump action shotty in one of the big houses next to the school when 2 guys rushed my house. The came up the stairs and both received a one-shot. I don't know how that isn't "that good". ;P I know its all personal preference but I always keep a shotgun as secondary in this game. Gotta love when it comes to the final 1v1 and all he does is tree hugging because the zone is on his side ofc but you throw some smokes and rush him with your shotty... Best wins ever
  4. Weil der Großteil aller Mitspieler dann nicht mitreden kann und du dementsprechend nur einen winzig kleinen Teil aller Meinungen und Erfahrungen berichtet bekommst. - Versteh mich nicht falsch, ein paar Unterforen wären hier sicherlich nicht schlecht, da gebe ich euch absolut recht, jedoch würde ich einfach jedem der englisch sprechen und verstehen kann (was wie gesagt jeder können oder schleunigst mit dem lernen anfangen sollte) ans Herz legen, sich aus oben genannten Gründen im internationalen Forum auszutauschen.
  5. Nunja, diejenigen die sich ernsthaft damit auseinander setzen und mitdiskutieren möchten, tun dies im englischsprachigen Teil des Forums. Da das Spiel ein internationaler Renner ist, sind natürlich viele Nationalitäten gegeben, da wäre es doch schade nur im deutschsprachigen Forumsteil zu diskutieren. Das folgende soll niemanden persönlich angreifen, jedoch denke ich, dass in unserer heutigen Welt ein Jeder der englischen Sprache mächtig sein sollte. Man verpasst doch das Meiste (und das Spannendste) wenn man sich mit 99% der Welt nicht austauschen kann!^^
  6. Just to clarify where you got that info from, when the game was still in closed beta (before early access) we could only play at the weekends because they used the weekdays to fix and implement stuff. Since early access launch you can play at anytime just as iAmHaze already mentioned.
  7. @Jbwrecked's statement has nothing to do with being part of the dev team. It's pretty much just common sense. If you would've used the searchbar you would have recognized that this topic has been discussed several times, no need to mention that the devs clearly stated in many ways that OFC first person will come but for now it is not a top priority. We aren't here talking to you to make you feel bad or make fun of you but simply to help the mod team in a way. The forum sometimes is overrun by "duplicates" discussing the same topics over and over again which is simply unnecessary and the mods already have enough to do, therefore you will also find "normal members" to sometimes correct you. Cheers
  8. Do not panic when you don't know what the future will bring. Whenever you feel like you need to share your worries just remember this game is in early access since a single month. They estimated 6 months til release so give them another 5 months to sort things out. THEN you may start panicking. Constantly "whining" about it (do not take this as an offense) only shows that you didn't really inform yourself about what an early access is or simply ignore the fact that PUBG is in one. We aren't playing a full release here. We are ALL just testers and may not demand anything else but the possibility to test and give feedback. Feedback means pointing out the pros and cons, not stating that you think the game might never become playable.
  9. I've seen a video of a guy who's in a house when suddenly someone desyncs into the house right I front of him so he shoots and knocks him out, then he is gone again. Afterwards it said he had a 900m+ kill... Therefore I'd say it's clearly about the bleed out and yes, you can drive away for a faked kill distance.
  10. This is where real men cry... RIP
  11. I agree on this. Simple question: Why would you restrict the playarea to then allow people who were lucky enough to find enough meds to run out of the zone again and come from an unexpected angle? Yes, right now this is a "strategy" but to me it is a very cheap and lame one which is why I would change the zone behaviour. I'd recommend more blurry vision and some sort of Parkinsons-like shaky hands.
  12. Here is another discussion about similar situations, also pointing out those douches who "exploit" the blue zone by running out of it to then be able to fire from behind. My thoughts on this are the same... You could call this "tactics" but to me it's pure lame. Why would you restrict the play area if people who found more medkits are able to run out again to then come from an unexpected angle... The suggestion he made regarding a bullet proof wall doesn't sound like a good way to fix it to me. Blurry vision and some sort of parkinsons does imo.
  13. I feel like we are still talking about somewhat different situations. In my/our scenarios the player has definitely no more chance to make it into the safezone no matter how much medkits he has. I simply think that if you are THAT far behind you shouldn't be able to accurately kill someone anymore. No matter if its due to firefights which just took as long or you just slept, you actually fell so far behind that you deserve to be punished. Now does it sound fair to you if someone who played the whole round perfectly and since a lot of time has passed he should be able to be sure noone is behind him anymore, then gets shot by someone who screwed up that much? I don't know, of course this is absolutely up to personal preferences and this is a simple suggestion we discussed. The final result looks like so far you two argue against it whilst @Gingerino and I try to point out the pros. It's now up to others to state their opinions and then finaly it's up to the devs to think about it and either change things or let them the way they are. I personally do not see any reason to be mad about this, no matter what will happen. It's just that I feel this could be tweaked a bit.
  14. Welcome to the forums and this lovely community. You did the right choice! From what I've read so far you won't have a hard time to find nice people even your age who are willing to play with you. All the best to you and have a great time!
  15. I thought I'd find some useful info to share with people who suffer from low fps but all I found is an unfriendly OP who managed to delete third party programs that slowed his game down. You Sir disappointed me a lot!