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  1. sasquatch

    It worked, but this should probably be in off topic
  2. The best thing about this: This was an outdated version of my guide. The director got back to me, here's the email.
  3. I have a £50 headset that works perfectly fine.
  4. video

    Nice one my man.
  5. "Pistols are shit" I'm sorry a 9mm pistol doesn't equal a .300 magnum sniper rifle for you. You usually get pistol kills early game when you're running around trying to loot and accidently come across somebody, and if you're in range of somebody, there's no reason why a pistol can't kill someone late game. My friend who I duo with killed somebody with a pistol when I died and there were under 10 people left, pistols are for close range or when you need to change to something quicker than reloading, don't underestimate a pistol w/ a quickdraw mag. "About impact of player's damage" Are you talking about when you get shot or hit somebody? If you hit someone they fucking explode like a ripe tomato being thrown on the floor. When you're hit, you explode like a ripe tomato being hit on the floor, and you make the most unattractive "UGH" sound ever, as well as your health bar going down. "Rifles have unrealistically low damage output" You need to find a middle ground when making a game, realistically a 9mm pistol can kill you from 50m if it hits your chest since it's fuck your lungs up, what's more if you're hitting someone 6 times and they're not dying, learn to shoot, it takes 3 shots upper chest to kill somebody with lvl 1 armor, the fact you hit someone 6 times and they can turn around then do more damage to you within 1-2 seconds being at that much of a health disadvantage makes this seem like you're crying about not being good. "Smgs pretty useless too" Suppressors with a UMP, anyone who's played this game enough to know how common smg/pistol suppressors are and how the sound works will instantly understand why I'm commenting this. Uzi for a room sweeper, it's pretty meh I'll agree. 5. "Zeroing doesn't work" I've never once felt the need to adjust my zeroing, not even with an 8x sniper scope, maybe that's why you're dying so much. My advice: If you see armor on someone, shoot their arms/legs to deal direct damage to their health Don't expect a pistol to be on the same level as an M16, that's just stupid, sorry for being rude. Pay more attention to your guy literally painting his immediate surroundings red with blood and moaning at you when you're hit. If you need to use a SMG, make sure you ideally aim for close combat, that's what they specialize in. Different areas of the body take different damage values. Different weapons do different damage at different ranges. Guns shouldn't be balanced at all, that's what makes the gunplay good, not everyone can walk around with a 1shot1kill AR. Don't zero unless they're really, really far away, learn the rough bullet drop for your average player encounters but keep note the bullet drag system WILL change in the future. (Rude) TL;DR: Stop crying, game works fine, just learn from your negative experiences to improve, moaning for the game to be changed to suit your needs won't help you get better. Devs aren't here to make you git gud, that's your job.
  6. That's it. My immersion is officially broke. Uninstalling and quitting, thanks Bluehole. (srsly tho tents are the real MVP)
  7. I'll team with ya sometime my man. <3
  8. Not kidding, it's actual butt armor. Shoot your friends next time you play Duo
  9. Melee are OP. The frying pan actually deflects bullets, you've got a damn shield.
  10. Welcome to the forums @Duffington Bear!
  11. I've emailed them going over some of the obvious similarities yet also expressing I understand there's only so many ways to say "this backpack holds 50" though it seems pretty solid they've copied pasted and now I've noticed they've just copy pasted all the top guides on steam... My weapons guide and their copy As well as L33TCH's FPS guide: I know there's not really anything I can do but ooooh boooooy they're cookin' up a spicy meatball, rustling my jimmies like this.
  12. Is it just me or are they strikingly similar? Am I being a bitch and over-reacting here, or have they just copy pasted my guide then re-wrote the descriptions to make it less same?
  13. This guy's guide is strikingly similar to my own in terms of how he's laid everything out.
  14. Welcome to the forums Shadow, how're you liking the game so far, any wins yet? I feel you, I'm not the best player out there but I do have my moments when I somehow get 5 kills in under 5 minutes.
  15. Thanks for this, reading now!