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  1. How fast is your internet?

    I am in the wrong country... http://
  2. Looting is overrated

    I like to try and get as many kills as possible, but since my aim is potato (even on the forum I am recognized as a potato aimer at the time of this post) So I can't really sit still because it takes the fun out of the game. For Me. So I usually shoot people dead with a P1911 pistol or just die myself So I keep saying so So to say so is for no reason Plus I don't like camping in one area too long
  3. Nah dude, keep on grinding, asking for subs or followers will lead to a dead channel, you might have 1000 followers on Twitch but say only 1 viewer, to make an example and that's not good If I can give you some serious advice, rather not ask for followers for Twitch and subs for YouTube, it leads to dead channels, almost killed my YouTube and Twitch channel with inactive subs and followers Best way to get followers or subs is to just keep grinding, keep uploading good quality videos for YouTube and make the Twitch stream enjoyable for the followers to come back and keep watching, don't force it I use to use Crowdfire to gain more subs on YouTube, although I made a few friends and active supporters along the way, it almost killed my YouTube channel with inactive subs, till this day I am still averaging 40 views per video and average view time is is only 2 minutes 30 seconds per video Don't be like me man, just work your ass off to get to your goals, but have fun while doing so Now I upload 3 times a week and planning on streaming 6 times a week, it's literally like a second job but because we are the small guys who no one does not really know about, we have to work hard, take it as a second job, a charity job, you doing YouTube and Twitch as second job because you love doing it, not because you want to make it a full time job, you doing it for the fun of it
  4. Best way to break up a fist fight is throw water at them If no water is available, shoot them
  5. Hi Unknown Players :D

  6. when you see this you will know its me

    hahaha A friend carried me once like that, did not have a single kill and we/ he won the duos Welcome to the forums
  7. Hi, welcome to the forums You have to reply to 10 comments, or post 10 replies on other topics
  8. I like Blizzards way of banning cheaters You need a new computer to play the game again I mentioned this before on a different topic regarding streamers falsely accusing players of stream sniping Everyone must get the same treatment, just because you have a huge amount followers and subscribers, shouldn't allow you to get special treatment A cheater is a cheater, a unfair player is a unfair player and all of them deserves the same treatment
  9. anyplan for dx12

    I completely forgot how good Doom runs... If PUBG can do the same, then I am all for it But if it's something like BF1... meh...
  10. anyplan for dx12

    I see, OK, here is my PC specs are (the important bits) i7 4790K CPU GTX980ti GTX950 for dedicated physx card (and 2 other monitors) 32GB of RAM I turn on DX12 in Battlefield 1 and oh boi... it's a horror Thanks for the replies everyone, only ever tried out DX12 with BF1 and like mentioned, it was a horror...
  11. This is my town!

    OK awesome, will add you tonight for some reason it's hard to find me on steam... my steam profile might be broken... hahaha
  12. This is my town!

    Haha ah okay Is your steam name SoutieZA?
  13. ETA on ping lock?

    A few suggestions for ping lock, it was confirmed they want to add a ping lock Please note I am a sweaty South African working and living in Kuwait, my internet connection is 4G because one of the richest countries (Kuwait) in the world can't even provide DSL internet in the area I live in... Trust me when I say I would love to move to Europe, but it's a bit of a challenge at the moment Ranked and casual matches, casual matches anything goes, ranked matches there is a ping limit and players are forced to play in their region with a ping lower than 90 3rd party service rentals, remember the days in Battlefield 4 where you can rent your own server? It would also be cool to be able to rent a server to do some cinematic / role playing purposes or crazy custom games, personally I would love to see this option become a reality Add more servers all over the world, I usually play with my brother and friends from South Africa, so while I have a ping of 110 - 150 to Europe servers (unstable) my brother and our friends have a ping of 200 - 300, they have it bad man But for the love of the game, please don't add a ping lock AFTER the game was launched, add it now while it is still in EA so I can prepare for the worst
  14. I am a snake, follow me!

    haha Welcome to the forums
  15. This game is bad for my health

    Hey welcome to the forums