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  1. Hello Enemies

    welcome to the other side
  2. shoot to kill

  3. the mother fooker

    ++++++++++++contains swearing++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  4. dont need that for my monitor click click boom
  5. Comprehensive Controls List

    nice one m8
  6. nice one m8 ive done that alot in H1Z1
  7. i just want loads of new maps lol
  8. Looting + other suggestions

    does feel clunky hope its sorted over next patches
  9. really hope they put 5s in this
  10. rain and sounds

    is it me or does the rain look really crap yeah i know its a alpha etc but will it look and sound better? devs? also i think the sounds need to be a little better cant even hear a door open/foot steps etc.. hope all those things do get fixed as i do love the game so far and deffo a must buy for me and clan m8s at the moment and ps will there be clan packs to buy ?
  11. nice i got killed by a frying pan last night lol
  12. Anti cheat

    good to know nothing worse than cheaters in online games can kill the whole game if this isn't handle at the start