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  1. Leaderboard currently accurate?

    I'd say they are. Been monitoring my EU Solo rating very closely the past couple of weeks. Every game updates and the points i get makes sense. @herpderp
  2. Another AWM Incident

    This would be a combination of de-sync and the Anti Trade Kill System stepping in. You do hit him twice with your AWM, but the second shot you're milliseconds too late, your opponent kills you slightly faster and the damage from your last shot is reverted so that you don't both die. Back in the Alpha, this system wasn't invented and more often than not you would end up killing each other, which lead to extremely frustrating gameplay. This might also be frustrating, but trust me -This way is better!
  3. AintrealTV Highligted Wins (Top25)

    Added a few more videos. This time it's some Duo gameplay. For more videos like this, visit my youtube at: youtube.com/AintrealTV Or catch me live on twitch: twitch.tv/AintrealTV
  4. Why do so many players ignore smoke grenades?

    Why i don't pick up smoke grenades: 1. They're client side, whichever direction the smoke is blowing on your screen, it might be something completely different on your opponents screen. 2. They're too easy to see through. Hell, sometimes the smoke might not even render in for your opponent. 3. Grenades in general are too heavy to carry around, specially considering how inconsistent they are. Same goes for the stun grenade. Too inconsistent. More often than not, i won't get "stunned" by it, even though i'm looking right at it on purpose.
  5. We are aware of the issues with the leaderboards

    No patch notes today?
  6. Most common form of death

    My most common death would be this: https://clips.twitch.tv/IronicObliviousMeerkatBabyRage (Interacting too much with viewers during games & Entering/Leaving buildings unprepared).
  7. Hello Guys. Today i decided to export some of my most recent wins to my neglected youtube account. Since i thought it was really cool to re-watch, maybe you guys would enjoy it as well. I've cut away most of the boring bits, looting, camping etc and most of the videos start roughly around top25 where shit gets intense. So far i've uploaded 9 wins from the past 2 days of Battlegrounds, each video lasting about 10minutes. - If there's any positive feedback at all, ill be sure to keep them coming in the future. Also i'd like to apologize for the few videos i was broadcasting in Danish. Still some pretty decent kills to watch though. Here's an embedded video of one of my favorite wins out of the 9 total: For more videos like this, visit my youtube at: youtube.com/AintrealTV Or catch me live on twitch: twitch.tv/AintrealTV
  8. Ranking system?

    I honestly don't see anything fishy about anyone on the current top10 list for EU solo. I'm currently Rank #5 with pretty similar stats as The_Venom_Inside. Last night i was Rank #1 with 5 wins out of 12 games played. Naturally, the games will always be easier in the beginning of a fresh wipe due to everyone starting at 0 Rating, which explains a lot. You will surely see peoples stats getting worse over the next few days, Mr. Venom already fell down to 70% top10 ratio. Phyne already nailed it with this sentence: That is exactly what happened. I won my first 2 games, both with 8 kills i believe. I've had a ton of fun chasing the Rank #1 the past couple of days. You say that the game shouldn't be about trying to rank the highest, but about having fun. Well, for a player with a competitive mindset, playing for rank equals fun mate. Closing up on 500 hours played (ALPHA + BETA + EA), i need something like a leaderboard to keep me interested in the game at this point. Playing for shits and giggles was fun for about 200 hours.
  9. bullet travel/drop?

    My reply is already 2-3 months old. Pretty sure i wrote that back in the closed beta, things must've changed since then. Would absolutely agree that today there's a decent amount of bullet drop. Specially the VSS, shooting it feels like throwing rocks a people 50 meters away.
  10. Can 2 players kill each other with guns?

    You could in Closed Alpha and it was a huge problem, so they came up with this anti trade kill system we have now. Literally half your fights back then, you'd end up killing each other. Trust me when i say it was horrible.
  11. Does PUBG have Matchmaking?

    In my opinion there's no doubt about it. There is an ELO based matchmaking system in place. Im placed between top100 and 300 right now on both EU and NA solos. Games have become way more challenging now. Tried a game on the AS server where i had never played before, just to see how the lag would be compared to the other servers. I ended up winning that game, couldn't really believe how easy it felt (due to my low rating, no flaming towards Asia). We have tried for weeks to get a moderator to speak about it, but for some reason they refuse to comment on whether there's an actual ELO based MM system in place or not. But as i said, there's no doubt in my mind, that there is!
  12. I'd say the reason you have trouble loading into games is because of too little RAM. The minimum requirement of 6gb stated for this game is an absolute joke and only applies for the menu screen. I'm using MSI Afterburner and Rivatuner to monitor everything on my system and i never go below 7gb of RAM usage. Hell, after a few games in a row my RAM usage bumps up to 11gb. So make sure you restart the game client frequently. Check this thread about RAM Usage if you wish.
  13. Update?

    One could argue that if you never look forward to anything in life and then feel disappointed when things go south, you lack passion. Sad. And no. It's too late for the majority of us to request a refund by now.
  14. Update?

    I completely agree, and have been saying this as well for a while. There is no way whatsoever that they'll fully release the game within the next 4 months. Just no. - However, this is one of those rare occasions where i can't wait to be proven wrong. rofl.
  15. Update?

    Well i don't know Blueholes work schedule, but i believe anyone should be entitled to having weekends off to relax. But this tweet makes it sound like there's no more time this week to try and fix the issues, hence why they have to come back to us with an ETA early next week. - It's still only thursday over there...