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  1. We decided since the zone was coming in we would sit and watch the only building in the zone to see if anyone headed there, and we were correct in doing that, watching teams die and getting sneaky kills ourselves.
  2. I thought this was an interesting win that i'd upload. My friend saved us when 3 of us were down and we came back to win the game.
  3. Around 1:12 there is the luckiest kill in the world... other than that it's just some clips of me and friends having some fun!
  4. We had a squad battle at the end of the bridge with nothing but cars and fists. It was amazing.
  5. Thanks mate i appreciate it haha! We had so much fun.
  6. These funny moments are a bit old, alot are from the beta, but it's a great watch.
  7. This was.. tragic.. i had a good game,, and it went bad going for the air drop..
  8. The title says it all, just a couple of clips of me and some friends messing around with vehicles.
  9. Rest in peace
  10. the kill at 1:15 made this video perfect
  11. Thanks mate
  12. Thought i'd share my first duo win with you guys, it experiences a little bit of lag, i think maybe it's because we were on the test servers at the time. Either way here it is.
  13. meanwhile i get 2 kills per game...
  14. That motorcycle combat tho.
  15. That was nasty, he deserved it tho.. should of killed you when he had a chance.
  16. Generally we have an open slot on our team for squads, send me a message and I'll get you a discord link.
  17. Shotguns in this game are amazing, close combat you normally win the fight.
  18. That was perfect lol
  19. Nope i've done this a million times.
  20. Hey, my friend introduced me to this game and I've loved it since i played the beta. I've been hooked on it and it's my main source for my gaming addiction. I'm looking to communicate with alot of people on these forums and pick up some tips and tricks as well as share some of my own videos with you guys!
  21. I am the man who died in this to friendly fire. It wasn't fun.