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  1. 2 of the most active Moderators got demoted.


  2. It depends, there's not many great looking 7.62 rifles for a, I guess, Modern militia that might use (based on the backstory of the game) in combat. ------ 7.62 Semi Assault Rifles: FN FAL SOCOM 16 (variant of the M1A) Heckler & Koch G3KA4 (has Semi and Full Auto) 7.62 LMG: RPD 7.62 Semi Sniper: KAC SR-25
  3. Not too similar. The Honey Badgers barrel acts as a suppressor. Which means you don't need to search for a Silencer for close quarter combat to not attract more people.
  4. These guns would make a great addition into the game. 2 great SMG's and 1 great looking Assault Rifle. Of course, these weapons should be implemented after release so that you can focus on making the game better before adding in new weapons. This would up the SMG gun total from 3 to 5 and the Assault Rifle gun total from 4 to 5. 1) MP5 2) AKS-74U 3) Honey Badger
  5. Most people are posting redundant questions towards the Closed Beta that are removing from discussion from other threads by pushing those discussions to the bottom. Note: All new threads that are in-regards to these questions listed here will be removed and be sent a PM in-regards to the question so that you can be informed. Here, you can find ALL questions related to the Closed Beta. This will be updated regularly (if needed). ----- Q: How do I get access to the Closed Beta? A: -- Q: I took part in the Alpha Tests, do I need a new key? A: -- Q: I have a key, where do I download/redeem the key? A: -- Q: What's the Closed Beta schedule like? A: -- Q: When's the Steam Release and Price/Cost of the game (both are undetermined atm)? A: -- Q: What are system requirements? Did they change from Alpha Tests? Will it affect performance? A: -- Q: What gamemodes will be taking place in the Closed Beta? A: -- Q: Will the game come to Xbox One and PS4? A: -- Q: I'm getting horrible FPS, what solutions are there to get better FPS? A:
  6. Official word on the performance and requirements of the Closed Beta Test. Source:
  7. Starts February 24th and Ends March 19th. Source:
  8. More info about Beta keys; Source:
  9. February (before Closed Beta) -
  10. Some people don't go on Twitter nor don't have an account, so here you can find tweets all related to the BATTLEGROUNDS Closed Beta test. Twitter: -----
  11. This answer can be found here;
  12. Closed Beta begins on Friday February 24th from Friday to Sunday for 4 weekends straight. -
  13. HYPE! ----- Blog Update; Alpha 2 Report - Video: ----- EDIT: Closed Beta begins on Friday February 24th from Friday to Sunday for 4 weekends straight. - EDIT 2: Closed Beta Schedule -