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  1. This thread is for posting any map specific bugs, like being able to walk through a particular wall that should be solid, a place that you got stuck and other things like that. Please post a screenshot of the location where the map bug is and also write the coordinates in your post Videos are also welcome, but please keep them short or timestamp them to the pertinent part of the video. Please make sure that it hasn't already been reported before you post your screenshot! *Please do not post videos that are 3-5 minutes long. No mp4 files. Either take a screenshot or clip the video to only show where you got stuck.*
  2. Does this answer to your question now?
  3. Here's a list of some controls you might not know about. Keep in mind everything is DEFAULT binds so if you rebound your keys, it may be different for you. When rebinding keys, make sure all slots have been bound to a key in order to be able to APPLY settings. Hold right click and E or Q - changes the camera view for Right Click ADS Hold left click after shooting - Gun will stay scoped in so you can watch where your bullet lands X - Puts away all equipped items Hold SHIFT - Hold breath when scoped, will also zoom in slightly if you are not scoped CTRL + Right click or drag - Split items = is Auto run Right click tap brings out Iron sights/ADS Holding right click will zoom in aim Looking down with your mouse while swimming will take you deeper Looking straight down with your mouse and pressing W while parachuting will help you get to max speed 230km/h. This way your parachute will deploy lower and you will lose less speed when it is deployed. 7,8,9,0 are the default keybindings for medical and boost items. You can switch between different types of grenades by pressing 5 multiple times CTRL + T - Voice chat mute/unmute CTRL+U - Toggle UI Ctrl+1,2,3,4,5 = Move vehicle seating positions. Holding ALT while running or ADS will let you free look around your character Page Up / Page Down - Change zeroing parameters on 4x scope If you have controls that you would like to add to this list please feel free to do so. I will be periodically updating the list as more info comes in.
  4. You need to contact @Panky
  5. Try deleting your GameUserSettings.ini file and relaunch the game. When you are changing bindings around, make sure all controls have a key bound to it or you will not be able to save.
  6. bug

    Make sure everything is updated. Might want to give this a read - Try verifying files via Steam. If that doesn't work, try uninstalling the game and then doing a search in your PC and delete every file with TslGame that remained after the uninstall, then reinstall the game.
  7. While the website states it's not, you can still report them there. We are in the process of re-wording the response. Thank you.
  8. We are taking every report and suggestions to better the reporting system seriously. We also ask for your patience and to work with us while we work out the best system for everyone involved. We are still in early access, nothing is set in stone. Just do remember couple important points: Battleye bans in waves it's not per person/report type of ban Most videos/hacks that you guys post are more often than not, already known by the dev team. So, you are just helping that video gain more traction by posting here. Feel free to always DM moderators of the forum if you have videos/websites you know of. There will always be cheaters, the fight against them never ends. We may get rid of one but then another 10 will come up. Again, we are still in early access and are aware of all the issues. So, you can either choose to help us by reporting/suggesting how to better the system or keep complaining and that way nothing gets achieved. Help us to help you.
  9. With all due respect, the examples you are using are all AAA companies with a lot of manpower. Bluehole is nowhere near that, remember this game only started with a team of 30-35 about a year ago and is now in the process of expanding. While I can't say much, please do know that we take all the reports seriously and everything is closely watched by the team and Battleye. Also, do remember that Battleye bans in waves so if you report someone and still get him in the next match, that doesn't mean you are ignored. You also need to be patient with us/BE. As you said, we are in EA. We are still building, fixing and doing anything we can to create an enjoyable experience for everyone. There are cheaters and will always be cheaters, it is a never-ending battle. I can understand why you want to see something about the actions being taken but maybe there is a reason it is not being released. I can only answer to the things that I know and this is something that the main team will decide on. I will definitely forward the suggestion but in the end, it is their decision what to do with it. Now it is your decision to lose trust in the game, while it is in EA going through growing pains or be supportive and do what you can to help the team better the game instead of questioning actions and losing faith. If the problems still persist after EA when it is released as a full game, then I'd say you have all the right. But it is still early access and it is not AAA company. I am curious though as to how you lose trust against single individuals. You realize my job has nothing to do with banning, keeping up with them nor reports that get submitted. So you hold me responsible for something that is not in the line of my job description?
  10. Because the game is mainly CPU intensive. I have same CPU and 980ti SLI and am still not running on Ultra. I have everything on very low except Textures/Effects on Medium and can barely get 30-60FPS.
