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  1. Was just curious when open modding would start - Im pretty stoked to see if a Survival Mod surfaces
  2. So i like using CTRL to crouch - but it doesnt allow me to rebind the split stack function and CTRL wont do both tasks unfortunately
  3. Heres a video of a spot on the map at the Quarry that could be exploited N2-B8 https://clips.twitch.tv/CoyBlazingIcecreamOneHand
  4. Was wondering if there already was or can be a section of useful tools from the devs for us Content Creators to use. Like Fonts used, Images, etc Images are easy to come by via google But would be nice to have a 1 stop shop for these tools so we can show off the game using everyones creativity
  5. Do you plan on having Invitationals in the future? Do you have plans on doing bigger teams? or just duos?
  6. 5 = Grenades or weapon 5 but it cant be rebound Wanted so badly to rebind it to G D:
  7. You all know who it is Twitch: www.Twitch.tv/tunersteve Twitter: @TheTunerSteve