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  1. This is a bad idea and will never come to PUBG as you can read here:
  2. Perks to Clothing

    I would like it. But I think then every clothing would need a perk so that it is balanced. For example different shoes could give different advantages: Sneakers: small speed improvement on all grounds Boots: speed improvement on hills xy: Less noise
  3. Weapon skins

    I really would like those. I wouldn't mind the skins to be colorful. Some will prefer to put stealthy camo like skins on their weapons and some others will like to show off their newest pink hello kitty skin. Why not? I'm wondering how this should be implemented. If weapon skins are coming then I would like them to be like clothes so that I can get weapon skins out of crates. But then how would they come on the weapons I pick up during the game. I definitely wouldn't want to have to adjust the skin for every weapon I pick up. What I could imagine is a extra game option in the main menu where I can define the default weapon skin for every weapon. Also an idea would be that you can only set a default weapon skin for all weapons and this skin is then applied to all weapons you pick up. What do you think?
  4. Audio cues for the circle

    At the current state the force field doesn't make any noise. If the force field crosses your position your character starts to get a frequent damage. I think that this is taking away from the feeling. The force field should let you feel the danger. I really would like if the force field itself would make a constant electrical sound like the noise a big power line or a electrical substation does. I have added some examples at the bottom. If you are in the force field (getting no damage) the sound would be audible until about 10 - 25 meters with a fall off. If you are out of the force field (getting damage) you would hear the sound every where on the max noise level. The max noise level shouldn't be as high as the plane but could be similar to the rain. I think this would add a lot to the immersion. If you are near the circle or running away from it you would constantly hear the danger coming towards you. But I think the noise should be dampening down so that it's not a distracting sound in the end circles. I know that this logically wouldn't make sense since you are getting more damage in the end circles but generally not beieng able to hear enemy's well in the end circles wouldn't be a good idea. Also the sound would need to be picked very carefully. It should let you feel the danger but it shouldn't be annoying or destroying the ears of everyone. Example sounds:
  5. This will not happen since PUBG is going for clothes rarity. After the release there will be a option to buy BP from which you can by crates with a chance for rare items. These items then can (already) be traded at the steam market. With a system like this they need to have full control about how many pieces they bring in circulation. This is mandatory to create a rarity of items. If you could keep all clothes you wear when winning you would bring in clothes in the system that were not given out by them. This would render all items worthless in no time. Good players probably have good loot and therefore you could just loot the clothes of other players in the end game to get all rare items.
  6. I really like the new sub forums for the suggestion forum Nice work!
  7. Third person discussion

    @Suspicious Pixel sorry to be nit-picking but what do you mean with "eventually". Isn't the first person mode a thing that is promised since the start of early access? So isn't the first person mode coming sooner or later to 100% guaranteed?
  8. I remember having similar discussions: Also Maybe they could be merged.
  9. Night / Weather

    Realistic that the day / night cycle is happening in 30 minutes? I really would love changing weather for example from rain -> normal, foggy -> clear sky, clear sky -> sunny, .. with only one weather change per round.
  10. Bullets should not die with players.

    My scenario was more like the attacker is about to finish your team mate (team mate already down) and you are about to kill the attacker. You would get the kill for sure since the attacker is focusing on your team mate and you have a clear shot. If you kill him fast, his bullets are not reaching your team mate and therefore doesn't finish him off. Does this make sense or do I misunderstand something?
  11. Final Circle Needs to be faster OR avoid tunnels

    So you had a specific game situation once in one game and now want the game to change around it just because you were annoyed? wtf That others even react with constructive comments on this post is over my head.
  12. Bullets should not die with players.

    The problem here is the duo and squad game modes. These game modes make fun when playing with your friends. If one of your team dies you can also just quit the round (if the round is not far in). With kill trading this would get really annoying. Think of it this way: You are playing a duo round with your friend and he get's under fire by a enemy player. Your mate doesn't have cover and doesn't have a good angle on the enemy player or even doesn't see him. You on the other hand are on a flank to the attacking player and you can easily kill him off to save your friend. At the current stage you would save your friend, you could keep on playing this round together and the enemy team would lose one team mate. With kill trading you would kill the enemy player but your friend still would die. Both teams would lose one team mate. A other thread on this topic:
  13. +1 This would be a much easier and better implementation. No need to press a extra "strip all attachments" button. Attachments would just always stay on the weapon but you can pic up the attached attachments of a weapon that is lying on the floor.
  14. @RALPHY88 The game doesn't even run well on a high end gaming pc. I can't imagine it ever running well on a laptop. Sry, but I think this will never happen.