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  1. Need Tips for Sound Detection

    Yep what he said.^^ All the major streamers and Pro players ALL state that a good stereo set of cans is the best thing to use for gaming. 'Surround' in headsets has been a gimmick for years. Surround sound is only relative in large environments (Home theaters etc) because of the spacial relationships of the 'source/speakers' and your relative (seated) position. They can 'simulate' it in a headset but its unreliable at best, and hopeless for pinpointing a particular origin of many a sound.
  2. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    I know that BF1 is sad for a lot of reasons, but damn...just imagine PUBG game built on that Frostbite 3 engine?, in first person mode...jebus it would be sweet! imo. But for EA even to let you touch the Frostbite engine its like $3M up front, and then if you have a hit, they want your heart, a kidney and your soul....that's why a lot of dev's start of with Unity and UE4..they are relatively free, until you start to make some bucks. But even if you dislike the BF1 game, you would have to be an idiot not agree that the Frostbite 3/4 engine is one sweet piece of tech. No wonder EA and Dice guard it so staunchly. Just look at the graphics and environments they have created for Battelfront 2 and its performance on relatively mid lev systems. I'm hoping that companies like Bethesda move forward with their IP and create an improved iteration of their 'Creation Engine', and hence make even more amazing games. Chris Roberts and his team over at the various Star Citizen HQ have evolved what started out from the Cryengine to the Star engine and now to the Lumberyard Engine in partnership with Amazon. (Amazon offers that engine for free also!) The amazing shit the German team have done with procedurally generated Planetary systems & weather environments is nothing short of bloody genius. As I have often said to my self at various stages in technological development, over the last 30-40yrs....its a good time to be a gamer!
  3. 1st Person vs 3rd Person Servers

    I saw a article on youtube recently that indicated that every major stream celeb and pro player have indicated that they will play 1pp ;exclusively; when it arrives.....PU himself is on record as saying he would like the game to be a major player in eSports ion the future and , well 1pp game mode is sort of the standard for eSports games. I think the 1pp game mode will become the most popular, if they get it right.
  4. a few questions from a new player

    There's....this secret place...it's very swampy....lev 3 gear all the time they say...but you have to be able to land with precision to get all the goodies.......
  5. I cant see any link to the video can some post it again?
  6. The amazing loot crates...

    Just....don't...go on an 'away' team. My God the Federation must have gone through some security personnel!! P.s. I got to meet Gene Rodenberry in the usa in 1989. Was a lovely man, we chatted for about 20 minutes.
  7. first person only server coming!

    It's still a silly statement and you're being deliberately obtuse. Simply expressing that you will 'ruin peoples day just for kicks' does not in any way indicate you're there to hone your skill set. Rather just to be a nuisance because you think you will be able to, to gamer's whose opinion you don't agree with. Be that as it may, the comment is viewed for what is was, immature at best, antagonistic in the very least. It's more a measure of a man how others view your opinions rather than how you view your own.
  8. first person only server coming!

    That's a silly statement to make don't you think?. Immature at best. Just because you don't agree with a preference other people have to play a game is apparently reason enough for you to go there and cause havoc & disrupt play. 'just for kicks'? Seriously? Do you rate your opinion as that valuable?
  9. first person only server coming!

    Somebody called my name? I think you will find this move to first person only mode is in keeping with Brian Greene's (Playerunknown) expressed desire to have PUBG a major player in Esports eventually. You will find that the 1pp servers will attract a lot of hardcore players/teams looking to get their ranks up and get prepared for tournaments and such. 3pp servers will probably be more populated by friends wanting to have a muck around and console players when they get their hands on the title. I also think you will find the 1pp servers will actually be very popular, especially with the more 'serious' gamer looking to get into Esports or tournaments and such. When you look at the Esports 'shooter' games I don't think there is one that uses the 3pp game mechanic, unless I'm mistaken, all are first person only. I think this is because a lot of pros agree that the 1pp game mode is heavily reliant on skill rather than a perspective advantage that the 3pp mechanic can give a player in certain 'push/defend' scenarios. Me? I'll have a crack at both and enjoy both for the difference they both bring. I must say though the 1pp games that I have watched really do make PUBG look and play like a completely different title. Maybe a bit more like Squad, seems more 'real'. It also looked hella stressful, exciting and enjoyable for those playing it, the 'line of sight' mechanic really does make you rely so much on your actual full range of skills such as hearing/aiming/shooting/using cover/field memory and such. If you haven't watch a 1pp PUBG check out this one Stonemountain64 had recently. Currently the 1pp mode is clunky at best but once its tweaked (Fov and head rotation angles etc) for the mode it will be pretty exciting I reckon.
  10. First Person Game Mode Feedback

