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  1. Meh, should have been a permanant ban, he knows its against the rules, and does it anyway to an audience of however many he gets and laughs about it.
  2. No update - but there is a lot of "events", gj dont optimize it ....

    Pics are from version 2.1.35 Servers on
  3. What I don't want to see in the final release

    bad wording on my part, sorry! Biggest concern is obviously the issues with net code. But I know that the devs are doing all they can to fix that. I meant that its a concern that the game will end up following the model of others and adding more and more loot crate style items. Weapon skins for example I genuinely don't think have a place in a game where you pick up guns off the ground and start with nothing "I just found an AK, better spend 5 minutes spray painting it gold to look gangsta"
  4. I love this game, I also love realism, my biggest concern when the game goes full release is stupid skins like you get in COD or CS, Emotes and so on, I just hope that they dont include things like that, imagine being killed and having some douchtard doing the running man on your corpse it would ruin the game for me personally. Do you think they should have outfits and weapon skins?
  5. Thoughts on another 7.62 weapon?

    The .50 Beowulf would be amazing
  6. Desync & Hitreg

    I must admit today I had my first proper rage moment in a long time because of desynch, I landed next to another player (A south american on the EU servers.........) Start to punch the guy and my fists are going through him, whilst he picks up a gun and loads it,he bails on the room, I pick up a pistol he reenters the room unload fires off his rounds at point blank range and misses I fire 15 rounds and I swear they go through him, though he is jittering all over the place. TO be clear though the fist thing I was annoyed about the CQB shooting was laggy for both of, I'm not saying I should have killed him with the shots, but its frustrating when the start of the game can be unplayable in that kind of scenario
  7. off days?

    I tend to play it like when I used to play overwatch, three shit rounds in a row, leave the game for an hour or so and then come back. I start getting aggressive in gameplay style after a couple of shit rounds and get progressively worse, to the point of "I'm, doing the bastard tunnels"
  8. Thoughts on another 7.62 weapon?

    I think a lot of it is due to play style, I prefer the 7.62 weapons because they hit a hell of a lot harder, but some people prefer 5.56 because the handle better.
  9. Thoughts on another 7.62 weapon?

    I personally would like to see the 7.62 Galil and do think it would fit in with the setting better than the SCAR/M4
  10. Vehicle Physics Improvements

    Vehicle physics still need to be looked at or addressed, buggy, designed to go over rough terrain does not flip over because of a divot in the ground. I'm sick of loosing rounds where your buggy/car/bike flips in the middle of a field for no reason other than a holding design placed around the vehicles.
  11. The things you enjoy the most in PUBG

    Did you Hadouken someone to death????
  12. Silent walking

    TO be fair I just tested out the no shoes thing for the first time and I couldnt tell any difference in noise with crouched ctrl walking
  13. Silent walking

    a crouched walk holding down ctrl with very slow movement and no shoes is next to impossible to hear sometimes IMHO. It is also possible to very slowly move completely silently by being crouched and tapping the direction movement key lightly and slightly shimming in the direction moving, I have used this several times to circle a building and catch someone off guard. I would like to see an option for slow door opening and even slower movement to be brought in personally.