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  1. I think once servers have the desync/lag issues smoothed out, it would be fine. The window then to have two rounds in the air simultaneously is rather small. As it is right now I could agree, but I think later we should revert the system.
  2. Weapons based off reality Gear Equipment The whole game is based off reality bud Obviously many things are simplified because life is often not fun, but to simply ignore an argument that uses reality as a reference is pure ignorance.
  3. Why? It COULD happen in reality so why not in game. If you are in a situation where you are exchanging raw DPS anyways, I think both players have failed
  4. Honestly, I think knowing exactly where is a bit too much, because it would give an unnecessary tool to players. Part of actually shooting is shot placement, and having to judge range to target to hopefully hit their head is part of it. Giving players feedback on where they are hitting them would allow players to know they simply need to aim up for a headshot. YOu shouldn't have that tool Shooting SHOULD be difficult. I just want basic feedback to know if I am even hitting em at all.
  5. I get why its small- less dmg less blood But using the iron sights on a pistol I literally have ZERO way of knowing if I'm hitting my target
  6. Good to know Would be nice to get an official one Would help players understand why/how they die/kill
  7. Honestly, posting to forums helps me alleviate stress And to OP, yeah that's BS. He couldn't have healed, he was moving to much. And it takes two ak hits to the head to kill with lvl 3, yes? Recoil on weapons needs to be higher because you should not be able to pop two headshots that fast
  8. To use on ledges and other supportable positions would be immensely useful You can only use prone sometimes, as grass will block your LOS most times in the open
  9. Sure, but as to your last statement, you simply should NOT be able to completely overcome recoil like you can now
  10. Audio sometimes, and watching my friends play Besides, how else can an AR drop a person with lvl 3 gear before they can even respond? It has to be a full auto/burst impact that they can manage to work onto your head
  11. Ive always felt just about EVERY shooter should have a MUCH greater penalty to firing while moving/strafing. Of all games ive played, the one that actually had the best "aiming while moving penalty" was KF1 believe it or not. ADS while moving in any direction caused massive movement of your sights (which is realistic) Ive always thought strafe shooting as dumb and something that should be limited as much as possible
  12. I'm personally fine with a game with a large skill gap Perhaps for a hardcore mode: adds not only 1st person, but reduced health and more difficult weapons handling
  13. I shall edit. I am referring to using the weapon in real life. True, in regards to the skill. But what, to me, distinguishes a more realistic gameplay from casual gameplay is factors that simply can not be overcome with skill. Forcing inherent human limitations into the game I feel that, fundamentally, full auto recoil should not really be controllable regardless of what the player does. Keep it to CQB uses only. But then that makes room for a "bipod" attachment allowing a player to control it, in a specific set up.
  14. Ive noticed lately a lot of players using full auto fire from pretty far away on AR platforms while standing 50-100m and being able to rope in a burst on someone's head pretty consistently. Its deadly effective, as the burst will typically insta-down anyone before they can respond. Personally, Id like to see weapons handling made more difficult across the board. (With this added, perhaps a slight reduction in health values as everyone's average accuracy should decrease) Ideally, increased weapon sway, as well as increased recoil per shot, to the point where someone firing full auto will have little to no control (UMP and small calibers excluded) I have shot an M416 full auto while standing, and it is NOT accurate/controllable. Even in small bursts, It is mostly a waste of ammo for anything outside of 25m.
  15. Once lag/desync is finished I would be ok with those damage values. Part of me likes the gameplay feel with a decent mount of health, but I can easily see a "hardcore" mode having these health values. Though if you look at this chart, which I BELIEVE is the official dmg spreadsheet: hist=0 You will see that you only actually need 4 center mass hits, even with 5.56mm on lvl 3 armor. I think the high number of hits we players experience is from limb shots, showing blood but doing minimal damage. I think it would be good to reduce the hits needed for lvl 1 and 2 armor. Honestly, the way it should work imo is lvl 1 is minimal protection, you only really use to get more capacity. (If you look at it, it is not actually a protective vest, it is simply a "Load Bearing Vest") Lvl 2 gives substantial protection against small caliber weapons, but still ultimately fails against rifles, and then lvl 3 is your only REAL protection against rifles (near immunity to small caliber weapons) (This is for another discussion, but Id also like to see loot rebalanced so any sort of rifle (from m16-kar 98) is ultimately rare, and MOST players have to make do with pistols, shotguns, if they are lucky an SMG) As far as games go, I feel the gunplay/gameplay is REALTIVELY realistic. Better than COD AND BF imo and I think that is what the Devs WANT. The reason though I think you still need to add suppression is simply to PREVENT instances of a player "shooting through the pain" so to speak. As my example, I'm tapping this guy with an AK and he 180 spins and headshots with a kar98? NO, that should NEVER happen. The skill of this game should be planning, and tactics, with actually gun skill being relatively minor. The reason is its not fine, is I have seen video after video where someone taking hits can still line up a shot. If NOT a strong aim punch, at LEAST do the Halo thing where when scoped in, taking a hit forces you out of the scope/sights. It would allow weapons that are inherently inaccurate to still do their real job. M249 is a perfect example. Even if I cant keep the spread perfectly on a window per say to reliably kill, the occasional hit through it should FORCE a player to NOT attempt to shoot from that window