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  1. Bug Description: A frame drop occurs due to the effects of dust, blood, and wood debris. Date Seen: ----- Server: TEST server AND LIVE SERVER Troubleshooting Attempted: Shooting against the wood at 1m distance. (not tree) Dust generated when the car drift blood effects Other Information: Launch Options: game options: scale(100), texture(verylow), etc(very low) System Specifications: Operating System: win 7 64bit Graphics Card: r9 280x 3gb CPU: i7-3770k 4.4GHz Ram: 8gb 1600
  2. ..................
  3. CPU: i7 3770k @4.4 RAM: 8Gb @ 1600Mhz GPU: R9 280x 17.4.2 RES: 1920x1080 game on ssd 40 50 fps avarage , when i use 4x acog my fps drops , when i receive a shot my fps drops too ...
  4. Please try setting the game to your Native Resolution. This should get rid of the black boxes as shown here. short video with what happens lower left corner I do not know what it is but it happens in all houses config i7 3770k z77 extreme 4 8gb dd3 1800 r9 280x 3gb drive 17.3.1 win 7 x64