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  1. had the same for first time since patch not before, I thought it was specifically for the uzi. Did only reload after dropping and picking up again.
  2. Again the problem is not so much that the loot has changed, the problem is more that a lot of the loot is inferior and lacking game-mechanics to make them more viable.
  3. It wouldnt be as much of a problem when the game actually allows for different play styles based on the weapons. For example when carrying lighter weapons you should gain in movement abilities, speed, shooting while moving, ability to sneak better, more relevant covered areas etc. But currently the game really focusses for the most part on outdoor ranged fighting so increasing the RNG factor like this does not improve the experience imho.
  4. also bullets did win, you got headshot with p92
  5. yes the footstep sounds seems unreliable and the ratio to gun and other sounds is an annoyance
  6. small thing, but some diving gear with timer to cross river submerged would be fun addition. something like the gas-mask
  7. Day/Night and in-between lighting would be a nice addition. So would some fog or even snow be. As far as cheating; of course it should not be as easy as changing a slider to counter the effects, same as it is with foliage