  11. Before you make assumptions and point fingers, you might want to read the rules of the forums. Have a nice day!
  12. Players, This patch will be deployed to the main servers on Thursday, June 22nd, 5 PM KST / 8 AM UTC / 1 AM PDT and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete.The test server is already live! Server Performance Resolved an issue with server performance dropping drastically in certain circumstances. Client Performance Improved rendering performance of other characters. Improved client performance during ranged combat. Improved rendering performance of vehicles, motorbikes, and boats at a distance. Improved the rendering performance of weapon effects at a distance. Bug Fix Fixed a client crash that occurred when changing character appearance. Prevented users from removing shadows by changing Steam launch options. Fixed a bug that caused players to fire more ammo than the amount loaded. Fixed a bug that caused lung icon to be displayed as full while taking damage due to lack of oxygen underwater. Fixed an issue with indoor walls and objects overlapping each other. Fixed a bug that caused the wooden doors inside houses to have a metallic gloss. Fixed a bug that caused some parts of the clothing to be shown when firing a weapon while aiming down sights, using 4x or higher scopes. Fixed a bug that caused players to enter the DBNO state after drowning. You will now die immediately after taking fatal damage from lack of oxygen. Fixed a bug that prevented the use of healing items after firing full auto mode. Fixed a bug that caused flower beds to be shown incorrectly at a distance Partially fixed a bug that caused a character to be stuck in terrain. Partially fixed a bug that caused the camera to pass through some objects. See you in-game, PUBG Community Team
  13. I'm sorry? Where's the mistake in my spelling? It's quite low and It's quiet are two different things. Please read carefully before you try to undermine. I'll also post this, just for clarification. He posted a video accusing him, I explained how and where he was wrong. If he has other videos of evidence he can report. And yes, it does work. BE bans in waves and all reports are carefully looked at.
  14. Before spreading accusations, please watch the videos carefully. You can hear the footsteps at 9:08, it is quite low but it is there. The game sound volume is lowered for the stream so you hear the keyboard clicks more but on his end the volume would be higher. You can tell by the footsteps where the guy was positioned. Also, as for LyndonFPS, again he is one of the top H1Z1 and now PUBG players. Stop trying to start a witch hunt. If you feel like you have enough proof against them, then report them following the steps provided.
  15. Using macros are a bannable offense. If you have SOLID evidence showing that someone is using macros, you can report them via report tool.
  16. Just to be clear, this is NOT an official chart. We have not released any info for damages. So take everything mentioned with a grain of salt.
  17. Hoping this will clear things up a bit for you regarding how armor behaves. Explanation from our dev.
  18. If you purchased the game from the link on the playbattlegrounds website, your purchase was processed through Xsolla and all purchase/refund related enquiries should be directed at their support here:
  19. If you see someone cheating then report it via the website with good evidence. Also remember that BE bans in waves.
  20. Players, Today on the dev blog we look at what we have updated in this week’s upcoming patch. Before we get to that I want to again talk about server performance! We are now in the process of profiling our servers to find the choke points and track down what we need to improve in order to optimize them over the coming month. This takes time, but we will push updates to the servers once we have fixes for issues we find.We will do our first leaderboard and stats wipe tomorrow (Wednesday May 31st) at 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC. This will reset all player ranking and stats data. Your previous stats are saved and will be viewable in-game. The leaderboard tracking will remain offline for 24 hours and will return on June 1st at 4PM KST/12AM PDT/7AM UTC. All data for matches played during this time will NOT be saved. Now onto what we have changed and fixed in our weekly update. Please remember that our weekly updates are for pushing bug fixes and small performance updates, and should not be compared to our monthly patches.We will first roll this patch out to the test server tomorrow, Wednesday. No ETA for when this will happen yet, so stay tuned to our Twitter for updates!This patch will be deployed to the main servers on Thursday, June 1st, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete.Client Performance Improved performance by reducing effects played excessively during vehicle crashes Server Performance Improved performance on the server in relation to vehicles Bug Fixes Fixed a crash related to unequipping an item Fixed a crash related to when vehicles crashed Fixed a bug that caused a player to die without entering the REVIVE state when being shot by a shotgun or a full-auto weapon in DUO or SQUAD modes Fixed a bug that caused other players' voice chat to be heard at high volume on the airplane Fixed a bug that caused breath gauge to be shown incorrectly in certain situations Partially fixed a bug that caused a player to “die from falling” after getting stuck in buildings or vehicles Fixed a bug that caused sound to stutter when many players are swimming Fixed a bug that caused translucent crosshair to be shown on VSS scope Fixed a bug that caused a player to go back into the REVIVE state when two players start the revive action and one cancels See you in-game,PLAYERUNKNOWN
