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  1. Team Killing

    Recording is easier than ever with multiple different programs to utilize. What kind of rig do you have?
  2. Team Killing

    I realize having a set group can be tough at times due to schedules, etc. But that's where expanding your gaming network/contacts is beneficial. I have a main group I play with and others who I'll squad up with if the main group isn't able to go. While intentionally TK'ing is wrong and should be punished when people do it just to take loot, I find it funny that we have a lot of posts complaining about TK's from randoms. The best way to not get TK'd by randoms (they shouldn't be TK'ing) is to get a set group of players/friends to play with. People should reach out, make friends, utilize TS or discord. Put some effort into minimizing the chance of getting TK'd. I get wanting to play with new people, but people should also take some steps to lessen the problem. I've seen some people advertise their discord channel to get people to come in. Players are less likely to TK when they're working with a pre-set group in a voice server, where players are more likely to be on the same page as far as what each are trying to get out of the game.
  3. Team Killing

    Weird.. I think i've been TK'd once in 225+ hours of play. Most of my games are squad play. But I have a set group I play with. Seriously though, don't play with randoms. 99% of the time nothing good comes from it.
  4. Could someone explain how I died????

    You died by losing all your health... Either you had real bad desync, or the game said this crate will move without moving when hit with the car.
  5. End game should not be RNG

    I didn't realize that just getting into the end circle first won you the match. I've been doing it wrong.
  6. Do you pay attention to your ranking?

    I'm extremely competitive and do look at my ratings at times. I want to see them going up. But... I know that it can be misleading because players can have bad rounds or bad nights that cause it to go down. The ratings are just a way for me to see progress. Lately though when I play solo i've been going into Pochinki or other high traffic areas just to get more experience fighting with unknown variables. It's tough for sure. When I play squad I have a pretty consistent team where we're all on the same page. And we're all working towards that chicken dinner. That is our goal. We like getting the kills and having the fights, but our goal is to win. So sometimes that means not shooting at someone we see so we don't give our position away. So we look at how we did in the round overall. If we get 5th, how did we get it by just being in the right place, or by making the right decisions to get us in the right place? Did we execute well? Did we have good fights where we communicated well and supported each other at a high level? Last night in a squad of 3 we won a chicken dinner and I had no kills. But I made the calls on which route to take, and called out targets, etc. So while I didn't get kills it was still exciting and fun, and we executed well enough to steal that chicken.
  7. I think you misunderstand. The goal is always to be number 1 and get that chicken dinner. But if I don't get that chicken dinner and yet finished ranked higher than you, then I beat you. But lost to someone else.
  8. Suitable Graphic Settings For My Rig

    Start with everything on lowest setting and go from there. Or vice versa till you know what you can play at and are comfortable playing at.
  9. The guns are not plug and play. Each one has it's own characteristics (bullet velocity, drop rate, etc.).
  10. Enough with the Camper and RNG QQ.....

    And... so what..? RNG favored them that round, big deal. The best part of this game is dealing with the cards you're dealt, whether good OR bad. If you want everyone to have the same card, then this is not the game for you. See, think, execute, adapt.
  11. I don't understand this thought process. If it's shown the bullet of the AWM/M24 misses high and not a hit, would it not stand to reason that if the Kar missed high that it also would not be a hit?
  12. I don't understand... you didn't have good RNG in the beginning yet you survived that long? :-P
  13. You have to be a troll. No one can be that obtuse.