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  1. Hey all, I am looking to mix up who I play with. I am currently top 10 kill rating for duos, #12 for squads and top 20 solos for kill rating. I'm Looking for other strategic players for duo/squad who are chill and full of violence speed and momentum. Add my steam if you meet the criteria above - hwinn
  2. It would be nice to have a function to be able to "party up" after games end/ your team dies. As it stands now, theres no way to add players to your friends list in game via steam and theres no match history to see who you played with. Anyways, this would be a nice addition for building the community and helping players find squad mates. hwinn
  3. +1, I thought th is today too, would be nice to have unique colors for each squad mate's mini map indicator like CSGO
  4. So after playing countless random queue duos these past few days, an idea crossed my mind that I think would improve overall comms/gameplay. As of now the server's in-game voice system is 50/50 for working or not. It would be nice to have an in-game radio command system (like CSGO and other FPS's) to be able to communicate with teammates who don't have mics/in game voice is broken. Here's a few I think would be useful: - Hold this position - Regroup team - Follow me - Cover me - Affirmative/Roger that - Negative - Enemy spotted - Let's move out (to waypoint) - Team fall back! Anyways, this wouldn't be necessary if everyone had mics & used them. But I feel like a large portion of my games, radio commands such as these would have proved to be useful. Lemme know your thoughts! Best, hwinn
  5. You sound like you hide in the closet. If you took your time to read the posts above, a lot of us pointed out the positives of the latest patch. However, not having a game mechanic for stealthy movement needs to be implemented again. Now go hide in a building and watch the staircase dweeb
  6. Yeah it's getting old dying to sound whores cause you can't outplay or maneuver around them...game was much more fun last week compared to the post-patch
  7. Hey guys, check out my stream sometime twitch.tv/hwinn. I'm currently #1 Solos for kill rating and have a pretty aggressive play style. If you wanna learn more about the game or see some of my tactics tune in
  8. Yo also the thunder is whack...is someone just crapping a whip in the battleground every 2 seconds? It should be more sporadic and even make you jump sometimes o_o
  9. Crouch running is too loud as it is. Crouch walking is pretty much useless because it still makes sound and enemies have clearly heard me coming up stairs like a snail even while I'm trying to be as stealthy as possible. Having louder footsteps in general is a good patch, but on the opposite end of the spectrum - having a mechanic where you make no sound at all increases the skill gap and makes players have to choose when to run/stealth walk depending on the situation. As it is now, sound/loud footsteps is a variable that all players can hear in game, therefore forcing people to camp and lowering the overall skill ceiling.
  10. Lol yeah I was actually jumping through the tunnels today too...quite ridiculous. I'd rather have the old shitty sounds than this new everyone camp in houses meta.
  11. Hey all, first time posting here but I thought I'd share some thoughts on the latest sound patch that came out. While there are some positives such as louder footsteps, better directional sound, and fixed door sounds, I find one change to be greatly detrimental towards the game play itself. Making crouch walking loud again removed all possibilities of being able to sneak up on your opponent and outplay them. It lowers the skill gap and plays to the advantage of people camping in houses. If you want your players to feel truly immersed in battlegrounds, having a quiet movement mechanic (like walking in CS) is essential to balanced and fair play. While the previous crouch walking might have been a bit too fast movement-wised, it was effective and easy to get the jump on someone you spotted camping a house. Anyways, that's just my 2 cents after 250 games played and over 1000 kills (#1 for kill rating atm) - hopefully others feel the same as I do. Best, hwinn