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  1. Yes! I mean i wouldn't mind the cars to break down earlier but please then don't let them explode. I think cars shouldn't explode anyway.
  2. Oh okay, i didn't test this for my self, just heard this multiple times here on the forum.
  3. Zeroing under 100 m seems to complicated. I don't care about zeroing anyway i instead just aim higher. But i don't like that shots between 0 - 100 m are going actually higher than what i see. Maybe this is realistic but at this point i don't care. It would feel much better if between 0 - 100 i hit exactly what i see in my sight.
  4. just to update on this:
  5. @Panky said that they probably found the issue but the problem is bigger than they thought and that it will take more than an hour to fix.
  6. More information:
  7. More information:
  8. Thanks for the fast reply and the information
  9. I experience the same since 1-2h. Constant game restarts and reconnects. But seem the game is down for a lot of people: http://outage.report/playerunknowns-battlegrounds Here are also some reports: It seems they are aware about it: But i'm here waiting with 3 friends and i'm not sure if we should wait and this is resolved in a minute or if we should forget it for today. @PUBG_poopieQueen @PUBG_Slyvinlisha @Hawkinz @Caesar of Roma @Suspicious Pixel Do you know anything about the state of this issue?
  10. Still the same. The game keeps restarting (by me and 3 friends). A moment ago i did get the message "Server to busy" Are the PUBG servers under attack (DDOS) or what is the problem? EDIT: It seems they know:
  11. I have endless reconnects. In lobby -> reconnect -> lobby -> reconnect -> ... all my friends have the same. Something is wrong. This is since more than 1h