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  1. Yeah those hit boxes are jacked got my 1st kill was hard
  2. My 1st-week body count Love this game!!!!
  3. Being in Prone has lost me several chicken dinners
  4. thx for the information
  5. Nice videos man I'm going to attempt this challenge
  6. What's up folks my name is Swo In my spare time I stream and post videos on twitch and youtube mostly for fun and I must say this game has now taken almost all my time I just love it anyway hello to all and see you on the battlefield!!!! Go check me out here: Twitch https://www.twitch.tv/gamingwithswo Youtube: GAMING WITH SWO
  7. Nice video man funny as hell I haven't got one kill with that weapon yet
  8. Only hear people say that when they suck
  9. Congrats MAN