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  1. I dont even seem to have any shaders? I hit scroll lock and nothing happens lmao
  2. Being able to 300yard kill with an ump? lolz. yip
  3. Its garbage. Fix it. /end rant And fix the goddamn red dots and holo's /end rant
  4. Still no fix for the black box glitching?!
  5. When i try to redeem my key for the deluxe clothes, it says invalid key. But i just used the same key to activate and install the game. Patiently waiting for a week now...
  6. Thanks game
  7. That just means they're not paying attention. Not the programmers fault. Theres clearly a timer on your screen the whole game. Counting down for EVERY circle. Lmao.
  8. Nah its not even the zeroing @depreshun the acog is wonky as fuck for me too. Shots feel all over the place.
  9. Thats why my secondary is always a shotgun. CQC shotgun > rifle. Everytime
  10. consoles

    Lets get it right on PCs first, gents.
  11. No but if its like it was in alpha/beta, they will cap at 7000
  12. Control your epeen, m8. This is definitely a horrible way to think. If they want to make money they will be a little user friendly. While it would help. It would kind of be a waste of time IMO. Only takes 1-2 games to realize each circle does more and more damage.
  13. No call of duty crap please.
  14. Wish this was more so the case. My cpu hardly sees 50% usage. Where as my r9 290 4gb is always 95-100%
  15. I did try it in game =P