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  1. Theres clothes in h1 BR as well. Its probably if i had to guess... because they used coding from something else that had clothes spawn written in it and just never took it out. But then again, just a guess...
  2. I saw this happen quite a few times... thought it was supposed to happen lmao. It was typically when the circle was getting really small so figured it was a double "end game" type air drop
  3. Just because an engine is old, doesn't mean its easier to run. Silly goose. I run h1 better than dayz And yea i would agree, at least 12gb ram is preferable these days.
  4. FREE?!?! That angers me...
  5. I had the same thought earlier today, glad someone posted it!!
  6. What is this, dayz ?
  7. Or maybe just stops in place when you start to revive, so if you stop reviving it just continues to bleed from said place instead of starting over? Maybe..
  8. Just got 1 shotted in a closed room by someone i couldn't see. Then finished off by someone i still couldn't see. Please for the life of everything holy, fix the invisible bug
  9. Ohhh maybe if you get your key officially from them, yea. Wasn't thinking about it like that. I got my key from a streamer... wouldn't think i'd get a "buddy" email
  10. So glad i had read this. Saved us in two games last night
  11. I believe the streamer might have misinformed you. I have never heard of this email..
  12. They have all patch notes under news and announcements.
  13. Yea you're probably correct. Still had a blast last night. Can't wait for 11am!!!
  14. Thats what i was thinking. Maybe something to do with suppressor dmg reduction. Is there any links to notes on attachment affects?
  15. Damn... I wonder what gives then. It was 4 people left (including me and my partner) if i would have killed that guy i probably would have won. But i cleared shot the guy in the head and he didn't die. So iono. Was just wondering!