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  1. Add me on Steam! Always looking for a good duo or squad! My Steam is JAYMIZZ
  2. Hello everyone! Just wanted to let everybody know that we have released a PUBG Community Discord Server, for people who want to find others and play the phenomenon we all know and love. We are around 100 members strong and can always welcome more and more players who have the same passion as us; getting those chicken dinners! We feature a Stat-Tracking Bot, Music Bot, and many more cool features! It does not matter if you are the type of player who is competitive and just wants to win or if you are a little more laid back and wanna have a good time while winning, we have groups of people with both styles of play! Come join! Good Luck on the battlefield! https://discord.gg/uuHRakF
  3. I like this idea! Gives a even bigger sense of motivation instead of just being motivated to see the word "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"
  4. I actually love this as well. We definitely need some percentage to show how much HP we have. Eyeballing it does not really help in some situations... Especially when you are on the fly and find out you cannot bandage because you are over 75% HP.
  5. I actually love this.... Maybe with multiple pictures that fade out and change...
  6. In-game Name: JAYMIZZ Steam: JAYMIZZ Twitch: JAYMLZZ Discord: JAYMIZZ
  7. Add me on Steam on Discord, both are JAYMIZZ
  8. Steam Name is JAYMIZZ
  9. Add me on Steam: JAYMIZZ
  10. I like the idea of sheep/cows. Using them as cover and if shot they are obviously killed and your cover is now gone.
  11. I honestly rank the SCAR-L as the worst AR in the game right now. For me personally my ranking system for the AR's is: 1. AKM 2. M16 3. M4 4. SCAR-L The only time you will see me using a SCAR-L is when I pick it up in the beginning of a game and cannot find any other AR.
  12. - AWM - M24 - M249 - (2) 15x Scopes - (5) 8x Scopes - (3) Supply Crates Very fun game! Let me know if you guys have ever had this much good loot
  13. I am EST timezone. Still looking for people by the way!
  14. I am tired of playing with kids that have no idea how to play the game or shoot properly... Looking for a duo/squad that is competitive and very good at the game. I especially love Duo's but will play Squad if I have the right players. https://pubg.me/player/JAYMlZZ