    I know this is a suggestion thread, and I do feel that Levelcaps video pretty much hits the nail on the head with regard to Fov and First Person mode for PUBG. I agree with his observation that First person only will most likely end up being THE number one preferred game mode for PUBG once it is released and people get into it. He raises some good points. He also hints at when the FOV slider will be released.
  11. The mic abuse is out of hand in game

    Yes the toxic little buggers are a pain in the bum. I think it stems from the fact that people, all kinds of people, have ready access to such technology. I've been gaming for over 30yrs and in the old days it was mere typing in text boxes on a BBS or at best in game if the game was really cutting edge. Much less of a platform for someone to 'type' their diatribe...not many 200 wpm typist out there and many of the games only allowed short comments anyway. The explosion of technology in communications has been amazing. The *Smart phone you carry around in your pocket at the moment has the computing power to do all the math and flight algorithmic management for over 200 Apollo 11 Moon missions....just think of that for a minute. 200 Apollo missions simultaneously!...that's how much computing power has advanced in the last 5 decades. Apply that to gaming, games that encourage competitiveness and give that communication technology to immature, uneducated and bigoted people and well you have a recipe for the toxic crap you hear in many games. Plus the speed with which they can speak in high fidelity stereo allows them to spew forth their racist, bigoted, trolling comments around the world across servers in milliseconds. They often simply like to think they are irritating someone somewhere and they are using the opportunity of the game and its technology as a soapbox on which to stand and rant. Sadly its is a reflection of the persons upbringing (or lack thereof) their outlook on the world and their maturity levels. It really does make you pause for a moment and wonder what these people must really be like in the real world. Thankfully we rarely meet them, until then its 'mute all' unless I know you.
  12. For those who are using the Kingston HyperX II headsets, see if this helps. I do believe it has helped me identify direction and sources of sounds a little better. Right click on the speaker icon on your taskbar, > select 'playback device' > select your headset in the playback device list > select 'properties' > select Enhancements tab > put a tick in the checkbox for 'Loudness Equalisation'. THEN go to the Advanced tab > set your sample rate to 2 channel, 16 bit, 48000hz DVD quality. THEN go to the 'spatial ta'b and in the drop down options menu select> 'windows sonic for headphones' and make sure the checkbox for> 'Turn on virtual surround sound' is UNCHECKED. I also make sure the 7.1. button on the HyperX 'in line' volume /mic control on its cable is OFF & I have found that its a bit easier to identify sources of sound. Sometimes I try it with the 7.1 button clicked 'ON', and occasionally this can sometimes add a bit or 'airiness' to the audio which some might prefer in some situations.c (I have found this seems to be better in underground tunnels or really large wharehouses) But there is food for thought in the fact that just about EVERY major Pro player all say that they play strictly with stereo only settings for just about all their competitive games. Surround sounds in headsets is pretty much a gimmick really, a good quality set of cans in stereo will let you pick the origin of sounds very well. The surround sound thing is best left to single player games.
  13. About my Performance and the GAME.

    More system Ram wouldn't hurt...also you GPU is suffering with this title. "The differences are also huge in gaming benchmarks. If you look at all the tested titles you can see that the GTX 960M is more than 60% behind the GTX 970M and more than 100% behind the GTX 980M in the Ultra-preset (1920x1080, maximum detail, anti-aliasing). The GeForce GTX 965M, however, only has an advantage of 15% (GTX 860M: -8% @ Maxwell, -17% @ Kepler). That 2 GB video memory is not really sufficient anymore is apparent when you want to play Shadow of Mordor, Assassin's Creed Unity or Watch Dogs, for example. Those titles run slightly better on the Kepler GTX 860M (4 GB video memory). Wolfenstein: The New Order requires at least 3 GB VRAM for the highest settings." As indicated by this review your GPU isn't really cutting it in the Vram department either. Imo notebooks aren't really setup for gaming.
  14. Bullets should not die with players.

    Actually a person with a fryng pan and another using fist alone can trade kill. Happens in the first clip of this compilation. These are as funny as hell too, watch em all.