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  1. This thread is for posting any map specific bugs, like being able to walk through a particular wall that should be solid, a place that you got stuck and other things like that. Please post a screenshot of the location where the map bug is and also write the coordinates in your post Videos are also welcome, but please keep them short or timestamp them to the pertinent part of the video. Please make sure that it hasn't already been reported before you post your screenshot! *Please do not post videos that are 3-5 minutes long. No mp4 files. Either take a screenshot or clip the video to only show where you got stuck.*
  2. Here's a list of some controls you might not know about. Keep in mind everything is DEFAULT binds so if you rebound your keys, it may be different for you. When rebinding keys, make sure all slots have been bound to a key in order to be able to APPLY settings. Hold right click and E or Q - changes the camera view for Right Click ADS Hold left click after shooting - Gun will stay scoped in so you can watch where your bullet lands X - Puts away all equipped items Hold SHIFT - Hold breath when scoped, will also zoom in slightly if you are not scoped CTRL + Right click or drag - Split items = is Auto run Right click tap brings out Iron sights/ADS Holding right click will zoom in aim Looking down with your mouse while swimming will take you deeper Looking straight down with your mouse and pressing W while parachuting will help you get to max speed 230km/h. This way your parachute will deploy lower and you will lose less speed when it is deployed. 7,8,9,0 are the default keybindings for medical and boost items. You can switch between different types of grenades by pressing 5 multiple times CTRL + T - Voice chat mute/unmute CTRL+U - Toggle UI Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5 = Move vehicle seating positions. Holding ALT while running or ADS will let you free look around your character Page Up / Page Down - Change zeroing parameters on 4x scope If you have controls that you would like to add to this list please feel free to do so. I will be periodically updating the list as more info comes in.
  3. These two are very underrated and underused items right now. But it can really help you. First off let's clarify what they do for you. In case you weren't aware both will give you heal over time. The notches that you see on the bar (top of health bar), 2nd will give you sprint/movement boost and the 3rd notch will give more sprint boost + health regeneration. Only health regen past 1st notch. Health regen, speed boost past 3rd notch. 1 pain killer will get you up to 2nd notch; 1 energy drink will get you up to 1st notch and a half; Energy drinks full regeneration will get you up to about 95%. You will need to drink 2 energy drinks if you want full regen. It is REALLY slow though, FYI. You can always load up before you head into a fight to help with heal over time too. Trying to get to the safe zone but still have ways to go? Pop that pain killer or couple of energy drinks past that second notch so you can move a little faster.
  4. This is a list of suggestions that has been given overtime and is known by the devs or have already been addressed. If you create a post containing anything in this list or below posts, your thread will be deleted. Optimization Sounds - W.I.P. Kill cam Shooting range - It will be added at a later date confirmed by the devs. Hit markers / Bullet sounds - Please join linked discussions if you want to add your own thoughts. Discussion 1 Discussion 2 Bleeding when reviving teammates - Known bug will be fixed Ping indicator / Ping lock Vaulting/Climbing/Jumping - Vault Mechanic, Climb and such will be coming in the few months, Jumping will be entirely removed when it is introduced, which is expected to take 2 months(end of May) - Source Safe zones / Circles / End zones - will be reworked Team markers - added FOV Slider Replay feature Rebind SHIFT/mouse wheel Disable gun sounds in lobby Tampering .ini files / Low foliage disadvantage Gun in AUTO mode instead of SINGLE on pick up Toggle lean Rangefinder/Binoculars Lobby noise - You can CTRL+T to mute mics. Guns will either be removed in the future or an option to mute/lower sound will be added. Weather / Day / Night System Name Change - Currently there's no way to change your in-game name. Something might be implemented later on. Reconnect option - Already stated by PU that this will create a disadvantage and it will not be implemented.
  5. That's because the patch is not live yet. It is fixed in the next patch coming on the 20th.
  6. Clothing doesn't give you any more "slots" to carry items. The only items that help with you carrying more things is backpacks, your utility belt and vests. The higher level on backpack and vest, the more slots you have.
