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  1. I agree with you on SMG's. They seem like they might only be useful in early game when nobody has armor. I guess we shall see!
  2. I haven't played the game yet so my input probably isn't all that valuable but I like the idea. Having the ability to heal up a bit after taking one bullet from a pistol to the toe or something right at the start would be great
  3. Ok cool, thanks man! Hope to see you in game!
  4. Nevermind, rewatched the video and heard what you were saying about this! Thanks!
  5. Good Video! Also just entered the giveaway via Gleam. Did all 9 entries but I'm fairly unfamiliar with Gleam... How do I get notified if I win? Also, you mentioned this was an Early Access giveaway.. By that do you mean Beta Key giveaway, or actually early access when the game hits that? Thanks!
  6. That's good to hear! I've been concerned as we get closer to the beta that I still have no clue whether I'll get to participate or not! I have that first Friday of the beta off so I'm trying to go hard for the day. I've had my twitter notifying me anytime PlayBattlegrounds tweets because following the progress of this game has been so interesting!
  7. Ayy, you followed me on the twitter! I'm 25 and we have a pretty similar gaming background. I've been playing CS since like.. beta 3 in '99! Been playing FPS games forever with CSGO, Overwatch and H1Z1 most recently. Hopefully we meet up in the beta!! If I'm lucky enough to get a key that is D: