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  1. thx for the reply hawkinz!!! i really REALLY enjoy when some one watch and enjoy 1 of my videos. i want to tell you that i will upload A LOT of battlegrounds when the game be ready, so if you want more, you know... suscribe bye bye !
  2. baby im onfire, if you like the content, you must suscribe becouse i friking love this game and i will upload tons of content when this release on the first quarter 2017 >D
  3. alright! thx bro.
  4. i will follow them! thx for reply.
  5. hello there, the alpha 2 was a dope! i just want to know when alpha 3 will be rdy, becouse i want to play this game already, and there will be no test next week,,,, and i also want to know when the game will be release for pre purchase or something. thx
  6. nice battle moment !!! i enjoy the whole video. do you have a youtube channel ??? i want to suscribe for more videos of battlegrouds. you can check my channel as well, hope you will like it.
  7. this is a BAD NEW Blahman.... looks TOO BAD if the engine dont support SLI.... SOME OFFICIAL REPLY PLZ !!! .... any admin can help here??? say hi maybe ?
  8. Priest333, WHAT??????? my new FAV GAME will close???? when we could play again??? BG_FWG ok thx you mate.
  9. yeah the same here.... this game rocks so hard! i cant wait to play it next week. fan number one here!
  10. Hypothetical, the same bug happend to me like 4 times in this week. the same invisible player that kill me, he was invisible as well for my partner.
  11. i didnt know about the wipe, im just traing to be helpful ty for the reply
  12. i try refreshing the list, restarting the pc, restart the game and stuff, nothing works for me.... hopefull there is other way to invite dudes.. but the friend list dont work on me.
  13. the blast of the car explotion doesnt make any dammage to players.