  7. @cabbageflaps @MeatyOwlLegs @M1st3r J4ck If you read his statement, he's statement is directed towards the people that are complaining because they want super wide FOV and that is not their game design. He clearly states IN HIS OPINION that 80 FOV is not bad. Again, He's only expressing his opinion. Now you may very well disagree, which is of course welcomed and understood. It also doesn't stop you guys from making him see that is not the issue. The team listens to the community as you can clearly see from the patch notes released today. And they will make necessary changes if they feel it is needed. So, instead of being one and done, as I have asked from you guys earlier, post your screenshots, explain your situation and we will forward to the team. But going on rants about what has been said (I'm not saying all of you are doing it, only certain people), or insulting the team will definitely not help your cause.
  8. The previous driver should work fine.
  9. No need to be smart. You asked a question, I replied. The reason I said many times over is because you were wondering if there was a written rule or not or it was something that was being pushed by players. Which is not the case.
  10. Teaming in anything but intended methods are against the rules and is a bannable offense. This has been announced many times over Twitter and in the dev blog.
  11. Please continue the discussion here
  12. Might wanna read the latest updates
  13. Players, This week we roll out our first monthly patch. This patch will the first of many to address performance, fix bugs and add new content to the game. I must stress that we will not be able to fix all performance issues with a single patch. For this patch, we focused on stabilizing performance for all users, trying to ensure there would be less FPS drops, and improve performance for those with lower spec systems. Optimizing the game will take us time, and will continue all through early access, so please have patience while we work to improve the game experience for all players. We are opening a Test Server to better manage our updates and ensure stability before we push updates to the Live Servers. We will push each new update to this server on the Wednesday of the week, to allow a full days testing before updating the live servers. We will have the exact time you should expect this server to be online tomorrow, so stay tuned to our Twitter! We are aware that some of you are experiencing what appear to be memory leaks, and we will work on fixing this going forward, but over the last month, we have been concentrating on improving the performance for min spec systems, and stabilizing FPS for everyone no matter what their PC specs. We are still a relativity small team, so we must focus on one problem at a time right now. We are working to expand the team, but finding the right people with suitable experience and capabilities takes time, so please bear with us. Next I need to address a slight price change for the game in New Zealand. We’ve been seeing some abnormal patterns in our New Zealand sales. It turns out that due to the comparatively low price in New Zealand (roughly US$25) and the fact that gifting from New Zealand to other countries is not restricted the same as it is for other countries like China, Russia and Brazil, people seem to be exploiting the system. We have slightly raised the price to US$28 to combat this. I also want to address server lag once again. The lag you experience on the servers is not due to the hardware or size of the server, nor does it have to do with the number of players online. It is due to a networking issue with the core engine code, and it is something we are working hard to resolve, but it is not a simple issue to fix, so it will take us some time. Please bear with us and we will get it fixed as soon as we can. Finally, before we get to the patch-notes for this month’s update, I want to once again thank everyone for their support over the past month. We broke 100,000 concurrent users on Monday which is a huge milestone for any game and we wouldn’t have done this without the tremendous support of every player, so from all team here, a sincere thank you.This patch will be deployed for both clients and servers Thursday, April 20, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete.Early Access - Month 1 - Patch Notes Known issues The motorbike leans slightly to the right when being driven straight. The tires of the motorbike cannot be shot out at the moment [Non-English Players] There are some mistranslated in-game texts and they will be shown in English Client Performance Improvements Made some improvements to address the issue of FPS drops when opening the inventory UI Reduced the load on the CPU through instance rendering so that the GPUs can function to their full capabilities Made improvements to address the issue of FPS severely dropping when in the vicinity of Yasnaya, Polyana & Georgopol Rendering performance on PCs with minimum system requirements has been improved Graphic performance and quality on PCs with minimum system requirements has been improved Server Performance Improvements Performance improvements have been made with relation to the items spawned in the world Content Updates Added Vector SMG. A very powerful SMG most appropriate for short to mid-range combat that is spawned in the world Added Motorbike w/ sidecar. A sidecar-less version will be added in a future update Added a 2X Aimpoint scope Added a Ballistic Mask Added 3 new color variations for the Dacia Added the crossbow back into the game World Adjusted the