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  1. Top 5

    Any info? Specs? Crash report? Brief description of events? Anything other than requesting new hardware? I'd imagine it would be fantastic and most helpful in resolving the issue in the future!
  2. Kill Cam needed in this game

    Literally 10 posts away from this one >.<
  3. help with fire modes

    That's strange Perhaps try rebinding the toggle fire mode to a different key and see if it works? Just FYI the M16 only has two fire modes: Single and Burst- But it should be at least switching between these two..
  4. To be fair you technically say "sawry" but I'll let it slide
  5. I'm actually a kangaroo riding Aussie but I've been playing with a Canadian so maybe his politeness is rubbing off on me @Nomad
  6. https://clips.twitch.tv/SourSpicyTireAMPTropPunch
  7. I find it quite sporting to gun them down, I have potato aim and those super man punches are lethal- Plus I think I'm displaying great sportsmanship when I say sorry in voice chat afterwards
  8. I got banned

    I think some plugins for ReShade get flagged but I could be wrong, anyway this is what you want:
  9. AhFuck- ok that made me giggle.. No there's not a way to change at the moment unfortunately. If it makes you feel better there was a guy on the steam forums asking the same thing as he made his name LilFuckBoi..

    I think he was asking if you were playing on the test server or the regular one, you have to download the test server separately so if you haven't done that it was the regular one.
  11. Vehicle preferences

    Anything but a bike+sidecar, I'm pretty sure I have 100% history of flipping them and hurting/killing myself/team mates
  12. remove guns at startup

    Ok that I would enjoy, you win. Holy fuck can you imagine the glorious symphony of pans hitting skulls?
  13. Update anouncement?

    There you go