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  1. Zyonyte - Introduction

  2. Intro!

    Welcome to the forums
  3. Hi i'm new to this forum

  4. Favorite Childhood Game?

    Just curious to see what the community grew up with and enjoyed as a child/teen. You can pick up to three if need be because I know it can be hard to choose just one sometimes Fallout 2, CS 1.3/1.6 and the Original Ghost Recon where my fav games growing up. Many a sleepless night.
  5. Favorite Gun

    What is everyone's favorite firearm in a video game? and why?
  6. Intel Hd graphics users...

    I doubt it will in the future unfortunately, the minimum requirements ATM is a GTX 660, which struggles to run the game currently, and that itself is a lot more powerful than integrated graphics.
  7. Hi all

    Welcome to the forums
  8. Hello

  9. Favorite Childhood Game?

    Good games
  10. Favorite Childhood Game?

    You and me both
  11. Tank_Califin

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  12. Introduction

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  13. Hello All

    Welcome to the forums
  14. Hi Unknown Players :D

  15. Hello Community

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  16. Nothing wrong with being Canadian. But I never say sorry Cheers lol

    From my experience, the only way to find someone from the game that you played with on steam if their username is different from their PUBG name is just to ask while you were in game with them, or to ask them to find you on the forums and PM you since you have an account. Other than that I don't know of other options.
  18. Why when writing a forum post...

    Once you hit 10 posts you are allowed full access to the entire forums As for the RNG there is already a few topics about this subject. Check them out when you are able to.
  19. Helloww Guys, 077_Altair Here !!!

    Welcome to the forums
  20. I am a snake, follow me!

    Welcome to the forums If I have an AWM I'll be sure to not shoot the snake, unless you are the last one left between me and my chicken dinner
  21. introducing myself

    Welcome to the forums
  22. New here and to pc gaming

    Welcome to the forums
  23. Hi :) Intro myself

    No problem mate If you eventually want some people to play with check out this section of the forum http://forums.playbattlegrounds.com/forum/39-looking-for-players/ You can add me as well if you want, I'm kinda random in the times I play, but when I do and I have a slot available you are welcome to join
  24. off days?

    I care about my ranking as well, but sometimes when I am having an off day, just let go about the stress of trying to do well and just dick around/have fun in the game. You'd might be surprised how much fun you have, and sometimes if you and your mates are messing around instead of going for a chicken dinner, you may end up getting one anyways. Example of this would have been last night and a few weeks ago prior also with a buddy of mine, @iAmHaze actually, we were having some really rough rounds, so we jumped into the next match and decided to just have some fun and mess around, and we ended up winning those game, we didn't even try until we realized that there was only 10 people left and we could nab this. Not only that, our stomachs hurt from the laughter we were having while playing Anyways, hope you are able to get back into your hot streak.
  25. They are adding takedowns, and from the mo cap they teased it looks like kicking downed or crouched/laying down enemies will be a thing.