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  1. Still, the fact that you need high-end PC to play this game at it's current state is laughable. Also taking in the fact that the requirements in the game's store page state that with those said specs you should be able to play the game. Besides, remember that there were betas and alphas, I wonder what they spend that time doing if not making sure that the game would be playable for most people that don't have the luxury to upgrade their computer to high heavens when they could be playing far more polished early access games instead. And note that they ask about 30€ (In my currency) for this game is bit of an insult. Now I'm not bashing the dev (devs). The game has lot of potential and I do own the game in that hope that when its more playable, I'll get to enjoy this great game like many of the youtubers such as Force Gaming, H20 Delirious and other people have.
  2. But still, you'll be completely defenseless for those 5 to 30 seconds and its 90% chance that you'll die when the graphics and buildings have rendered, thus making this process completely useless for most matches. (Also taking account the fact if you land on a hill or something, you'll still be at huge disadvantage.)
  3. Where and is it complicated :o?
  4. So then, after the update that came to the game, I tried to get into a game but guess what happened folks... Yep, you guessed it. Now I know this is early access but when it comes to the point where a person can't even play the game with lowest settings, that's no longer early access but Alpha Access. I really hope that this get resolved soon. And I also confirmed that you really need to have beast of a PC to run this game, which is pretty unreal to be honest.
  5. I'll bloody buy it when I can play it so don't worry. I just need to use that 30€ to buy my self some food right now.
  6. I feel your pain. I re-funded my copy of the game.
  7. Anybody else having these kind of issues where the game lags like all hell and the buildings look just like in this picture and you can't hardly get into them?