  21. Players, Before we delve into the patch notes for our second monthly patch, I first want to thank everyone for their amazing generosity at our Charity Invitational a few weeks ago. With the help of 128 fantastic streamers from Europe and North America and the amazing twitch community, we raised a total of $223,357.00 for Gamers Outreach![] Thank you all once again for helping the kids in a truly tremendous fashion! GG WP Next, another quick word about server performance. I have seen a lot of speculation about the cause of the lag some ofyou experience. One of the more popular theories is that we run our games on potato quality servers. I would like to put this theory to bed by telling you our servers run on the highest possible spec machines that AWS offer. We are currently in the middle of profiling the servers to attempt to track down the cause of the lag, but as I have said before, this will take us time to complete, so I ask for your patience while we work to improve server performance for all players. While next monthly update will be focused on improving server performance, theoptimisation process won't stop there, and we will continue to improve performance of the servers all the way through Early Access. Now onto what we have changed, fixed and added in this, our second monthly update! We will first roll this patch out to the Test Server tomorrow, Wednesday. No ETA for when this will happen yet, so stay tuned to our Twitter for updates!This patch will be deployed to the Stable Servers on Thursday, May 25, 5PM KST/1AM PDT/8AM UTC and is expected to take approx. 1 hour to complete.Early Access - Month 2 - Patch NotesClient Performance Improved CPU usage for world level streaming Improved rendering performance of fences Improved rendering performance of grass Improved rendering performance for weapons and attachments seen at distance Improved rendering performance by modifying certain weapon and vehicle effects that were unnecessarily rendered at distance Improved character animation performance Improved effect performance Improved the performance of team-mate name plate, map and mini-map in teamplay Content Added VSS. A suppressed sniper rifle with permanent 4X scope & chambered for 9mm ammo. This new weapon can be found in carepackages & as a very rare loot spawn Added Motorbike Gameplay Reduced the moving speed of the two final play zones for better engagement during the endgame Made a balance pass on certain weapons: Vector Reduced bullet damage slightly Increased deviation gain per shot Winchester/S686/S12K Reduced pellet damage slightly AKM Increased bullet damage slightly Fixed an issue where the players alive count would reduce when a player disconnected. Now the count will only go down upon the players death. Action & Gunplay Now players can put stock attachments on following weapons: SKS : Sniper rifle cheek pad Vector : Tactical stock (for M416) Adjusted the color of the aiming point for the basic crossbow scope. Added new scope rendering method (parallax free) allowing for greater aiming precision Improved ADS view Modified recoil for following weapons: AKM, SCAR, M16, M416 Fixed an issue allowing a player to zoom in with right click when waiting before throwing a grenade Decreased the time to ADS when using the 2X scope Vehicle Added punctured wheel effect and sound Added burnt markings to vehicles after being destroyed Added the motorbike number plate image When a vehicle explodes, the fences near the vehicle will now also be destroyed World Added new vegetation to the lobby UI Players can press ‘delete’ to remove their marker placed on the world map Adjusted the transparency of mini-map grid and coordinates text to make the map more visible Added a dotted line towards the next play zone on the mini-map Modified the icon design of the First Aid Kit Added Thai language in language options Added new key bindings for hold breath, motorbike air control and switch to previous weapon Sound Improved the sound of Motorbike Added sound for door destruction effect Bugfixes Fixed a bug that caused vehicles to be spawned in garages consistantly. Vehicles should be spawned at a higher rate in garages, but not at 100% Fixed an issue that disabled bullet tracing for SKS Fixed a bug that caused the game client to crash when a flashbang goes off Partially fixed bug that caused a character to get stuck in terrain, buildings or objects Partially fixed a bug that caused a vehicle to get stuck in buildings, fences or other vehicles Partially fixed a bug that caused items to be unlootable Fixed a bug that caused carepackages to shake when falling Fixed a bug that caused a throwable weapon to be thrown in the freelook direction and not the direction in which a character is facing Fixed an issue with two markers being visible when placing a marker in the airplane after placing it in the lobby Fixed a bug that caused a player icon to be doubled up on the minimap. Fixed a bug that caused the same color for two teammate icons Fixed a bug that caused the final play zone to be created over water Fixed a bug that sporadically muted the rain sound Significantly mitigated an issue that allowed a player in a closed house to be killed by the red zone bombs Fixed a bug that caused animation not to stop when using consumable items while reviving a teammate Fixed a bug that caused a character experience the damage effect at random Fixed a bug that caused all teammates to enter the REVIVE state when one teammate is hit by a bomb in Red Zone while being in a vehicle Fixed a bug that caused the REVIVE gauge not to disappear when the character being revived is disconnected Fixed a bug that caused the sound volume of UMP with silencer to be too low Fixed a bug that caused throwable items not to drop when switching to other weapons Fixed a bug that caused the trace effect to not disappear after using throwable weapons Fixed a bug where removing the pin from a grenade was canceled by changing the throwing posture. Fixed an issue with compass points not matching the actual direction when in the passenger seat of a vehicle Added a character animation for when dragging an item into the inventory See you in-game,PLAYERUNKNOWN
  22. These two are very underrated and underused items right now. But it can really help you. First off let's clarify what they do for you. In case you weren't aware both will give you heal over time. The notches that you see on the bar (top of health bar), 2nd will give you sprint/movement boost and the 3rd notch will give more sprint boost + health regeneration. Only health regen past 1st notch. Health regen, speed boost past 3rd notch. 1 pain killer will get you up to 2nd notch; 1 energy drink will get you up to 1st notch and a half; Energy drinks full regeneration will get you up to about 95%. You will need to drink 2 energy drinks if you want full regen. It is REALLY slow though, FYI. You can always load up before you head into a fight to help with heal over time too. Trying to get to the safe zone but still have ways to go? Pop that pain killer or couple of energy drinks past that second notch so you can move a little faster.