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  1. Yes! I mean i wouldn't mind the cars to break down earlier but please then don't let them explode. I think cars shouldn't explode anyway.
  2. Oh okay, i didn't test this for my self, just heard this multiple times here on the forum.
  3. Zeroing under 100 m seems to complicated. I don't care about zeroing anyway i instead just aim higher. But i don't like that shots between 0 - 100 m are going actually higher than what i see. Maybe this is realistic but at this point i don't care. It would feel much better if between 0 - 100 i hit exactly what i see in my sight.
  4. just to update on this:
  5. @Panky said that they probably found the issue but the problem is bigger than they thought and that it will take more than an hour to fix.
  6. More information:
  7. More information:
  8. Thanks for the fast reply and the information
  9. I experience the same since 1-2h. Constant game restarts and reconnects. But seem the game is down for a lot of people: http://outage.report/playerunknowns-battlegrounds Here are also some reports: It seems they are aware about it: But i'm here waiting with 3 friends and i'm not sure if we should wait and this is resolved in a minute or if we should forget it for today. @PUBG_poopieQueen @PUBG_Slyvinlisha @Hawkinz @Caesar of Roma @Suspicious Pixel Do you know anything about the state of this issue?
  10. Still the same. The game keeps restarting (by me and 3 friends). A moment ago i did get the message "Server to busy" Are the PUBG servers under attack (DDOS) or what is the problem? EDIT: It seems they know:
  11. I have endless reconnects. In lobby -> reconnect -> lobby -> reconnect -> ... all my friends have the same. Something is wrong. This is since more than 1h
  12. It would have a point if they just remove the whole region decision and just connect you with the region / server with the lowest ping to you. Then we also wouldn't have the problem of other players joining foreign servers and ruining the game for others.
  13. But sometimes in life (for example your childhood) this is how it goes. Bluehole only has a limited number of developers and a lot of these are just brand new and need to be incorporated first. All of this does take time and the limited resources just restrict the topics and ways they can work on the game. For sure they would love to deliver the best performance and bug free experience to us gamers and they are doing all they can but this is actually out of their reach. They can't change this even if they want it. That is why a discussion about it is pointless. You know what i mean? But also what do you think about the reasons i provided about why this 1 week test server would be a bad idea?
  14. I see the problem here. Actually you have misunderstand the meaning of early access. Your definition does fit to pre ordering and getting a short earlier access into the game then people not pre ordering. This is something totally different. This is just a marketing stunt to get people to buy the game before the first game reviews are out and all gamers find that the new game from EA is a bad joke. Here is the correct definition of early access from steam: Source: http://store.steampowered.com/earlyaccessfaq/ I hope you now understand what early access means. Sorry to hear that you got confused with the used terms, hope i could resolve your confusion.
  15. Actually i don't agree. There are a wide range of problems here. If they would have such test servers there would be the expectation of gamers that all patches that come to the general servers are bug free. This is just totally out of the discussion here. Such a test server strategy would lead the developers to only fix bugs. If they always need to be one week ahead and still need to fix the bugs of last week this doesn't work out. They will constantly be occupied fixing bugs and will not be able to develop new features. The last part maybe sounded good but the problem here is, that all of the features added the game, in the current state, are just for testing purpose. They want to play around, test features out, look what does work well and what the community likes. If they start fixing bugs for features that may get removed in 1-2 weeks anyway than this is essentially wasted time. The main reason why this is not happening is much more simple: The normal servers are their test servers. This "time to collect feedback and fix bugs" that you mentioned is exactly what they are doing on the normal servers. That is the point of these servers and the whole early access. I have to defend @Suspicious Pixel here. He is definitely not silencing you or anyone else. He did just point you to the right information. This information is nothing that is gonna change and therefore he can't do anything else then forward this to you. The state of this topic is how it is and it is not gonna change, so you will have to accept that and move on. Attached the early access information from PUBG since i believe you didn't read those:
  16. This topic was already discussed in length in multiple other threads.
  17. Not defending the car physics but getting instantly shot after driving around, jumping out on a open area, spraying on a driving vehicle in the distance is definitely not the fault of the "stupid" game. After this COD style of game play every player on the map did know where you are... you could also have just stand on an open field with a extra large "shoot here" sign.
  18. Discussion on the state of smoke grenades:
  19. I guess the change of the circle being on the field is that the current map mostly has fields. So this is basically fine and just a thing on this map. On the comings maps when there are more and bigger cities than this is not a problem. So as i see it, you would also be happy when the new maps release. Nothing to change here.