density of environmental elements to be identical across all graphic options Adjusted object placement to address issues of characters getting stuck Adjusted placement of trees that were spawning inside houses or above the terrain Adjusted the frequency of thunder sound effects UI Revised certain system messages and item descriptions. Added descriptions for attachments The dead team-mate icon will now disappear after a certain time and distance when in team modes Map markers are now visible to all teammates Names of teammates now appear on the world map Gameplay You are now able to move sideways and backwards in the REVIVE state The REVIVE timer will no longer decrease when a team mate is attempting to revive you When attempting to revive a team mate, the reviving timer icon will now also be visible to the player being revived Adjusted the character position slightly when in the REVIVE state Made improvements to address the issue of characters shaking while being spectated You are now able to open the world map when spectating You can now view the casting bar when the teammate you are spectating uses heal and/or boost items You can no longer use heal and/or boost items when in water Action/Gunplay Adjusted the overall balance on all attachments Adjusted the overall balance on Assault Rifles We will continue to balance all weapons and attachments throughout Early Access Fixed the issue that caused cars to temporarily stop when their tires get shot out You can now sprint when in the crouch stance Fixed the issue of “Armed/Unarmed” state not being applied when there are delays in the server network The blood hit effect size now varies according to the weapon caliber You can now move when in aiming and/or scoping in the prone state Fixed an issue with the sitting position of the character in the back-right seat of the UAZ Fixed an issue with the position of the left hand when reloading the AWM Fixed an issue where aiming from vehicles was not accurate The positions of bullet hits are now the same for both yourself and the others Fixed an issue that caused the hit box for the head to be slightly larger than the actual head Adjusted the ragdoll physics for dead characters to be more natural Fixed an issue that caused the character to use the wrong aim offset when using the freelook function while holding a grenade Fixed an issue that caused the landing-from-a-high-altitude motion to seem awkward when holding a pistol Improved the quality of zoomed-in scope views Bolt actions are now triggered even after the final shot has been fired, so that you can starti re-firing as soon as reload is complete Added swimming animations to go upwards and downwards Fixed an issue that caused the reticle to appear even when in situations where you are not able to shoot Your character now uses a different animation when in crouch stance while holding a melee weapon Made improvements to the reload animations for the M249 Made improvements to the reload animations for the P1911 The muzzle flash is now brighter than before and is now visible from a longer distance Sound There are now sound effect differences for supersonic and non-supersonic bullet speeds Made adjustments so that the sound of the bullet flying through air doesn’t play when shots are fired from a short distance from your character You can now figure out what floor the opponents are at just by listening to their footsteps Adjusted the firing sound of the SKS in mid to long range combat Adjusted the volume of the footsteps Miscellaneous We have opened a test server to better manage our content and secure stability for our live environment updates Additional in-game texts have been localized Bug fixes Fixed a bug that caused some buildings to not be visible at long distance Fixed a bug that caused a knocked out player to be ejected in front of a vehicle. If knocked out in a vehicle, you will now be ejected to the side Fixed a bug that caused weapons to clip through walls Fixed a bug that caused the icons for certain “pants” items to not appear correctly Fixed a bug that caused the PLAYERUNKNOWN shoes to not render properly Fixed a bug that caused the hit effects to play at random Fixed a bug that caused bald characters to have hair Fixed a bug that caused disconnects after 5 minutes into a match See you in-game,PLAYERUNKNOWN
  14. There are 10K+ members in this forum. We can't individually reply to everyone. Whatever is posted in forums, devs are aware of it.
  15. @mrwhispers Your post was deleted because of your inappropriate language and it will keep being deleted if you keep up your behaviour.. Being hostile in the forums in any way is not tolerated. This is already a know issue forwarded to the devs. I would highly suggest reporting your issues in a civil manner. You will not be warned again.
  16. Would you be able to upload that on youtube please. Thank you!
  17. Please follow these steps - Go to %appdata% -> local -> TslGame -> Saved ->Config ->WindowsNoEditor -> GameUserSettings and change bIsVoiceInputMute to False Appdata is a hidden folder so make sure you make it available for view.
  18. The latest Nvidia drivers and Windows 10 update has compatibility issues. Please rollback your driver to the previous version. See if the problem persists.
  19. Just to clarify, you haven't made any changes to the .ini file or using any type of macros etc? Would you may be able to submit a clip?
  20. Try this fix
  21. From Smookie "Armor yes (a lil bit below 60-lvl1 armor), limbs ~40 dmg. Also mind damage falloff after some distance"
  22. Kindly fill out the template for reporting bugs