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  1. Need Tips for Sound Detection

    Yeah I sometimes have problems telling how far those shots are, but I think that is mainly because I'm not very good, there is definitely a difference between close and far shots. But in CQC it's great, I'm hearing opponents in close buildings way earlier then they hear me so that I can trap them easily
  2. Need Tips for Sound Detection

    Right click on your speaker, select Playback Devices, go to Properties, there you click on the Enhancements tab and check Enable Loudness Equalization. I can pinpoint footsteps and gunsounds so much better with this setting.
  3. My loot after this big antenna in Sosnovka airfield + couple of garages and halls in Novo. Thats not how it's supposed to be right?
  4. Jump shooting

    Literally every CQC fight i have right now is jumping around like they do in Dirty Bomb. It's ridiculous in my opinion. It just doesn't fit to this PUBG, this is not supposed to be an arcade shooter.
  5. +1 it's so frustrating. Going down Sosnovka isn't worth the risk at all right now. I looted the ACT, and the big building next to it - I came out with a Vector (60 rounds) and a Crossbow. Next round i go down in the middle of nowhere, loot 1 of those yellow houses - get a M4 and T3 helmet. Going down where someone else is coming down is just coinflip right now. Either my house or his house has a gun in it but most of the time we don't get both a gun.
  6. Running through 5 Rooms finding not a single gun meeting another player who got an Uzi in his first room. GG
  7. I deserved that

    Had that yesterday, too. Had vision on someone sneaking on me, not knowing that I was hiding there. Tried to switch my AKM form single to auto, Pressed V, got in first person, pressed several times B to make it up, pressed left mouse button, got a single shot of and was dead. After that i completely changed my bindings. Firemode is now on MB4, i hope i wont forget this when i need it fast next time.