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  1. Same does not really go for DDR4 DDR4 comes in at 2400MHz(Well thats the lowest speed they sell here), if you clock that down to 1600MHz you'll see about a 10% drop in minimum FPS which is not "very little". Not that anyone will do that, just saying it kinda does matter with DDR4. DDR3...naw...I'd still say go and buy a 2x8GB kit and be done with it. You can really even buy it second hand since its DDR3 and lots of people are upgrading to DDR4 dropping them at good prices(+Lifetime warranty). With win10, Steam, 2 Chrome tabs, TS, GPU-z, HWiNFO, running alongside PUBG will max out 8GB...did on mine and with 16GB now its much better and I can actually Alt+Tab without the game bombing.
  2. Well mine seems to be fixed now. All I did was remove all the launch options and change some settings to higher graphics. Everything @ Very Low Texture: High View Distance: High AA: Ultra Averaging 63 now but lowest it dips is 50 which is MUCH better than the cancerous power-point shit I had to endure. Conclusion: When you increase the graphics you increase the load on the GPU, then you lessen load on the CPU as the GPU becomes the bottleneck which is right, it should never be the other way as that causes stuttering. Now the weird thing is the CPU never exceeded 70% usage during play so the fact that this removed the stuttering is a mystery in itself. It should not have had this result thus dum dum dum The stuttering is due to the games code/optimization in this patch as it was not present in the previous. (some experience it, others don't, so those that experience it must have some hardware which don't suit the new patch, I hope the next patch fixes this)
  3. fps

    Note: the spike in CPU usage is dude to opening task manager, CPU usage never passes 75%.
  4. Its not really general help since its a bug that came with the patch, never experienced this pre-patch so its something that got bugged/broken with the latest version.
  5. NOTE: CPU usage showing the spike isn't correct, its just due to opening task manager. I uploaded a screenshot there where I was experiencing the micro stutters as well. Look @ the GPU usage, it drops down to 0 GPU: R9 290; CPU: 2600k@4.6; RAM: 8GB@1600MHz; SSD. HWiNFO64 states my RAM never surpasses 80% usage and my CPU never goes past 75%. This problem started after the new update. I have tried MULTIPLE fixes, drivers, overclocking, power profiles, frame rate target control etc. GTA V and Witcher 3 show none of this, both titles stick to 94-99% load on the GPU.
  6. CPU: 2600K @ 4.6Ghz RAM: 8Gb @ 1600Mhz GPU: R9 290 OC RES: 2560x1080 ultra wide Game on SSD. Everything on very low and I seem to be getting stuttering now. Previous patch had no stuttering but now it seems like my 1% lows are much lower after this patch, average about 75fps but I still get stutters. Anyone else experiencing these stutters? A fix for this maybe? (GPU@100% load; CPU@~70% MAX; RAM@80% usage MAX; all in all it seems like there should be no stuttering considering the SSD, RAM and CPU aren't bottlenecking as they don't reach 100% usage during gameplay. WTF could this be then.)
  7. Any update on when this will be resolved? The FOV "fix" is cancerous at 2560x1080
  8. Suider Afrika asseblief! (South Africa please)
  9. I honestly don't mind paying for content but I'd like to have more choice than most provide. But yeah, I hope it won't be where you have to pay for gun packs etc. as then you can't even pick up the guns lying around till you've bought the new DLC. I'd like paying for new maps. Maybe lock new content to new maps and not make it like Arma where you see all the shinies but just can't pick them up, that's pretty frustrating But yeah, getting paid for your work is perfectly fair in my opinion. Just let it be good work and keep out the hackers then I'll be spending money here, leave the hackers and a lot will leave Great game and I like the confirmed goals set by Bluehole for the game, but again, HACKERS, keep them at bay.
  10. Well I wouldn't say this is a definitive, but it might be that your GPU VRAM is the limiting factor. I experienced the same when games started using more than 1GB on my old HD5850. Might want to ask on they will have more legit answers.
  11. + yes please!
  12. Well I'm running 2600k as well, 4.6GHz and an HD7950 OCd so pretty similar to yours, not sure if you CPU is overclocked or not, other than that they should perform pretty much identical. Everything is set to its lowest except AA, thats set to low. 1920x1080 and I get about 80fps in open areas but drop down to ~35fps in big cities. I've never experienced the freezes. 10 second freeze...damn. 2 possible causes. GPU VRAM(my 3GB card uses all 3GB even at 1280x1024, doesn't cause any freezing though, just feel the framerate dropping more when driving fast through the map) and HDD/SSD. Test: 1. Use monitoring tool to check how much VRAM your Graphics card is allocating, if it maxes out the 2GB(which it should in this game even at 1280x1024) - use GPU-Z 2. Make sure the game is installed on your SSD and not HDD, that could be another cause.
  13. hahahahahaha! nice one man!
  14. I'll try that, thanks.
  15. Well I hope it gets implemented, cause none of my South African mates want to play this with the ~200ms ping so I'll have to make friends to play with as I go. Thanks for the replies. I like how Paladins' system works, you just click on the party button next to a players name in the scoreboard and you party up, don't even have to befriend them.