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  1. got #2 yesterday in duo guess what i was in a house cicle moved up someone was outside of the house knowing im in there right next to my house was another house so circle gets smaller i need to move stayin a small corner when the cicle stopped still inside the house. the other guys was hiding the next and last circle which has dimensions like 5x5 was directly in his house really awesome. there should be something like a dynamic circle calculation to prevent things like that where u have no space for moving and the lucky guy can just sit there and wait for circle kill or camp the one and only entrance -.-
  2. pretty much this an grenade can just explode after the handle is released usually this cant happen while still holding it the pin is just the safety lock for the handle option here is to gave an alternative fire mode for nides like we have for any other weapon to be able to hold it aslong as we want by mouse 1 and keep the current state by press mouse 2 or something.
  3. i would like to have an space center like the iss just with many satalites you can travel to. And ofc they need to add an laser rifles cuz space has zero gravity so bullets wouldnt be useful. ok just kidding do you think we need additional maps in first place? i would rather prefer adding some stuff to the existing one i kinda like the idea of an mega city with a nice skyline or an shoping mall area. additional cover options like stones or houses for the imo too big open field areas
  4. awesome make an obvious foot step path someone can follow ending in an house you placing an claymore at the entrance ez free kill.
  5. im right on the opposite. for my self they could add more houses. i often find my self rushing into the circle realizing wow im late there is just open field i have no chance to hide for a person whos already sitting behind a tree and overwatching the area.
  6. "children"
  7. okay if u get shot in both arms and both legs ur almost death but lets say u get hit in one arm and one leg u should just be able to shot back if ofc reduced precision. and not die
  8. Hallo zusammen, ich 25 suche Mitspieler für Duo und Squad Q´s. Würde mich freuen wenn ihr den selben Spielstil wie ich bevorzugt. Sprich so unauffällig wie möglich, so auffällig wie nötig. Auf Leute die meinen" Ich schieß jetzt mal auf die Häuser, weil ich meine jemand gesehen zu haben und dann eine Salve mit einer nicht Schallgedämpften Waffe rauszuhauen" kann ich ganz gut verzichten. Solltet ihr also auch Spaß daran haben im Team die Gegner so effektiv und schnell wie möglich auszuschalten und nicht jeden Schuss zu nehmen sondern nur die Gefechte eingehen indenen man mit hoher wahrscheinlichkeit als Sieger raus geht. Onlinezeiten: Mo-Fr: 17-20 Uhr Sa-So: unterschiedlich Dann meldet euch einfach in Steam:
  9. getting 4 shots at ur arms/legs in realife dont kill u eighter well not instandly, ull bleed out but even this take some time. imo leg and arm shots should do less dmg but shouldnt kill u that fast. instead it should effect ur ability to aim and ur running speed or even stop ur mobility. which will result in a huge malus for u by still staying realistic.
  10. in solo q almost everyplace with some buildings is fine to start off. but i recently played squad and this my friend is a nightmare getting 4 ppl geared decent is like winning the lottery. i mean if you drop in popular zones you have like 20+ppl landing there which end up in a huge gunfight. if you land in unpopular zones with less building you end up with if ur lucky everyone have a pistol. idk if it will be better to split for the drop get some loot and then team up again but then if you get caught there is no chance to get revived or even get a refrag. idk what to do any advice?
  11. would like to see ppl get aim punched while being outside of the circle especially in end game when it gets smaller i often get shot in the back from someone out side the circle
  12. kinda like the crossbow. it makes no noise and i killed someone with level 3 helmet with 1 arrow so one hit. aswell i killed someone with one shot in the back idk if the dmg is just so high that it kills in 1 or if the guys dont had full hp but this weapon feels worth it
  13. weapon

    idk if it has such an impact but i did use shift only if the target is so far aways and the shaking while in zoom take the middle of the crosshair out of the head. from my understanding it shouldnt make a difference in holding breath vs not holding breath when the crosshair is on his head and not moving to away. also does distance has an impact of the bullet like does the bullet drop so i need to aim a bit over his head on long range if so then i dont understand how the second shot can hit when i aim on his chest and hit his chest from the same distance
  14. weapon

    Hello Survivors, this thread is created to get feedback in weapon balance. i personally feel that the balance of weapons especially by looking at the sniper rifles isnt optimal. i recently made my way to some air drops during the last days and i was really excited what i found in it. it was always an awm a x8 scope an a guile suit. i was like yes man now im gonna take em out 1by1 im a ghost huehue. in the end it doesnt work that way sadly. idk but since the high quality rifles are hard to get cause u will take high risk by getting close to an drop box since there are always peapole camping it. the impact atleast for my self is not that much. stat wise the awm is the best sniper ingame but it doesnt kill with 1 bullet. and tbh i stopped aiming on the head since server performance isnt that great till now, i tried it once on a not moving target with an distance of idk 500meters or so. i take the time and aim for the head guess what i missed idk how but he doesnt die. same target same distance aim for the chest direct hit he doesnt die. idk but this seems bad u have 1 shot before ur position can get revealed and it dont kill in 1 hit. i need to move my ass after my 2 shots to get into the safezone and well i got shot from the guy who should be already dead he needed 3 shots with his sks and killed me. ffs with a level 3 kevlar. so in the end i stop taking real sniper rifles when i could take a m16 or a akm since the difference isnt that huge and i can shot multipe times in short time so my chances to kill are much higher. what do you think? anyone else got the same feeling that sniper rifles are a lil underpowered or is it just me maybe i need to git gud idk.