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  1. Cars are already way too easy to blow up imo. If it's squad games, if they focus fire then it takes less than 1 clip from all of them to blow it up.
  2. To a certain extent. It depends on the barrel of the gun. Many guns have a standard bullet size, but are compatible with others. Or the barrel can be swapped out to accept something completely different. But yes, if they wanted to go crazy into detail about it, there would be dozens of different types of ammo. But that would be ridiculous. Still, they try to be pretty close to realism. So, I'd expect them to add different revolvers eventually which WOULD allow a speed loader.
  3. Chill. They are going to add a vault feature soon. Also you can press space and ctrl at the same time to jump just a tad higher.
  4. The revolver that is currently in the game isn't compatible with speed loaders. In fact, you should feel lucky that it's as fast as it is in game, cuz irl, it's horribly slow. lol
  5. With a fluid PC, and the speed of the punches, it's very easy to knock someone out just by punching them in game. If you spam your punches on a guy who's animation locked into picking up a gun, you can down him in almost that small time frame. What really needs a buff is the melee weapons. They are all completely useless, aside from the pan ofc.
  6. (The physical barrier was a joke about your demands. It's satire.) And again. It does very, very little damage at the start. You can be on the opposite side of the map and still make it to the circle without TOO much effort. The circle would take AGES to close entirely if it was slower than sprint speed. Do you have any idea how long it would take for the game to finish if it was? lol. And as has been mentioned many, many times before, the side with the bigger gap to the next circle is going to move far, far faster than the other side. Which should of course be taken into account as soon as you can see the next safe area. You act like the circle kills you within seconds and you're doomed if you go out. lol People should die to it when they can't balance fighting, looting, and traveling. If you make poor judgement, then you die. There. Answered your questions.
  7. I thought this actually looked kind of cool at first. lol Whatever meds you're on, you need to start taking again.
  8. I forgot to mention that I wish the scoped view had a BIT more sight to it. The field of view in the scope is fricking tiny, for such a big scope to take up the screen. Even just a couple CM smaller would be nice.
  9. I just hate how the bars are always eye level when standing, and the window sill is eye level when crouching. Makes it nearly impossible to shoot out of sometimes, or at least in most angles.
  10. Nope. If it didn't kill people then it wouldn't force people into the center. I don't see your logic in this at all. Plus, the damage at the start is paltry. You can last a very long time at the start. You've got several minutes to get back in, even if you just have bandages. Until late game when the circle does huge chunks, which makes it a great at keeping people on the move. Everyone is forced to move for new cover, but getting on the shallow side of the circle means you have to move less. I don't even really get what you're even asking for. Just make it a physical barrier that does no damage and just pushes people to the center, then, lol.
  11. I don't really have a problem with the markings on the scope... lol. Never would have thought someone would use them wrong, honestly. And yeah, it is 9mm, so it's not gonna do much damage.
  12. It's unrealistic that shotguns do no damage at far ranges. It's not like shotgun pellets just stop traveling after a certain distance. Yes, the spread at long range is pretty small at the moment, but "realistically" there is no reason that you can't hit a target at 50m with a good spread. It isn't until about 80-100m that the pellets truly fall to the ground, and that's for the lowest pellet sizes. They plan to add bullet penetration eventually (I think they've said), and if they add extra damage resistance to shotguns from armor, then it would be 100% viable.
  13. Getting caught off guard by the circle is your own fault. A timer pops up on the screen, and you can see it by the minimap. If the next circle is far away, obviously you need to make sure you're prepared to move asap. The circle is absolutely fine imo, but better car spawns would make it far better. It's very easy to know which side of the circle is going to move faster, too. Pretty much everything else is just an opinion, or a fault that the game is just early access, and has been mentioned so many times before.
  14. It's definitely the computer. It's never happened to me, but often to my friends who have lower quality systems. When one upgraded his comp, he no longer has it happen.
  15. While I agree that it would be very interesting, and it would be awesome for all 100 players to drop into unfamiliar territory.... I just don't see it happening. It would be incredibly fun, but it's a hell of a lot of work for a whole new game mode, basically. But I would still like to see it happen, tbh.