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  1. The team that works on art (skins) isn't the same team that works on optimization.
  2. If it's "a little less damage" then it will still kill you pretty fast. The current end game blue zones hurt really bad. I wouldn't mind them being toned down just a touch
  3. It's in most games and it's terrible. If I have better aim, but get shot first, I will automatically lose the fight because of flinch. Please Bluehole, don't add flinching to the game.
  4. That's not at all what early access is. Early Access is literally just paid beta testing and when the game hits full release you don't have to pay anymore.
  5. I don't know how to contribute to this conversation other than by saying, the 4x scope in this game is a bit wonky for sure.
  6. I agree with points 1 & 3. 2 is an interesting thought but I don't really feel like it belongs in this game
  7. I don't think that should be something in the game. I feel like this would be OP
  8. Who knows? Maybe his game was bugged where his doors didn't always make a sound. You're making an assumption based on information you don't have
  9. And you can tell that so obviously how? Nowhere in the post does he mention "Doors opened by other players"
  10. I like this idea a lot! PlayerUnknown said in his interview with Das Mehdi that they don't want hit markers and will keep the blood splatter Press "X" (Default) to unarm yourself and switch to fists Please no proximity mines/trip wires. That will make the already super powerful, camping, even more powerful I've heard every door I open or close make noise I don't know that I've had anyone reload near me other than a teammate but I think it would be good if we could hear the enemy reload I disagree, vehicle sounds seem pretty good as far as distance perception goes
  11. Yeah, I've been instakilled a number of times in Duo's while my teammate was still alive. I've only ever had it happen to me when I get shot with a shotgun. Seems to happen if the person gets a headshot with a shotgun.
  12. That sounds awful and not like a game I would really want to play. Games are still supposed to be fun and the way the game plays currently is a lot of fun.
  13. I tweeted PoopieQueen about this the other day and she said that everyone will be able to buy it on the 23rd! Shouldn't be a limited number of copies or anything at that time.
  14. It's gunna take time my dude. We all want this game to run better, they all know we want it to run better, but it will take time and probably a significant amount of it.
  15. Ah, I misunderstood your post then. My bad