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  1. In my opinion there's no doubt about it. There is an ELO based matchmaking system in place. Im placed between top100 and 300 right now on both EU and NA solos. Games have become way more challenging now. Tried a game on the AS server where i had never played before, just to see how the lag would be compared to the other servers. I ended up winning that game, couldn't really believe how easy it felt (due to my low rating, no flaming towards Asia). We have tried for weeks to get a moderator to speak about it, but for some reason they refuse to comment on whether there's an actual ELO based MM system in place or not. But as i said, there's no doubt in my mind, that there is!
  2. I'd say the reason you have trouble loading into games is because of too little RAM. The minimum requirement of 6gb stated for this game is an absolute joke and only applies for the menu screen. I'm using MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner to monitor everything on my system and i never go below 7gb of RAM usage. Hell, after a few games in a row my RAM usage bumps up to 11gb. So make sure you restart the game client frequently. Check this thread about RAM Usage if you wish.
  3. One could argue that if you never look forward to anything in life and then feel disappointed when things go south, you lack passion. Sad. And no. It's too late for the majority of us to request a refund by now.
  4. I completely agree, and have been saying this as well for a while. There is no way whatsoever that they'll fully release the game within the next 4 months. Just no. - However, this is one of those rare occasions where i can't wait to be proven wrong. rofl.
  5. Well i don't know Blueholes work schedule, but i believe anyone should be entitled to having weekends off to relax. But this tweet makes it sound like there's no more time this week to try and fix the issues, hence why they have to come back to us with an ETA early next week. - It's still only thursday over there...
  6. Aaand another one. 2nd monthly patch was postponed a week and now it just got postponed another half week due to some client crash issues. I think it's pretty safe to assume this means there won't be a weekly patch next week, just this monthly one. Now, test servers open up roughly 1 day before the patch is supposed to launch. Clearly it's not enough time to resolve the issues people have on the test servers, so they have to delay the patch - that's fair. But why is it that your immediate response is to postpone till early next week every time this happens, when it's only thursday? Do people not work on fridays in Korea? Help me understand, cause this to me seems like extremely poor execution. It's almost as if you can't comprehend just how much people are looking forward to dig into these changes during their long anticipated weekend, and how much it hurts your publicity delaying patches week after week like this. - At least try to fix the issues, before throwing in the towel and head on out for weekend, on a thursday!
  7. Yeah i just wanted to point out to people who's not aware, that they might get a better experience if they restart the game frequently.
  8. MSI Afterburner + Rivatuner. Can be downloaded for free here: When you install, it's going to ask you whether you also want to install Rivatuner or not. Make sure you do. Also, for it to be compatible with steam overlay, you need to enable "Stealth Mode" & "Custom Direct3D Support", otherwise you wont be able to pull up your steam overlay ingame, for some reason. It can be a bit complicated to set up... Also keep in mind that MSI Afterburner is a tool to overclock your graphics card, so don't just go ham on all the different sliders if you have little to no experience in such. Rivatuner is the addon that displays the stats for you, ingame. These are my settings in Rivatuner, so that it works with steams ingame overlay: And here's how you open the Rivatuner window: Open MSI Afterburner by clicking the small plane icon in your system tray, then go to settings. Now you'll see below window. Select the "On-Screen Display" tab and click the "More" button. Took me a while to figure this out, thought i might include some helpful information. Both great programs! Cheers.
  9. No i don't experience any kind of inventory lag.
  10. It looks pretty bad, just from watching streams. You have to stand completely still now, making it even more dangerous trying to loot someone you killed.
  11. Perhaps. This was on windows 7, 64bit. It does clear the memory usage after each game when restarting the client, which is why i have been doing so after at least every 2 games. But does it become annoying? Hell yeah, especially when live streaming.
  12. Game 3: Game 4: As you can see, on my fourth game it reaches 10+ GB of RAM. Minimum requirements are listed to be 6 GB. So i can certainly see why people with just 8 GB are struggling trying to maintain decent frames. Now i can understand that stuff you have running in the background has an impact, but it doesn't really explain why it keeps increasing by nearly a GB in usage after each game.
  13. Pretty much since the launch of the game, i've always felt like my game performance kept degrading after every game, without a restart. So i decided to take some screenshots to prove it. I'll keep it short and simple. Here are some screenshots of roughly the same area, angle, population and timestamp. Keep an eye on the RAM in the upper left corner. Game 1: Game 2:
  14. I have exactly the same issue (not as bad as you though), but the longer i get into a match, the less fps i get - no matter where on the map the final circle will end, be it open field or towns. Always lower fps towards the end, which is really strange cause there's a lot less people to make up for. Could it be the Blue Circle itself, is it really that much of a performance hog? - The smaller it gets, the more of it you have to render in. I don't know, but its super frustrating!
  15. You REALLY needed that foregrip for the UMP, am i right? hahaha