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  1. My experience has been 100% better! I hope everyone will have a good experience at some point soon... I'm really happy with the patch.
  2. This, it's really not that hard to find a car at all.
  3. Nice to see I'm quoted and linked to "Throwing toys out of my pram" I understand early access, I also understand the difference between a suggestion and unfounded rants. I was making a suggestion but it seems that any kind of criticism, even when it is something small and explained in detail, is seen as an attack. Really makes you wonder what the point is in trying to suggest things which could actually help.
  4. Completely understandable. Pushing a patch to test servers and then pushing it to public servers is the best way to go. However, as someone else suggested, would it not be a good idea to push it to test a few days earlier so that the issues can be identified? This way it will prevent "anger" or "disappointment" from the players. Or just set the patch release day 3 or 4 days later. This way you have a bigger chance of hitting the right dates and it will prevent a lot of complaining. Not saying you're not doing a good job though, I know you're all on it and working very hard! Keep it up!
  5. I can understand the frustration. My experience with lag has gotten gradually worse however I know they are on top of it and working hard on fixing it. I am playing some other games in the meantime while getting an occasional round in here and there and I am sure that pretty soon our experience will be a much better one.
  6. No no, what I am suggesting is that you can shoot the grenades that someone is carrying with them with your rifle. So if you see a character camping somewhere and you zoom in and see the grenade hanging from the side of his body, you actually have the chance to shoot it so that it will explode. I am not talking about launching grenades from a launcher
  7. Hi! As I was playing yesterday, I noticed my grenades could be seen hanging from my side. It is a nice little extra thing showing and depending on which grenade you have equipped, you can currently see it dangling on your utility belt or coat. I was thinking that it would be a nice little feature to make it possible to shoot these grenades. For example, when you spot a player through your scope and you can see the grenade and you shoot it, it will explode, Burst into a smoking cloud or flash the player who has it equipped. Just a little suggestion which I think will be fun and makes you think twice to have your grenades equipped all the time. That's all!
  8. It still is. I would love for the syringe to instantly revive a fallen team member
  9. I honestly do not know but I will check when I am back from work.
  10. I am getting between 60 and 80 fps with post processing, and AA set to ultra, textures to high and the rest set to very low. I've got a good CPU (i7 4770k) and decent videocard (rx 470) and standard samsung evo SSD.
  11. 8 GB is fine, I have no issues with it. Your CPU and your videocard could do a lot better though, also get SSD...
  12. I honestly do not see much of a difference from mine. I put post processing and texture to high and the rest to low.
  13. I only play Squad or Duo with friends thankfully, would get so annoyed otherwise
  14. Pretty much this
  15. Rain is great, however the rain like how it is now, is too loud. I'm all for weather effects, but this and the volume of the plane could be a bit less.