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  1. What will you play, while you wait?

    i play nothing.... a few csgo games.... the only shit i want to play its battlegrounds... and of corse, i play a lot of solo games... yersterday i finish the RE7... good shit good shit
  2. No Leaderboards but we have working skin crates added?

    i totally get it.... you fell likes too many others.... but you need to see the reality, THIS IS BETA, competitive 100% is not the goal on this stage. but, like you try to say, there is a TOP LIST OF PRIORITIS, and the crate..... FUCK THE CRATE, FUCK SKINS, FUCK REWARDS, all of that shit must go to the botom of the list... but, i think we are over reacting becouse the beta isnt finish yet, so .... lets have a welcome to this shities crates, ands lets this people works on the beta with out problems.... they are doing the best work on battle royale game ever... so, i think they will have the leadderboard at ends of march.
  3. DUOS ONLY - 24HR servers this weekend

    duos is so far away more cool than solos... and i cant w8 for the fours on the 4th weekend
  4. Couple highlights and clips from the weekend!

    haha I have to go and renew my driver's license, last weekend maybe i Run over with the car some good people.
  5. First clan on battlegrounds- SKY LEGENDS

    haha im so ready :3
  6. Couple highlights and clips from the weekend!

    i enjoy yours vids, ty for sharing !!!
  7. marihuana times... i know what its feel bro
  8. Face Pain

  9. Pent House Parking

  10. Driver don't want to get out lol

    i have a lot of fun with die people in cars
  11. ¿Como lo consigo?

    ademas, en el link de la comunidad q pase anteriormente, ya sorteamos mas de 70 keys para la comunidad latina!!!
  12. ¿Como lo consigo?

    el viernes voy a estar entregando keys en mi twitch /franpapa
  13. First clan on battlegrounds- SKY LEGENDS

    i have this : Intel i7-5930k @3.50GHz Geforce GTX 980 (SLI) Geforce GTX 980 (SLI) 16 GB RAM DDR4 SSD disk for battlegrounds and the mother its a MSI x99 plus i made it by myself almost 2 years ago.
  14. First clan on battlegrounds- SKY LEGENDS

    ty Hawkinz! me and my mates have a clan on H1Z1 But the game was never in that direction, On the other hand, battlegrounds its going to be BIG, we cant wait for be part of the top ladder on duos and maybe fives? who knows? we are already RDY and we have more than 3k hours on battleroyale experience as a clan! also we want to reach the sponsorship of the game, maybe in the future... any way, ty for reply this post, its important to me
  15. First clan on battlegrounds- SKY LEGENDS

    ty adrian for the reply here and on youtube! i did this video with much love