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  1. Devs, continue to make this game what YOU want it to be

    With just the free gear you can unlock with your current BP you should've been able to get a black/tan shirt + camo pants, those will stay relevant forever.
  2. Devs, continue to make this game what YOU want it to be

    Because Cosmetics cost manhours to make + once the game is released they still have the server costs that they have to maintain. Making a Steam market + Crates gives them funds to keep maintaining the game in the future + maybe organize some awesome tournaments/events.
  3. Devs, continue to make this game what YOU want it to be

    I agree fully with you. I see the frustration of players on reddit, but I think it's a small fraction of the actual player base that's just always on reddit that likes to complain about EVERYTHING. Hell, if they want to discuss/suggest ACTUAL things they should come over here to the official forum for it, and then they will get hit with a shovel because I've seen the same suggestions on reddit almost weekly (if not daily) about shooting ranges, and other suggestions that have been there OVER AND OVER AGAIN. What should the game be: A BattleRoyal/Survival Shooter, and oh my god you won't believe it: It already IS A BATTLE ROYAL/SURVIVAL SHOOTER! Woah! This whole situation this week just comes down to this: Early Access is tricky, you make promises at the start that you should've maybe not done and that you turn 180 degrees around later on. The one thing they changed now is the cosmetics thing that we KNEW would be a thing in the full release game, we just kinda expected it not to be brought into the game BEFORE it was released. On nearly all other promises: They've either been delivered, or are being actively worked on. Vaulting, it's coming 1st Person Mode: It's coming (in about one week already!) Zombie Mode: Being worked on (kinda bare boned and boring in my opinion at the moment, but we'll see how it'll end up later on) Optimilization: Continually being worked on, sometimes we get a wonky patch but it's been good overall. Network Optimization: Small steps, mostly reduced useless data being send, but they really have a lot of work on this subject We're getting a new map in the future, lots of gadgets/guns and man I'm probably forgetting a lot of awesome features already but these were just the major things in my opinon
  4. We need a way to practice

    Shooting Range has been confirmed since week 1 of Early Access, just be patient and in the meanwhile just practice in live games
  5. Do you pay attention to your ranking?

    Meh, I just enjoy getting 1-2 Chicken Dinners a day, but if you actually want to get a high rank you have to play A LOT and perform really well. But mostly it's playing a lot, I've been on rank 800 in Duo's a few times, I then went to sleep and found out the next day that during my sleep of 7-8 hours I've dropped 2000 ranks.
  6. Microtransactions

    Paid skins are fine, you choose yourself if you want to do that or not, crate opening is kinda tedious, but luckily there's the Steam Market so let's hope that ALL future skins will be able to be put up on the Market, and not like in H1Z1 where they limited that so you HAD to buy keys and crates in order to get that one skin you wanted. The entire point of the outrage (and also what kinda irritates me), it just the 180 turnaround on "we won't have paid cosmetics until after release" and now they are doing it anyways. Just kind of stupid, they should either never have said it, or just hold on to their words... Who's to say they won't change their stance on other games which made you buy into Early Access? I also feel that Steam is at fault for this, this practice has been proven to happen time and time again and you can just change your entire game philosophy (Rust removing zombies, DayZ being shit slow in development, H1Z1 even branching into 2 games) and get away with it. It's a weird thing Now it's all easy to get salty, but in the end I still have hope for PUBG, the game plays amazing and has me on the edge of my seat all the time. I just hope that they will still deliver on the other points they've made, and the priority before they release the game should be the extremely laggy netcode, with delays of 150/200ms due to the low tickrate you will just get constantly shot behind cover, this needs to be HALVED at LEAST in order to assure a more fluid and competitive gaming experience.
  7. Different themed maps - not only 1 map

    This will never happen, if you want to play Chernarus play Arma or DayZ, I can see no way they will ever add a map that's existed in another game to PUBG. Copyright issues (maybe?), but also why would you?
  8. ShatterNL's PUBG Map v0.7

    No those have been gone for almost a month now, the garages have a higher % chance of spawning than the regular markers.
  9. When can we expect the new map?

    Of course you are allowed to mention those issues, man, that's what this forum is for! But people who say "they shouldn't release new content, because there are so many bugs still!" just don't get how game development works. It's not like those content/map creators would stop working on the content and help with bugs, they probably have no expertise in helping with that, so those are two completely separate development types and issues. You wouldn't say that the waitress in a restaurant should start helping to cook in the kitchen because it's taking so long right?
  10. When can we expect the new map?

    You do realize that in game development there are multiple teams working on the game right? So the team that is now creating the new map is not the team that would normally work on fixing bugs, those are separate development teams.
  11. lack of cover endgame

    True, but in PUBG it's always about making choices, do I loot on, do I camp and wait to kill a player, do I hunt a player for loot. Same with Circle positioning: Do I hug the Circle, do I go center, do I pick a car, do I run etc.
  12. lack of cover endgame

    And that's what they changed in the last patch, the Circle should now favor spawning near edges of the current Circle to combat people just camping in the middle of the Circle.
  13. Solo Modes - Casual, Pro, Extreme

    This would split the community way too much, it's already divided between 3 game modes currently (solo/duo/squad), with First Person coming in the future it will become 6 modes. If you then also divide the solo mode into 3 more you'd have 6 modes for solo play only. There's no way you can have decent queue times that way in the future. Also: You are suggesting player counts of 200/300 players, that's just an insane amount of players on 1 server and they are already having problems with 100 players currently The upcoming desert map will be a lot smaller with 100 players, so that might just be what you are looking for.
  14. Wall/Gas Camping and Red zone suggestion

    Meh this has been suggested a few times before, and I don't see why people think this is a good thing. The reason why the circle does little damage at the start is to make sure that if you accidentally landed on the wrong side of the map you can still make it to the first White Zone. If you are getting killed by people coming out of the Blue Zone you are either not paying attention enough to your surroundings or just too out in the open anyways. I don't get what the Red Zone should do gameplay wise in it's current state either, it always spawns on Pochinki (about 4-5 times in a single game) and it indeed encourages people to camp inside and wait it out. Chemical gas could be fun, but I doubt that gameplay wise that will also just force people out locations and that's what the Blue Zone already does
  15. Yup, this always happens to me Always have to plug out the controller after I died because I then realized I forgot to do that before