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  1. Quite possibly a hacker, honestly
  2. Already planned and being worked on
  3. Who knows THE number. Not factoring in lag, latency, or any of that crap Perfect world, how many punches to kill
  4. So I just had a game where I got the AWM with an 8x. First time ever and was super stoked. It was a squad match Anyways, we were in one treeline, with an open field in front of us, and then a hill with an enemy squad on it. Now the circle was just so, in that we had to cross the field. But no worries, I had an AWM, or so I thought. Took me a few shots to get the range, but once I did I was hitting pretty consistently, and knocking em out. However, being a long range engagement from behind trees, it was basically the perfect situation for their teammates to pick their buddies up. I thought, well at least they will want to keep their heads down, knowing I have an AWM. Nope, they kept popping out, and I kept downing them. But I simply could not get a kill as they would simply revive each other. Eventually, I RAN OUT OF AMMO after knocking out the same squad at least twice a person. The circle closed and now we had to run across this open field = they killed us The problem is that long range sniper engagements have no way to prevent revives. And to a degree that's fine. But if a player gets an AWM, that weapon deserves long range fear. Headshots should equal an instant death. No revives, nothing. Then players who are pinned by an AWM will have a more "oh shit" mind set.
  5. There is a reason why, realistically, parachutists aim for open fields
  6. Only works when you can ACTUALLY time it. The issue is its impossible right now as I can get hit when the car is still 15-20m away How do I dodge it then?
  7. My point PRIMARILY is about the collision, and its not my internet. I play everything, including battlegrounds fine, but for some reason vehicle collision for me is EXTREMELY off. I'm hoping that this is a known bug/issue to be looked at Id imagine once collision is fixed, ill have SOME hope of dodging a vehicle
  8. Hopefully this is being looked at Currently I have no ability to defend myself from being run over The primary issue being that I'm "hit" usually 20-30m before the vehicle actually reaches me, making dodging it impossible. Shooting the drive is still futile as even if I kill him, the vehicle still on a collision course with me still runs me over
  9. Repeatedly, I have had an SKS, lined up my sights perfectly, and fired, only to have the shot impact to the left. MULTIPLE times this has happened Anyone else? I wont even pick up an SKS anymore as I simply cannot rely on the weapon to hit where I want it
  10. Where do I go? I got a name. Took a screenshot of the dead screen, not much else I could do, but ask the other players of the group and they can confirm.
  11. This happen to other players any? You are busy doing your thing, when a sudden crack of a round goes by. You uncontrollably flinch, and often end up with your hand off of WASD, and randomly landing on different keys, so as you desperately try to move to cover, you end up doing random stupid things such as pulling out a grenade instead of moving I cant count the number of times ive died because of that haha
  12. To each his own. I kinda like the new setup. Sure, there is RNG as to who gets the good stuff, but that forces players to adapt, and THINK how to take out an enemy with superior ranged equipment. If we wanted to REMOVE the rng factor, we would GIVE players the same weapons/attatchments at start, but that isn't what the game is about. The appeal for me is the randomness of it. Do I get luck and become a hunter early on? Or do I find nothing but a pistol, and have to play cautiously in the shadows
  13. It should be the smart move, talking to a guy that is 4 years infantry. And I have done it successfully. Most games nowadays give the false sense of "you always can fight back" but the reality is, no, you cant. If you are in a sniper's sights, you get to cover, and you stay there, or find away to escape. Shooting back is NOT the correct response
  14. I just finished a squad random match where I was last remaining and won the game with 11 kills, single handedly wiping squads through ambush and positioning. I also kill players with superior equipment with pistols. To counter the low accuracy factor, try going into a more stable position (kneeling, prone, etc)