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  1. That sounds more like lag, but if you're using -sm4 or -d3d10 as launch options then remove them. They can cause graphical stutter/fps drops on some systems.
  2. In steam the overlay check box is in the game properties. Same place as the launch options. If you have the Creators Update installed then the Gaming options are in Windows 10 settings. Left click the windows icon and there's a cogwheel right over it
  3. You could try to turn off steam overlay. It has caused problems for some people. Also if you've updated to Win 10 Creators Update, you could try to turn of the Windows 10 gaming features. They could be interfering with something too. Just hang in there buddy, don't lose hope. Few days until the next big patch which will address clientside related issues
  4. That was for the guy with the error that had something to do with physx It's not same for everyone. What kind of error message are you getting?
  5. Try to change PhysX to CPU
  6. What version of PhysX does your computer have? Ah didn't notice the edit
  7. You could try disabling hardware PhysX for your GPU or updating your PhysX drivers since the dll is mentioned there. I seem to have 9.13.1220 (AMD GPU) and haven't had any issues.
  8. It's below the minimum specs for the two most important parts so I imagine it could run the game but it would not run well. Below requirements CPU, low RAM (currently the game runs a lot better with 16Gb), below requirements GPU with low VRAM.
  9. So what are you here for then if not giving the devs detailed information they can use to optimize and troubleshoot the game? Fill the Bug report template fully and they'll see how good your PC specs are
  10. imagine shooting a popcorn and a small metal bead on a wall at the same velocity. Which one do you think will penetrate more and why?
  11. Actually it's force not velocity. Velocity is just a result of acceleration over time. And acceleration is part of force. And force being caused by mass and acceleration of the bullet. Longer the barrel, higher the acceleration. When hitting an object the mass decelerates. Less deceleration, more penetration. Short lesson in basic physics
  12. Strange. Fill this template to make a report with additional info for the devs to look at
  13. Hey GoldBiscuit Welcome to the forums Perhaps you should use the Bug report template to make a proper report of this. That said, I personally use Cloud 2's and at ~35-40% volume without external amplification the game sounds are at a verge of being too loud. Have you made changes to the INI files? Like copy paste type of stuff from some random guide you found for "boosting" FPS? They are often quite poorly made and can contain variables that don't have anything to do with the graphics. Perhaps some audio related variable snuck in there? Off the topic, I'm really surprised you prefer to use the Astro's. They feel cheap, don't sound that good and the mic is horrible. But that's a preference thing I guess. My cousin loves his a40's for what ever reason Hope you get this sorted out.
  14. Hopefully this suggestion is either not implemented or added as an option in the ingame settings.
  15. Disabling steam overlay has helped some people. So could be an issue with multiple injected overlays.