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  1. i want more actual videos hype its killing me.
  2. South america server??? yeah, its just matter of time.... in alpha phase 2, we was the %4.7 players on the game who live in SA. in the beta that number will rise...... maybe %8...... we need to be like %30 and wait maybe 3 or 4 months... that its what will happend.... maybe... who knows
  3. damm Interrogate, you must add me on steam, YoutubeFRANPAPA its my nickname.
  4. rocket launcher only in team modes... as a very veeeery rare item.... could be great
  5. Wytepz, thx you for your reply, i have more than 3k hours on battle royale, and i know for sure that the looting dead its the dead more stupid in the game, any kid can kill you easily.... that isnt smart, that isnt strategic.... that is nothing more that dying in the most ridiculus way in a 35 min match. i know daybreak cant see that.... but this game its build by gamers, and they will see this in some point in future... i know it.
  6. yeah it will be special for sure.....hope they test the drag of loots, but its only a dream
  7. i want to see a sixs at 4th weekend i mean.... men, we have lot of vehicles that can support 6 players and i think there will be more
  8. Interrogate, you rlz men. ty for the reply, i didnt see that suggestions, my bad i think devs must try this out at least 1 week on beta!
  9. hey guys! i cant remember the name of the map..... any one knows?
  10. Hello to all forum friends and developers, today I bring to you a suggestion that maybe is good or maybe not, the only way to know is to test it and see what reaction it has in people. I, in addition to many people with experience in battle royale, we believe that dying looting is a shitty death, since any person without skills can kill you at that moment, so my suggestion is that on some weekend (the fourth would be Great) add a way to be able to drag the box with the loot to a safe place .... the mechanism to drag the box, along with the details of what would happen when the character is dragging the box, I refer to the details as per Example, that your character slow walk product of the effort, or have to use the 2 hands and you can not have the gun at that time .... I do not know, there are many good things that can implement this idea, you are the best To plan this .... did you understand my idea? .... Forgive me for my bad command of English. So that's it, add the way you can drag the loot, in a balanced way, causing your character to move slow or whatever .... What do you think about this? Could work in? I think it would be one of the many differences by which I choose to play battlegrounds
  11. team its always more fun, and promote clans its the way of success
  12. i have 3 questions mr playerunknowns. 1) Are you afraid? "You should be. You’re in the great game now, and the great game’s terrifying" 2) how can i can get tons of CBT keys? cuz i have tons of friends that i promest that i will send news some good news. 3) how can i be one of the few players with custom host games? i have the first community with spanish lenguaje about battlegrounds, and men... that could be awsome. i mean, i have more than 3k hours on battleroyale, i friking love this mode. and im sure i could do some crazy shits with my people. hey ! thx for read me dudes! see you in game.
  13. i think im winning at the moment, 17 feb. its the date! (hope)
  14. i think the beta will start the 17 feb. bye!