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  1. bug

    The same as this: I had the same problem and i wasn't in a vehicle the whole game, so it is clearly not related to vehicles.
  2. I had the same thing. I shared my experience here:
  3. No, didn't fix the problem. I had it yesterday 24/04/2017 and i did get it very often (about 10 times). It really freaked me out. I couldn't figure out why this was happening. It happend in multiple situations none specific (walking on the field, hiding in a house, ...). But i only had it in this one match. So i don't know if it was something that got triggered somehow. At the beginning i was shoot once (one bullet hit me) from the distance with little damage (i don't know from which weapon). I healed it back with a energy drink. I don't know if this was what triggered it.
  4. I think the backpacks are fine as they are but i wouldn't mind a lvl 4 and 5 backpack.
  5. I like the idea. It is similar to the air drops but you have to find these rooms and the lockpicker first. As the same with the air drops, i you don't care, leave / avoid it. I wouldn't break any game mechanic and would add a new component. People would find such a room, be happy, try to find the lockpicker and maybe have to fight about the room and still day would have to do it in time before they are out of the zone. Sounds fun to me
  6. I know your frustration of entering a vehicle. It really doesn't work well at the moment. There are multiple duplicates of your thread in the forum and as far as i read this will be no issue if they fixed most of the issues.
  7. Since you can buy a restyling i strongly believe they will add a ton of new face designs and parts in the future. It's just not a focus at the moment. At least i hope so
  8. I don't need them to answer the threads only to moderate them (merging, deleting). To just note down the suggestions isn't good since most of them are getting picked to pieces by the community. And that is the problem. The devs should only consider suggestions the community likes. There are healthy and unhealthy discussions about these suggestions and they lead to an opinion the developers could work with but at the moment there are x different opinion in x different threads on one matter and all agree on something contrary. This doesn't lead to any clear overview what makes all suggestions useless. That is so frustrating to me.
  9. What i would love about the snow map idea is if footsteps would be visible in the snow for very long so you could follow them to hunt down players or lead hunters into a trap.
  10. Sorry to say that but i actually don't know what you are talking about. They actually don't do anything here in the suggestions and feedback area of the forum. I tried to hint them to some duplicates: But nothing happens. Everyday there are a massive amount of new duplicates and the forum is full of them. There is no way to get a overview about the community suggestions at the moment for the devs so the whole suggestions area doesn't work. Also there are many useless wall of text and rage / hate / salty threads that don't get moderated or deleted. This part of the forum is one mess. I tried to link duplicates in every post in the last days but it so many and they keep on coming. No one really cares about existing threads and discussions. I'm giving up on this.
  11. Actually 30 - 60 fps is what i get. I'm playing with every option on ultra. I'm using a 2560 x 1080 monitor. As i said, the game is poorly optimized. It doesn't really matter on what system you play.
  12. Yes, you are right. I exaggerated. What i basically meant was that how the safe zone and blue circle work is one of the core principles in this game. To change it to a bullet-proof wall would change the whole game experience and in my point of view break the game.
  13. Your "perceived problem" is describing this game. Your "fix" is just an description of implementing a different game. Like buying a car racing game and wondering why you can't walk around.
  14. But feedback contains some constructive component. Yours is just "this is not the game i imagined, pls change it".
  15. Duplicate to: Team Killing Getting Out of Control