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  1. regional servers

    @Hawkinz That got me excited.. now let's make it a reality that would be amazing!
  2. regional servers

    Really guys... So after begging for South African servers so much in this thread by a lot of people.. and seeing this new post below.. You guys will now bring in Ping Lock.. this will give more reason why we need South African servers now.. as we will most probably be kicked and feel unwelcome on any other server if this gets implemented.
  3. regional servers

    South American servers are coming Thursday.. check Announcements, Real problem is South African servers! That we need
  4. regional servers

    PLEASE... What about South African servers.. I think we had more request than for Australia and South American servers together in this post.
  5. regional servers

    +1 to South African servers please.. the EU latency is not great at all for us.