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  1. I already reported it on the thread in which you report server issues. I was just wondering if it was just me or is it the actual servers... I am getting around 10-20 FPS constant... when starting a game and in the plane I get 4 FPS... Anyone else experiencing this? This is the first time it has happened since the early release came out
  2. Not a bad idea.... never know if people running away from you actually saw you flanking them or not...
  3. Played three games in a row on NA Servers... duo and squad... Every game had me going from 36 FPS to 4 FPS..... Fix the NA servers please......
  4. i 110% agree with this idea. I can't tell you how many times I have died by bleeding out while my teammate is reviving me
  5. Can we have a section on the forums made for people looking to play with a group when their friends are not online?
  6. So, my frames were on a roller coaster ride last game. Especially when I entered house. I was 90% fine outside while running, but as soon as I entered a house, my frames dropped dramatically.. Anyone else experience this? I don't believe it is on my end.
  7. Small bug of a tree spawning through a building. Nothing major. But still a bug!
  8. Does anyone know if Battlegrounds is adding the ability to view the map while spectating your teammates?
  9. NA Server Lag for Squad...
  10. Sounds interesting.... But I feel alot of time and effort would need to taken to develop something like that... I definitely like the idea though.
  11. Wow...... that either once in a million kill or that guy has an aimbot...
  12. I just noticed it after watching a Youtube video... and now I tried finding it during the pre-match lobby and it is not even on the wooden picnic table... They must of took it out of the game entirely for now.
  13. Definitely did. I don't even believe it was a one shot to the head. The reload took 10 years... and with only 1 arrow before reloading you would think the reload time would be like .5 seconds.
  14. Is it just me or is the Crossbow pretty much nonexistent now? I use to see them all the time and now I haven't for like 10-15 games straight...
  15. Experiencing Server Lag on NA Server In my Duos Game.