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  1. Can I just rant here for a sec?

    Well, yeah, Bluehole is trying a lot to combat network-related problems. But with current tick rate of 20, "fixes" can make only some difference (BF4 is the prime example, the situation improved in a major way only after tick-rate increases.). But tick-rate increase can only happens after major optimization of current network data flow. Given game releases data (even after it was changed), i'm quite skeptical if they could manage to do the tick-rate increase before the release date.
  2. It works other way around too - without trade kills high-pingers will be able to down and just "cancel" you last X bullets (the X depend on ping). Getting trade kills sucks - getting 3-4 hits on enemy with blood flying around after each hit and getting lagshoted (health dropping from almost full to zero in one hit without headshot) while watching bullet count going up after your death and seeing the game registered only one hit, sucks even more.
  3. Why m4 loot rate is so low?

    And it's quite meaningless. AK has a superb damage and can be used almost as a DMR, and up close it also good. While m16 tap-firing with almost no recoil is a menace in a hands of skilled players. As burst-fire mode up close. SCAR-L is good as "universal" gun is easier to use, while m416 is weird stuff - in current realities of super-random circles, collecting the who;e set of attachments isn't an easy task (not to mention it's better to use those for second weapon for CQB).
  4. Blue circle damage

    I don't think it will work well on current map, IMO. The center is way too open with all loot spots are clustered. They basically aren't well fit to hold 50-70 people. And, in general, i'm not quite sure why make such spacious map and force people into the center.
  5. Redzones in the forcefield?!

    Punish people who sits in one spot of prolonged period of time, obviously.
  6. Blue circle damage

    With circle being even more random now this will make the game even more luck-depended and force people to jump in the Island center. It just degrade into crowd of people punching each other to death with some lucky guy mowing people down with SMG\AR.
  7. Redzones in the forcefield?!

    Yep, the Red Zone is dump. In most cases when it "hunts" me, i'm already on the move (actually running from another horrible white circle spawn) desperately seeking for a car. Or it hits places like Pochinki where players are camping anyway, and force them to move even less. So red zone actually do exact opposite of what it supposed to do - killing people who are on the move in the open, and force the campers to camp even more.
  8. Reading comprehension fail at it's finest form. Just for you, i repeat. It's too random. If you can't be sure to get something reasonably decent after looting 3 or 5 houses, there is no reason to jump there unless you are have pro aim and reflexes that allow you to gun down anyone with any weapon or a Grand Master of camping. Sorry about "smart ass". It wasn't meant to be toward you, i was speaking about myself, and worded it poorly. I just mean that in big cities there are some places that have high chances of better loot or just more of it - like Churches and Cafe, but most people know about them already and try to jump there\camp around. And about where to land. It very contradiction topic, based a lot on you preferred play-style and capabilities (i mean a player with better aim and reflexes can allow them to perform a lot of stuff weaker players cannot follow). And in all situation it depend on luck (and again, skill that can compensate part of bad luck). I prefer jumping as far as possible from fly-pass and select locations that supposed to have decent loot but aren't the most popular - flooded village, a Villa near Vasnaya Poliana, a police station in Vasnaya itself, Hospital in Primorsk, even Mylta power. It all depend how far those places are from current fly-path, and over that places it already flew\going to fly (f.e. if a plane flew about Sosnovka and School, most of other places with be empty). Sure i still can meet player even in remote locations, by usually it's no more than 1-3 players and i can deal\die quickly to have some time too loot\look for a car. Not to mention that if location is a remote one, you can see all you competitors (unless it bugs out) and try to outsmart them with landing.
  9. I can't find a post, but it's around somewhere. It was about a guy who looted the whole Severny alone, and ended without any decent loot. And loot at bigger cities is now a same gamble basically. You either drop around some places inside those cities where chances for good loot are better (but you aren't the only smart-ass around, you know?) or run around the same generic buildings praying for a weapon. If someone is more fortunate than you and got decent weapons first, you have no choice but to camp or grab a car and run. Before the last patches, i liked to jump around Rozhok or Pochinki and participate in firefights there. But after a patch... running around the houses with UZI or Shotty and looting the same damn things 5 houses in a row, while you hear people shooting ARs and other high-tier weapons isn't really fun. So my choice right now is to go for rather small but loot-rich areas that aren't too much preferred by players. So you don't have to fight too much for too long - like in Sosnovka, or expect a constant flow of players - like tunnels or containers. in Primorsk.
  10. Way too random now. Can loot full Mylta Power with tons of weapons and ammo without any meds. Seems like stuff now spawn in chunks - find one AK, likely to find 2-3 more. Same for scopes, meds, body armor etc. But if something is missing, it's missing. And for cars too - one game 3-4 in like 200x200 zone. Next time strolling for half a map next to major road without any luck.
  11. lack of cover endgame

    I keep saying that for quite some time. But the answers are mostly "git gut" or "play tactical". As if i'm already not play as tactical as i could, because it seems i'm too old to improve my aim...
  12. IMO, even if bike need some tweaking, as idea - a vehicle that can move very fast everywhere, and can climb almost every hill without problems, but is dangerous to drive, is nice. But the real problems are control in the air and, the most important, that some bumps and terrain affect any vehicle in a weirdest way. It's not only affect bike - every vehicle can go out of control on some tiny bump. I saw numerous Dacias spinning in the weirdest way over small bump on 40 km\h.
  13. lack of cover endgame

    If you think about logically, being in center of previous circle is still the best in the terms of distance you possibly need to cover to the next one. Sure, you can enter the white circle in last second and hit the jackpot with the new one, but what are the chances? Ofc, it works mostly with later circles, but still, earlier circles or even initial ones are now working in a way that car is highly recommended no matter what.
  14. Ofc, i hope for proper penetration depending on material and bullet caliber.
  15. I hope the game to have proper materials penetration soon, so huts won't be a problem, as good part of the buildings.